Revolutionary Honesty is Gone

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I miss the 1970s sometimes. Not just the music. And the sex. And the drugs. I miss the terrorists. The old-school terrorists. Or, OK, maybe not the terrorists, but the revolutionaries who cheered on the terrorists.

I miss the clarity, and the honesty, of that era.

Maybe you’re too young to remember, but, back in the day, you didn’t get all this hemming and hawing about murdering civilians. The terrorists, and the revolutionaries who supported them, were not ashamed of murdering civilians. The Revolution demanded that they murder civilians. Murdering civilians was one of the fundamental strategies of the Revolution.

CJ Hopkins
May 22, 2024
Asymmetric Idiocy – Consent Factory, Inc.

The clarity and honesty has been abandoned because it doesn’t work all that well when you are attempting to sell Communism. They still need to murder lots of innocent people, but saying that up front hurts their sales pitch.

The Stupid Party

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Never ascribe to a conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by unplanned financial self-interest.

Porn is not a Jewish conspiracy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids, okay?

It’s a market correction for the gap between the male demand for sexual release, and the female supply of desirable and willing partners. You know, a market correction? That thing that happens in the free market? You remember the free market, right?

It’s that thing conservatives praise occasionally, but immediately turn against every time it points out a gap between their ideals and the reality on the ground.

People are just making money selling porn to horny men. That’s all it is.

But what conservatives are never, never asking themselves is, why are there so many horny men around? Why is there such a demand for porn, when it’s transparently obvious that no man in the world prefers porn to an attractive and enthusiastic female partner (or two)?

No, they never ask themselves that question because it’s easier to scold men than to address issues which would require them to take on someone with actual political power.

Look, when a man hits puberty, he starts getting horny. He can hold off doing anything about that for a little while, because he’s young, easily indoctrinated, and he’s still figuring it all out anyway. But pretty soon, he’s going to be driven to do something about that, and not all the lectures about sin that you can muster are going to stop him.

So why are men turning to pornography?

Because sex with a preferable partner is unavailable to them. Duh.

Conservatives uttered not a peep when boomers fucked the economy so no one could afford to buy a home, or raise children, until their late twenties or early thirties. Conservatives uttered not a peep when women wanted to leave the home and compete in the workforce, delaying marriage to build their careers. Conservatives uttered not a peep when women wanted to stop cooking food, and remained silent when the stores filled with pre-packaged factory slop made from processed corn and soybeans, and packed with sugar, causing an obesity epidemic.

Conservatives actively opposed availability of contraceptives at every opportunity, and refused to compromise at all on abortion.

Conservatives sat idly by while feminists took over the culture and taught women to hold men in contempt.

And on and on it went, until now, we’re reduced to landscape where only the top 5% of women are as attractive as the average woman of 50 years ago, and only the top 5% of men are desired, admired, or respected by women at all, and things have gotten so bad that young men will pay for naked pictures of attractive women because that is the closest they can get to the real thing, and conservatives’ solution is… scold young men some more? Ban porn?



Because attacking the supply side worked sooooo well with drugs, didn’t it?

Conservatives are so goddamn dumb that they spent decade after decade fighting a “war on drugs” that they could never win, while ignoring the leftists quietly gutting the economy and fucking up everyone’s quality of life.

Thereby ensuring an ever-increasing supply of people so frustrated and miserable that porn and fentanyl sounded like an improvement over their daily lives.

Conservatives, please have this tattooed on your foreheads, backwards, so you can read it every morning in the mirror:

Demand creates supply. Supply does not create demand.

If you want to get rid of something, you must reduce the demand for it. If you want to get rid of the demand for something unhealthy, you must supply sufficient quantities of a superior alternative which is healthy.

A healthy society must have a healthy and available outlet for all human appetites, or it will cease to be a healthy society.

I swear, if you guys had spent half the energy fighting income taxes, socialism, feminism, government entitlements, and the erosion of the American quality of life that you spent on porn, abortion, and men in dresses pretending to be women, then you would have a lot less to cry about right now.

But you didn’t wanna upset women or boomers, and you didn’t want to cut federal spending, and you certainly didn’t want to confront the crass material appetites of human nature instead of retreating and burying your nose in a bible instead.

So now you are the Stupid Party. Which still makes you superior to the Evil Party, for all the good that does us.

But every two years, I’m still left with the unexciting choice between Stupid Party and Delusional Party, and things aren’t getting any better.

You’re nice guys, you really are. Your hearts are in the right place. I just wish your brains were in the right place, too.

Devon Eriksen @Devon_Eriksen_
Posted on X May 23, 2024

F-15s Should Be Sold Next to Corollas on Used Car Lots

Quote of the Day

Every day some dullard spouts off some lame version of Joe’s idiocy, so we’re just going to get out in front of it today:

F-15s should [be] sold next to Corollas on the used car lots.

That being said, we’ll take two.


Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Posted May 17, 2024 on X.

One of the things I like about the FPC is their boldness.

It is Not About Safety

Quote of the Day

A new study listing Washington as the eighth most-dangerous state in the country refutes the hype from national gun control groups which give the state high marks for gun laws, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms observed.

The study, by the Simmrin Law Group, is being reported in newspapers across the Evergreen State. Yet Washington gets an “A-” on the Giffords gun control scorecard, while the Everytown for Gun Safety gun prohibition lobby group brags that Washington is “#9 in the country for gun law strength.”

“Evidently,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “the gun prohibition lobby is living in an alternate universe. Giving the state such high ratings probably won’t make the families of violent crime victims feel any better. We’re still waiting for anti-gunners to explain how, after almost ten years of pushing increasingly restrictive gun laws, which only penalize law-abiding citizens, the number of Evergreen State murders has more than doubled. Clamping down on gun rights was supposed to reduce murder and mayhem.

April 29, 2024
STUDY REFUTES HIGH GRADES FOR WA GUN LAWS BY GUN BAN GROUPS | Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (

As we have known for a long time, it is never about safety of the ordinary person. It has to be about something else.

Prepare appropriately.

Knives and Rifles

Quote of the Day

More people are killed by slashing or stabbing than are killed with rifles or shotguns of any type. In 2022, according to FBI data (the most recent year for which it is available), 1,216 people were murdered with knives or cutting instruments. That same year, 489 people were murdered with rifles (of any kind), and 161 died from shotgun blasts.

So, what Australia just reminded the world about gun control is that restrictive firearms policies do not prevent murderous mayhem.

Dave Workman
On The Cutting Edge – American Handgunner

What this tells us, as if we didn’t already know, is that the battle over semi-automatic rifles is not about their utility as an offensive weapon. It is about the defensive use of them. They do not want you to be able to defend yourself with a rifle.

Prepare appropriately.

Interesting Perspective

Quote of the Day

Right now, this very moment is a very complicated time for gun violence prevention activists because with Biden in the White House, the media does not want to aid us in demanding stronger gun reforms because whatever Joe Biden does is suddenly the right thing to do.

When Donald Trump was the president, calling for an assault weapons ban and saying that the measures that he was putting in place were not nearly enough was a very popular opinion. Now if you’re calling for an assault weapons ban, suddenly you’re just an angry leftist who will never be happy with anything.

Cameron Kasky
May 12, 2024
Parkland activist says achieving gun reform harder under Biden because everyone wanted to ‘stick it to old orange man’ (

Sometimes it is easy to believe that your political team is disorganized, ineffective, lazy, corrupt, and/or uncaring about your primary political objectives. It is good to know that your political opponents have the same belief about their team.

There is a good chance both set of beliefs are valid.

How Would They Know?

Quote of the Day

You gun folks have small penises

Toodaloo (@eagle1434)
Posted on X on June 08, 2023:

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

You should also note that Toodaloo deleted their post about gun owners.

How does this person think they know that? From personal experience with a large enough sample size?

Of course, do not expect anti-gun person to use data and/or rational thought to determine truth from falsity. Peterson Syndrome is a real thing. These people tend to not have a means of determining truth from falsity. They have beliefs based on nothing but faith. And the anti-gun people who are rational and use data to determine how to know things are consummate liars. It is part of their culture.

Or, most likely, it was just a childish insult when they couldn’t defend their beliefs.

What About the Bump Stock Ban?

Quote of the Day

If the Biden regime gets four more years, they are coming for your guns,

In my second term, we will roll back every Biden attack on the Second Amendment.

Donald J. Trump
May 18, 2024
Accepting N.R.A. Endorsement, Trump Pledges to Be Gun Owners’ Ardent Ally – The New York Times (

And what about the Trump attack on the Second Amendment? Is everyone supposed to overlook the bump stock ban under the Trump administration?

I’m not saying a Biden second term would be better than a Trump second term. But casting the contest as voting for the lesser of two evils would have a fair amount of validity.

We Need Reeducation Camps for Gun Lovers

Quote of the Day

After reading about the gun class for people who hate guns, I couldn’t help but think what’s needed even more is a gun-control class for those who love guns.

Jerry Rubin
Santa Monica
May 13, 2024
L.A. Times letter to the editor
Letters to the Editor: Liberals don’t need to get a gun because everyone else has one (

Ahhh… yes. A slightly obscure reference to the reeducation camps they are just can’t wait to send us to.

Prepare appropriately.

Any Excuse Will Do

Quote of the Day

Parker said that even though the proposed bill would not have prevented the 33-year-old gunman who committed the mass shooting from purchasing a gun, she still thinks it’s a step in the right direction.

James Hartley
May 8, 2024
Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker makes statement in support of proposed gun control measure (

I find this very telling. They find excuses to implement gun control knowing that the proposed law would make zero difference in the examples they use to get the law passed. Gun control is not about making the general public safer. And they know this as they push for yet more gun control.

It is the same will almost all anti-gun activists and politicians. It has been going on since at least the “Brady Act”, which had that law been in effect before Brady and President Regan were shot would have made zero difference in the perpetrator committing his crime.

How can you tell if an anti-gun activists is lying? Yes, their lips are moving. It is an essential part of their culture.

Prepare and respond appropriately.

Your Purchases are Actively Being Tracked

Quote of the Day

Full mask off moment. Your purchases are actively being tracked and the minute the algorithm flags you for a Constitutionally protected activity you are raided. Every one of these “officers” should be arrested.


Dr Death @DrDeath1776
Posted on X, May 9, 2024

And prosecuted. Until then, pay cash or use a cryptocurrency.

Constant Velocity Warp Drive

Quote of the Day

In this study, Applied Physics unveils a new type of warp drive—a theoretical method of space travel that complies with general relativity and operates at a constant subluminal speed without requiring unphysical forms of matter. Known as the “Constant-Velocity Subluminal Warp Drive,” this model eliminates the need for the previously hypothesized “exotic” or negative forms of energy. By integrating a stable shell of ordinary matter with the shift vector of an Alcubierre-like drive, Applied Physics has developed a “warp bubble” capable of moving objects rapidly within the bounds of light speed. This breakthrough is the first physical solution to a warp drive, made possible using the Warp Factory analysis tool developed at Applied Physics. Although this design requires significant energy, it proves that warp effects can be achieved with conventional matter while adhering to known energy constraints. Applied Physics is continuing to make progress as humanity embarks on the Warp Age.

Applied Physics
Constant Velocity Warp Drive
In reference to Constant velocity physical warp drive solution – IOPscience, April 29, 2024

Less than light speed, but even if it were 0.5 light speed it would be game changer.

See also The Warp Age Beckons: Scientists Forge Ahead with Faster-Than-Light Drive (

Gun Possession by Non-Violent Felon is Not a Problem

Quote of the Day

Duarte is an American citizen, and thus one of “the people” whom the Second Amendment protects. The Second Amendment’s plain text and historically understood meaning therefore presumptively guarantee his individual right to possess a firearm for self-defense. The Government failed to rebut that presumption by demonstrating that permanently depriving Duarte of this fundamental right is otherwise consistent with our Nation’s history. We therefore hold that § 922(g)(1) violates Duarte’s Second Amendment rights and is unconstitutional as applied to him.


May 9, 2024

EMPHASIS in the original.

Duarte had been previous convicted of five non-violent felonies and was then caught with a gun.The ninth circuit court of appeals just found his gun possession was protected by the Second Amendment. As this was in a car driving down the street this would imply one does not need a license to carry either.

I expect the prosecution will try to get an en banc hearing to overrule this ruling by just three judges.

They Talk the Talk, But Don’t Walk the Walk

Quote of the Day

The ATF has even made it a matter of official policy to shut down gun stores by making perfection the standard in record keeping – a standard the ATF itself could not meet,

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
June 26, 2023
Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene look to defund ATF director using Holman rule – Washington Examiner

So… That was almost 10 months ago. And what was actually accomplished? They did their virtue signally thing and made some people hopeful for a time. But here is the thing, if they actually accomplished most of the things they claim they have tried to do then they would need a new issue to string their voters along. Actually accomplishing their stated “goal” means they risk putting themselves out of a job.

I don’t trust legislators. I have a moderate amount of trust in the courts. I have been advocating for the gun law reform for 30 years years now. The legislators did a decent job on the carry issues. But we have been losing ground on most other fronts. And I think a significant part of that is because the legislators don’t really care to follow through.

Boomershoot 2024 Stuff

Quote of the Day

At Boomershoot, the targets are specially designed for long-range precision shooting and are quite unique. They are high explosive, reactive targets that can be engaged up to 700 yards away1. The smallest and closest targets are 4-inch square boxes filled with a potassium chlorate-based explosive paste. For longer ranges, the targets are larger, 7-inch square boxes, with more explosive material to ensure visibility and reaction at the distance2.

These targets are designed to provide immediate feedback when hit by a supersonic rifle bullet, resulting in a high explosive reaction that is both visible and audible from long distances. It’s what makes Boomershoot an exciting event for participants and spectators alike

Conversation with Microsoft’s AI, Copilot, on April 12, 2024

The quote above was in response to “What kind of targets are used at Boomershoot?” The only things that are slightly in error are that the explosive has more ammonium nitrate than potassium chlorate and it is not really a paste.

I’m just amazed at how accurate Copilot is with Boomershoot stuff. Ironically, it makes more mistakes with computer programming questions. If you have questions about Boomershoot and don’t want to go digging around the website or wait for someone to answer your email, just ask Copilot.

In related news, Boomershoot was a great success this year. There were no injuries reported. Everything was very close to on time. Nothing was more than about 10 minutes late. We met are target production goals. As near as we could determine there were no targets which failed to detonate other than those which were hit and damaged by flying debris from other targets. There were only four targets left undetonated at the end of the day. These were three 4” targets and one 7” target. The weather on Sunday was damp but not miserably so. The light rain at the end of the day eliminated the risk of spontaneous combustion of the chemicals the next day.

We had people who came all the way from Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Scotland(!!!!) just for Boomershoot.

Kevin Baker (of The Smallest Minority) attended with his sister and made this video of the opening fireball.

This is the same fireball from a different angle:

Of possible interest is I was giving a tour of my underground bunker to some of the Boomershoot Staff when the Precision Rifle Clinic participants started detonating their targets. We were a half mile away and we could clearly hear the detonations through the ground.

Bill to Eliminate Suppressor Regulation

Quote of the Day

I oppose any form of regulation or tax on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. No constitutional right should be at risk due to public opinion, or subject to regulatory and tax burdens. These rights certainly extend to the procurement of safety accessories for firearms. My legislation would eliminate the overly complicated and antiquated process for acquiring suppressors and ensure that those purchases are no longer subject to federal regulation.

Bob Good
U.S. Representative from Virginia
May 6, 2024
Bob Good introducing bill to protect gun silencers from federal regulation (

It is a nice gesture, but even if it were to pass both houses (unlikely) President Biden would certainly veto it.

But, maybe, next year it could be passed into law and we could go to sleep with the sweet sound of Democrats wailing and the gnashing of their teeth filling the streets.