Now What?

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His job was to calm his party, to make them feel that, yes, I can do this. I have four more years in me. He did not do that.

He did the opposite of that. He made them more panicked.

Joy Reid
June 27, 2024
MSNBC host Joy Reid said Democrats are on the verge of a ‘full fledged panic’ after Biden’s ‘extremely weak’ performance

Scott Adam’s “quite likely” scenario may be coming true.

Now what happens?


6 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. This isn’t panic. It’s a planned mutiny by the mainstream press. We just don’t know who gave the order.

  2. This debacle is largely due to the actions of the mainstream press. They have so diligently suppressed Biden’s ongoing weaknesses, since before his election, that when Biden had to actually stand by himself without speechwriters and teleprompters, his Democratic supporters were shocked by what they saw.

    If CNN and MSNBC had been objective news reporters, they would have objectively reported both Trump’s and Biden’s foibles, and their victories, without always labeling Trump stories with clickbait titles and fluffing up the Biden stories. Fair journalism would likely have scuttled Biden’s campaign early on and given the Democrats the incentive to find a better candidate. Trump didn’t beat Biden in the debate, Biden’s own people beat him.

  3. Color me weird. But Biden’s senility wasn’t already obvious to even the most casual of observers? Since before 2019?
    And he’s always been a congenital liar. We’ve had video to prove it for 50 years.
    To me, the real question has always been; Who’s actually running the country. And isn’t that completely illegal?
    Scott Adams has it spot on; “After the Russian Collusion Hoax and the Hunter Laptop Hoax, it should be obvious to all of us there are no ethical boundaries in play.”
    And I would add, no legal ones either.
    The real game is this. Communist do not give up power. It has to be taken from them. If not, they will use it to kill you.
    That’s our future.
    Hope you’all like interesting times!

    • Yes, it is illegal for someone else to be the de facto president. But progressives have done this before; the case of Wilson comes to mind.
      And of course Biden has always been a machine politician: no job experience, no significant ability, but capable of sounding plausibly honest and just careful enough to stay out of legal trouble too large to be swept under the rug. And, first and foremost, able to follow orders from his bosses.

    • And no one has figured out how to poll the dead and fictional voters either.

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