Gun Possession by Non-Violent Felon is Not a Problem

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Duarte is an American citizen, and thus one of “the people” whom the Second Amendment protects. The Second Amendment’s plain text and historically understood meaning therefore presumptively guarantee his individual right to possess a firearm for self-defense. The Government failed to rebut that presumption by demonstrating that permanently depriving Duarte of this fundamental right is otherwise consistent with our Nation’s history. We therefore hold that § 922(g)(1) violates Duarte’s Second Amendment rights and is unconstitutional as applied to him.


May 9, 2024

EMPHASIS in the original.

Duarte had been previous convicted of five non-violent felonies and was then caught with a gun.The ninth circuit court of appeals just found his gun possession was protected by the Second Amendment. As this was in a car driving down the street this would imply one does not need a license to carry either.

I expect the prosecution will try to get an en banc hearing to overrule this ruling by just three judges.

They Talk the Talk, But Don’t Walk the Walk

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The ATF has even made it a matter of official policy to shut down gun stores by making perfection the standard in record keeping – a standard the ATF itself could not meet,

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
June 26, 2023
Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene look to defund ATF director using Holman rule – Washington Examiner

So… That was almost 10 months ago. And what was actually accomplished? They did their virtue signally thing and made some people hopeful for a time. But here is the thing, if they actually accomplished most of the things they claim they have tried to do then they would need a new issue to string their voters along. Actually accomplishing their stated “goal” means they risk putting themselves out of a job.

I don’t trust legislators. I have a moderate amount of trust in the courts. I have been advocating for the gun law reform for 30 years years now. The legislators did a decent job on the carry issues. But we have been losing ground on most other fronts. And I think a significant part of that is because the legislators don’t really care to follow through.

Boomershoot 2024 Stuff

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At Boomershoot, the targets are specially designed for long-range precision shooting and are quite unique. They are high explosive, reactive targets that can be engaged up to 700 yards away1. The smallest and closest targets are 4-inch square boxes filled with a potassium chlorate-based explosive paste. For longer ranges, the targets are larger, 7-inch square boxes, with more explosive material to ensure visibility and reaction at the distance2.

These targets are designed to provide immediate feedback when hit by a supersonic rifle bullet, resulting in a high explosive reaction that is both visible and audible from long distances. It’s what makes Boomershoot an exciting event for participants and spectators alike

Conversation with Microsoft’s AI, Copilot, on April 12, 2024

The quote above was in response to “What kind of targets are used at Boomershoot?” The only things that are slightly in error are that the explosive has more ammonium nitrate than potassium chlorate and it is not really a paste.

I’m just amazed at how accurate Copilot is with Boomershoot stuff. Ironically, it makes more mistakes with computer programming questions. If you have questions about Boomershoot and don’t want to go digging around the website or wait for someone to answer your email, just ask Copilot.

In related news, Boomershoot was a great success this year. There were no injuries reported. Everything was very close to on time. Nothing was more than about 10 minutes late. We met are target production goals. As near as we could determine there were no targets which failed to detonate other than those which were hit and damaged by flying debris from other targets. There were only four targets left undetonated at the end of the day. These were three 4” targets and one 7” target. The weather on Sunday was damp but not miserably so. The light rain at the end of the day eliminated the risk of spontaneous combustion of the chemicals the next day.

We had people who came all the way from Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Scotland(!!!!) just for Boomershoot.

Kevin Baker (of The Smallest Minority) attended with his sister and made this video of the opening fireball.

This is the same fireball from a different angle:

Of possible interest is I was giving a tour of my underground bunker to some of the Boomershoot Staff when the Precision Rifle Clinic participants started detonating their targets. We were a half mile away and we could clearly hear the detonations through the ground.

Bill to Eliminate Suppressor Regulation

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I oppose any form of regulation or tax on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. No constitutional right should be at risk due to public opinion, or subject to regulatory and tax burdens. These rights certainly extend to the procurement of safety accessories for firearms. My legislation would eliminate the overly complicated and antiquated process for acquiring suppressors and ensure that those purchases are no longer subject to federal regulation.

Bob Good
U.S. Representative from Virginia
May 6, 2024
Bob Good introducing bill to protect gun silencers from federal regulation (

It is a nice gesture, but even if it were to pass both houses (unlikely) President Biden would certainly veto it.

But, maybe, next year it could be passed into law and we could go to sleep with the sweet sound of Democrats wailing and the gnashing of their teeth filling the streets.

Millions of Classroom-Days with Armed Staff

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We have millions of classroom-days of experience with armed staff at school. The trained school defenders didn’t have an accident with a firearm and shoot someone. Fortunately, the news gets even better.

The best defense prevents the attack in the first place. Mass-murderers do not want to get into gunfights with bullets going both ways. They consistently choose to attack somewhere else rather than face an armed defender at school. We’ve never had an attack on a school campus that had a publicly announced program of armed school staff.

Rob Morse
April 22, 2024
A Forest of Flaws put our Children at Risk, but a Sea of Doubts Might Save Them | SlowFacts (

This should not be a surprise to anyone. And I doubt that it is, even the most die-hard anti-gun person. This is because gun control isn’t about the safety of our children or the public at large.

An Itch?

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Perhaps a penis enlargement would scratch the same consumerist itch @M9Scarlett
Posted on X May 30, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

She thinks people by guns because they have an itch?

I wonder what itch she has which leads her to claim “America has enough guns already.” I’m thinking perhaps some sort of fungal infection.

News You Can Use

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A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at the effects of taking erectile dysfunction (ED) medications on the risk of serious cardiovascular (CV) conditions, like heart attack and stroke. The medications studied are PDE5 inhibitors: sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and avanafil (Stendra), all approved for the treatment of ED.

The group of men taking PDE5 inhibitors had significantly fewer serious CV events (by 13%), fewer deaths from CV events (by 39%), and fewer all-cause deaths (by 25%) compared to men not taking one of the medications. Findings in those with CV risk factors, like smoking or high cholesterol, were similar.

There wasn’t an independent measure of sexual activity—it may be that the sexual activity itself contributed to the positive study results.

April 24, 2024
New research suggests a beneficial link between erectile dysfunction medication and heart health (

Just as I suspected, the increased health is really due to Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything instead of the meds.

[I’m mostly kidding.]

My recommendation is to do both, just to make sure.

Marxism as a Religion

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Let me explain how Marxism works as a religion with regard to its theory of sin/evil.

Ludicrous Marxist beliefs about criminality and whatnot are all really easy to understand when you realize Marxism is a religion built out of the same Christian motifs reoriented and turned inside-out.

In Marxist faith, the Fall of Man isn’t the result of disobedience to God but instead individualism realized through private property. That is, it’s the result of disobedience to Man as a collectivist “species-being,” in Marx’s terminology: a being that lives for the whole species instead of just himself. (Marx had an entitlement complex he turned into an evil religion.)

So, private property, capitalism with it, and individualism are Marxism’s Original Sin, so they create man’s sinful (depraved) nature, and so all bad things (like crime, etc.) are downstream from that. Repentance of the sin of individualism, through the abolition by spiritual transcendence of private property, which requires the destruction of capitalism on the macro scale, is therefore the Marxist theory of salvation (soteriology).

If you overcome the ravages of capitalism by abolishing private property rights and transcending the idea of private property in your own spiritual development, and thus eliminating the basis for individualism, you also undo the sinful nature of man, which would end all evil, all crime, and so on.

This is why you see them forward asinine programs like Restorative Justice and offering to pay criminals to stop crime and claims that all crime is the result of systemic racism and everything that follows from all of that. They believe that they’re socially ameliorating the source of human depravity, thus their will to sin (against Man).

Of course, they’re completely wrong. You don’t have to accept the Christian view of sin to see this, but you certainly could. This is another reason Marxism can never work. It’s completely wrong about human nature at a completely fundamental level, not just on a practical level in terms of motivations to be productive.

The soteriology (theory of salvation) of Marxism still ultimately depends on repentance, then. You have to repent of individualism, partly by renouncing (transcending) private property. It’s only salvific if everyone else does it too, though. Universal salvation or none.

James Lindsay, full varsity @ConceptualJames
Posted on X May 1, 2024 (and here)

Hmmm… That seems to fit the facts as I know them.


Fodder for a Generation of Economists & Social Scientists

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San Francisco just stopped enforcing the law about five years ago. Traffic, shoplifting, drug use, car break-ins, etc

If nothing else, the catastrophic results will be fodder for a generation of economists & social scientists to digest & learn from. And in the meantime, a prod for voters to stop the madness

Chris Anderson @chr1sa
Posted on X, April 4, 2024

He quote tweeted Zach Coelius @zachcoelius who had posted this:


I’m reminded of the Soviet Union communists who viewed the common criminal as their ally because they were believed to be robbing and stealing from the capitalists.

A New Frontier Might Be Required

Scientists Get Serious in the Search for a Working Warp Drive (

Scientists have longed for some sort of technology that can propel humans faster than what physics says is possible, and now a new online tool is helping engineers make a warp drive the sole property of Starfleet. Last week, Applied Physics, which is an international group of scientists and engineers, announced that they’d created an online toolkit for “analyzing warp drive spacetimes” called the “Warp Factory.”

This comes only a few years after a flurry of papers reported that constructing warp drives — built on the idea of spacetime-folding warp bubbles — could be theoretically possible. Warp Factory provides an online playground for researchers to test warp engine ideas.

“Physicists can now generate and refine an array of warp drive designs with just a few clicks, allowing us to advance science at warp speed,” Gianni Martire, CEO of Applied Physics, said in a press statement. “Warp Factory serves as a virtual wind tunnel, enabling us to test and evaluate different warp designs. Science fiction is now inching closer to science fact.”

Interesting. I’m a bit skeptical but it is still interesting. I brings up a flood of memories for me.

In late 1999 my contract at Microsoft was not renewed and I was looking for a job. I called up Eric Engstrom who, the last I had heard, was still working at Microsoft. I thought he might know of a group that was hiring. He had left Microsoft a few months earlier and was about to start his own company. He was thrilled I had called him. His employment agreement at MS prohibited him from recruiting MS people for some period of time after he left. But since I contacted him and was no longer at MS I was fair game.

His recruiting pitch for me to join his startup was unique.

We were going to become billionaires by using a different business model and out competing MS in the Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

If you think that was grandiose…

And once we had the money stream we had sucked away from Microsoft we would start working on immortality. Immorality would give us the luxury of being able to, “Wait around for warp drive.” We would be able to travel the galaxy.

I was his first employee at his new startup. It didn’t turn out as well as he had hoped, the company went under in the dot com crash and he died on December 1, 2020 at the age of 55 of an accidental Tylenol overdose.

Every time I hear of warp drive outside of a Sci-Fi environment I think of Eric. And if I ever take a cruise on a warp drive powered ship and you see me sad it will be because I’m thinking of Eric.

On a happier note. Warp drive will enable the colonization of other planets. We no longer have the option to move to a new frontier (Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) as my great-great grandparents did when things got unpleasant in the Midwest in the lead up to the civil war. Short of the ocean and perhaps parts of Antarctica there just isn’t any place on this planet that isn’t infected with overbearing government busybodies or outright tyrants. The moon and Mars are sort of promising but the cost of living there is going to be really high for a long time. The environment is just too hostile.

With a Star Trek like warp drive there will be hundreds of planets with hospitable environments available. A few million free minded could make one a new home and not have to worry about the dismal political situation on earth. It would be better if the free minded people could persuade the busybodies and tyrants to do the move. But as I believe it has always been the case before here on earth, that the freedom loving people had to do the moving rather than government loving busybodies.

Gun Controllers Made a Legal Mistake.

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Anthony Miranda of Armed Scholar highlighted that in response to these appeals, Illinois state has committed a critical mistake that could influence the outcome of these legal conflicts.

The state contended that rifles such as the AR-15 do not fall under the category of arms as per the text of the Second Amendment, thereby justifying the regulation imposed on such weapons. Miranda emphasized that this bold and assertive stance has elicited strong reactions from both legal experts and defenders of the Second Amendment.

Sally Reed
April 30, 2024
Supreme Court Ruling Initiates An End to “Assault Weapon” & Magazine Bans Nationwide (

It sure would be nice for SCOTUS shut down all gun control forever. But there is still a lot litigation yet to be done. It is nice to know that our opponents make mistakes too.

Skynet Smiles

DARPA unleashes 20-foot autonomous robo-tank with glowing green eyes | TechSpot

The Pentagon’s mad scientists have been cooking up a beast of an unmanned combat vehicle, and it just took a major step forward. DARPA recently put its 12-ton RACER Heavy Platform (RHP) autonomous tank through a fresh round of testing out in the wild.


Since Biden says they would use F-15s to put down people rebelling against their tyranny, I am certain equipment like this would be considered appropriate for deployment against gun owners.

Prepare appropriately.

I wonder how many pounds of Boomerite and in what configuration it would take to disable it.

Words of Wisdom

From my 40 year old collection of quotes:

Once upon a time, there was a non-conforming sparrow who decided not to fly south for the winter.  However, soon after the weather turned cold, the sparrow changed his mind and reluctantly started to fly south.  After a short time, ice began to form his on his wings and he fell to earth in a barnyard almost frozen.  A cow passed by and crapped on this little bird and the sparrow thought it was the end, but the manure warmed him and defrosted his wings.  Warm and happy the little sparrow began to sing.  Just then, a large Tom cat came by and hearing the chirping investigated the sounds.  As Old Tom cleared away the manure, he found the chirping bird and promptly ate him.

There are three morals to this story:

1)  Everyone who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy.
2)  Everyone who gets you out of shit is not necessarily your friend.
3)  If you are warm and happy in a pile of shit, keep your mouth shut.

There is another moral told indirectly by this story: Chesteron’s Fence.

Self-Own Projection

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You know that the .50 BMG is legal to purchase and own everywhere in the US except California, as long as it was made/imported before May 18th 1986, right?

And yes, if it helps you feel like a man, you can stroke your little carbine cocks all over your property anytime you want.

Jax Persists @LadyJayPersists
Posted on X, April 24, 2024

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Probably the most interesting thing to me in this thread is their projection. This is the same person:

They have a spreadsheet of canned responses. It’s all the same vitriol and name calling every time. They can’t even be original.


Wow! Just WOW!