Don’t Ever Change, Democrats

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Groups supporting the amendment, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, have been pushing to amend the state constitution for years.

A similar effort introduced in 2020 to put the issue on the ballot in 2022 failed to gain traction in the Legislature after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom opposed it, saying it had the potential to cost billions of dollars if prisoners had to be paid the state minimum wage. (The current proposal does not require prisoners to be paid minimum wage.)

Emily Schultheis
June 27, 2024
Californians will vote on slavery ban in November (

If they can’t have slaves, at least don’t make them pay minimum wage. One dollar an hour is plenty.

And, of course, most of these slaves are “people of color”:

Advocates of the change say the current rules disproportionately affect people of color, who make up a majority of the state’s prison population.

From this it appears Democrats are stuck on having slaves.

Some things never change.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Change, Democrats

  1. Want to be a slave in California? Just get behind in your child support. They got a 10% vig that gets laid back on the principal every time you miss.
    And no statute of limitations. Their shit would make Tony Soprano blush.
    And now they want to pay prisoners? For what? I thought prisoners were in prison to pay society for their crimes?
    Not minimum wage jobs.
    And a lot of that money will get taken for child support so mommy can be all the crackhead she can be.
    Or to pay the state back for passed welfare plus interest.
    But hey, what can you expect from people who blame climate change for the budget deficit?
    What next? Gavin going to raise all the prices at the prison commissaire to fix the 45 billion deficit that was a supposedly a surplus last year?
    Hell, those morons are can’t even re-invent/upgrade the f–king railroad.

  2. No problem. Pay them minimum wage, then deduct costs for food, housing, 24×7 security, entertainment, clothing, penalize for shoddy work or discipline infractions, etc., just like working at and buying things in the Company Store in pre-union coal towns. At the end of their sentence, they’ll likely owe the prison system money.

    • That would make sense, except that you’re looking at a place where criminals get more sympathy and are given more rights than their victims.

      • Ain’t that the truth.

        What’s the point of only penalizing shoplifters if they happen to steal more than $950 dollars from any particular store?
        And George Gascon, the Soros party Attorney General for Los Angeles County supports that idea 1000%, because after all, they have a right to make a living practicing their trade, too.

  3. And forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Thirteenth Amendment explicitly exclude Convicts from the protections of its terms?
    Good old California. Once the Okies and the World War Two generation passed from holding office, the trip to Hell in the proverbial handbasket has accelerated unabated.
    Perhaps in a few short years the state will propose giving the Prison Trustys the keys AND the shotguns to guard the other prisoners, and for the same minimum wage the laundry workers or the sweepers are paid.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. ” I thought prisoners were in prison to pay society for their crimes?”

    Restitution, anyone? Why do courts not assign a “restitution value” as part of the sentence? Bad Bart jacks my car, wrecks it, I’m out X dollars, my insurance company is out Y dollars and my premiums are now Z+?. Add in the cost of police to investigate (well, they used to….), arrest (occasionally…), prosecution expenses (sometimes…) to file charges and pursue in court, incarceration expenses while Bart does his 8-10 (yeah, I know, that’s “days” now, not years….) and Bart can count on wage garnishment for decades.

    Some fines and fees are inescapable, why not restitution, too?

    As for “payment for prison work,” that’s a tough one. There’s precious little prisoners could do that cannot be done better, faster, cheaper and more securely and reliably by Joe or Jane in the private sector, and one of the reasons Bart is jacking cars is he operates at a 4th grade level because he never paid attention in what was a very substandard school system, got hooked on drugs, and is useless except for the most menial jobs; Ditch Witch rental is cheaper and faster and restaurants have automatic dishwashers now.

    Unless “pulse and respiration” suddenly becomes some sort of investment opportunity offering high returns, Bart is a burden, not an asset, and will be paid – or costed – as such.

    • Africa seems to be the place God created for such ignorance.
      We should ship them there like Lincoln wanted to.
      And anyone (regardless of race), with that amount of impulse control.
      I’m thinking we could solve the housing crisis in nothing flat?

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