Quote of the day—Terrence D. Hill

Our gun research has focused on testing the taken-for-granted claims of gun culture.

Are gun owners especially fearful? Do guns help people to sleep better at night? Do guns make people happier? Do guns enhance satisfaction in life? Do guns compensate for sexual dysfunction in men? In each case, the answer has been no. Our general aim is to contribute to more evidence-based discussions of the role of guns in society.

Terrence D. Hill
Associate sociology professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio.
October 27, 2021
[Via email from Therefore.

While this isn’t an example of Markley’s Law, it is a commentary on it.

Now we can say, with confidence, people demonstrating Markley’s law are science deniers.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Terrence D. Hill

  1. How are we suppose to know if were compensating. If there is no standards to test by? No one expounding a Markley’s Monday claim has ever defined exactly what is to large or to small a penis actually is.
    Like the joke goes. After making it. The gal tells the guy he has a small organ. He replies, Ya, well lady, it’s the first time it’s ever played in an auditorium.
    My cousin carry’s a gun. And he could play stunt-double for John Holmes.
    Perhaps a study on the ignorance of communism, and Freud being a fraud would have been money better spent?

  2. I have to conclude that today’s quote is nothing but intentional, calculated cluelessness, which I suppose we would properly refer to as coyness.

    Don’t knock it though. It can be very effective as a tool of manipulation.

    • The investigation would have been more honest, more useful, and more . . . scientific (?) had he actually tried to examine not only the taken-for-granted claims of gun culture, but the taken-for-granted claims of the anti-liberty anti-gun culture.

      I guess such thoroughness, competency, and honesty is too much to hope for nowadays.

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