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thinking seems like two things – a powerful engine (good memory, fast computation, abstractions) and a steering wheel (avoiding cognitive biases, noticing when beliefs are incentivized). But it’s way easier to tell if you’ve got a weak engine than if you’re missing steering

Our brains are super bad at noticing steering problems. We just steer straight into whatever validates us, and the faster your car goes there, the smarter we think we are. This is how u get people like my dad, who’s IQ tested 140+, but thinks evolution is a lie.

It also seems like it’s pretty hard to improve your engine, but it’s a lot easier to improve steering, given deliberate practice. I’d rather have a weak engine in a car that’s pointed in the right direction, than a powerful one in a car that’s pointed in the wrong direction.

Aella @Aella_Girl
Post on X here, here, and here on April 22, 2024

Interesting analogy. It seems pretty solid to me. I like her stuff. She has a different way of looking at things. More different than even I look at things. She has some very twisted Twitter surveys. Example:

Quick, don’t think, just vibe- are snakes more good or bad? || In general, you’re more sympathetic to Israel or Palestine?

Snake good || israel
Snake good || palestine
Snake bad || israel
Snake bad || palestine

And she made a blog post with a flow charts, statistics, and pictures from her birthday gang-bang.

They Need Common Sense Knife Control

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At least four people were wounded, including a bishop with a global online following, in a knife attack during a service at a church in a suburb of Sydney on Monday, police and witnesses said, triggering clashes between angry residents and police.

It was the second major stabbing attack in just three days after six people were killed in a knife attack at a beachside mall in the Bondi area.

Lewis Jackson, Stella Qiu and Scott Murdoch
April 15, 2024
Australia church stabbing: bishop wounded, 15-year-old arrested

This is Australia. They banned and/or heavily restricted all firearms. I guess they now need common sense knife control.

As telling as the above is about their culture, I find the following gives us even more insight into the bizzarro mindset they have:

A separate eyewitness video, verified by Reuters and taken in the aftermath of the incident, shows the man being pinned to the ground by several others, his face obscured. A voice speaks in Arabic and says: “If they didn’t insult my prophet, I wouldn’t have come here. If he didn’t involve himself in my religion, I would not have come here.”

Authorities disclosed no motive for the attack and have not identified the suspect.

I cannot find further words to comment on this.

Frequent Errors in Overmentalization Related to Lower Levels of Oxytocin Receptors

Interesting. VERY interesting:

Lower levels of oxytocin receptors are associated with more frequent errors in overmentalization — a tendency to erroneously attribute complex mental states to others — among patients with borderline personality disorder, according to new research published in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. This discovery sheds new light on the relationship between the oxytocin system and the cognitive processes underpinning social interaction in borderline personality disorder.

Borderline personality disorder is a condition marked by intense emotional turbulence and impulsive actions. Patients often struggle with a profound fear of abandonment and find it challenging to maintain stable and satisfying relationships.

I’m high level amateur on BPD. The stories I can tell which illustrate the symptoms described …

Moron? Or Graduate Degree?

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There are some notions so idiotic that, to believe them, much less evangelize them, one must either be a moron or have a graduate degree.

March 25, 2025
Comment to Another Monday, Another Science Denier.

Why not both?

See also George Owell:

One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.

And Betrand Russell:

This is one of those views which are so absurd that only very learned men could possibly adopt them.

Confirming Evidence of My Hypothesis

I have interviewed a number of women on the topic of monogamy and/or the lack of it in their relationships. Numerous women told me things which indicate to me it was virtually impossible for them to be happy in a monogamous relationship.

Here are some sample quotes (paraphrased for conciseness):

  • After that threesome with two men I realized I could never be in a monogamous relationship again.
  • My husband is a great guy and a wonderful father. He is good looking and good shape. I just don’t want to have sex with him. I want to have sex with a half dozen different strange men at the same time.
  • After being married for two years I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have something more so I divorced him. I married a second time and the same thing happened again. They were both good men and they did nothing wrong. It was me. I just feel comfortable at the sex club. It feels right to me.
  • My husband and I estimate I have has sex with about 600 different men since we have been married. I can’t imagine it any other way.
  • All people want to do this sort of thing (sex with multiple people). The ones that say they don’t are lying to themselves and/or others.
  • I was monogamous in my first marriage. We had lots of great sex but there were other things wrong in the marriage. After getting divorced I discovered there was a sex club nearby. In the first year after joining I had sex with 600 different men. Not 600 times in that year, 600 different men. Multiple times with many of them. Now I create my own parties for people in private homes and nothing gives me greater joy than seeing women discover their true sexual nature like I did.

Numerous other women tell me they simply don’t have an urge to have sexual relationships outside of their committed relationship. I believed them because they were in a safe place to be completely honest about their feelings.

There were others which described a middle ground of some sort. Yes, they had been unfaithful for a while but that was when their primary relationship was bad and in their current multi-year/decade relationship it wasn’t a problem.

I didn’t see any environmental factors which could explain the difference so I concluded there was likely a genetic factor.

Now there is evidence confirming my hypothesis:

The Surprisingly Strong Link Between Genetics and Infidelity | Psychology Today

  • Monozygotic twins are more similar to one another in the likelihood of being unfaithful than dizygotic twins.
  • It is estimated that between 40-60 percent of the variation in infidelity can be explained by genetic factors.
  • Research attempting to link infidelity to specific genes has been largely unsuccessful.

In Cherkas et al.’s research, concordance rates were significantly higher for MZ (46%) than DZ (32%) twins, suggesting that “MZ co-twins are approximately one-and-a-half times more likely to be unfaithful if their co-twin has been unfaithful as compared with DZ co-twins.” When adjusting for factors such as number of sexual partners and age, the authors estimated that 41% of the variation in infidelity in this sample was due to genetic factors, a “heritability estimate.” By contrast, the shared environment in which twins were raised did not contribute to twins’ concordance rates.

Zietsch et al. calculated heritability estimates of 63% for men and 40% for women, suggesting that for men as much as 63% of the variation in infidelity was due to genetic factors. While the estimate for women was very close to the earlier estimate calculated by Cherkas et al., the estimate for men was much stronger than the heritability estimate for women, potentially suggesting a stronger genetic basis for infidelity in men vs. women.

I find this fascinating. How can such complex behavior/urges be influenced by differences in brain chemistry or some such thing? How is this behavior controlled at the genetic level rather than via rational thought?

I am, again, left with the conclusion that rational thought is a very thin veneer over the mind of most people.

There’s Only One Law

Quote of the Day

There’s only one law. Don’t be a Tutsi, when the Hutus show up.

March 10, 2024
Comment to Too Many Lies to Bother Refuting Them

There is a lot packed into that statement.

Read up on the Rwanda genocide for more details. Or Lethal Laws for things common to all genocides and how to prevent them.

This is short version of the story applicable to this quote:

  • The Tutsi were a minority, about 15% of the population. The Hutus were about 85% of the population.
  • The Tutsi were the favored race by the German colonizers.
  • The Hutu developed a hatred for the Tutsi who controlled the government for decades.
  • Gun control prevented the Tutsi from having effective tools of self defense.
  • A relatively small set of young male, radical, Hutu murdered up to as many as 1,000,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu using machetes as their primary weapon.

What I think are the important points to remember about all genocides are:

  • A small part of the population, something like 1% to 3% of the population do the actual killing.
  • The victims almost always vastly outnumber the murderers.
  • All genocides since the start of the 20th century were enabled by gun control.

Aaron Zelman, author of Lethal Laws makes this claim (IIRC):

All genocides require three things:

  1. Government.
  2. Hate.
  3. Gun control.

Government and hate will always exist. The elimination of gun control is the only way to prevent genocide.

With that in mind, reread the words of MTHead’s and prepare appropriately.

Of Course, Because it Doesn’t Match the Narrative

I remember when this came out but I did not hear the backstory.

Harvard professor says ‘all hell broke loose’ when his study found no racial bias in police shootings (

The study found that police were more than twice as likely to manhandle, beat or use some other kind of nonfatal force against blacks and Hispanics than against people of other races. However, the data also determined that officers were 23.8 percent less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5 percent less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at whites.

When Fryer claimed the data showed “no racial differences in officer-involved shootings,” he said, “all hell broke loose,” and his life was upended.

The world-renowned economist knew from comments by faculty that he was likely to garner backlash. Fryer admitted that he anticipated the results of the study would be different and would confirm suspicions of racial bias against minorities. When the results found no racial bias, Fryer hired eight new assistants and redid the study. The data came back the same.

After the report was published, Fryer lived under police protection for over a month. He had a seven-day-old daughter at the time and went shopping for diapers.

When there is such as strong emotional reaction there is a high probability the skewed belief is emotional rather than factual and/or logically based.

I know a former FBI agent who left the FBI after hesitating to shoot a black teenager. He had every reason to shoot him, but hesitated because of his skin color. He and his partner ended up not getting hurt and the black teenager surrendered rather than take deadly action. But it really shook the FBI agent. He left the FBI and law enforcement.

Doomsday Cult Puzzled that the Earth Still Exists

Quote of the Day

The laws of thermodynamics dictate that a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor, but new research has found that atmospheric moisture has not increased as expected over arid and semi-arid regions of the world as the climate has warmed.

The findings are particularly puzzling because climate models have been predicting that the atmosphere will become more moist, even over dry regions. If the atmosphere is drier than anticipated, arid and semi-arid regions may be even more vulnerable to future wildfires and extreme heat than projected.

David Hosansky
January 17, 2024
Climate change isn’t producing expected increase in atmospheric moisture over dry regions: Study

After about the third paragraph I was laughing the rest of the way through the article.

There is no hint they would ever consider the possibility their climate heating models are flawed or that the mean global temperature is not increasing. It is like a doomsday cult predicting the end of the world on January 1, 2000 and when it doesn’t happen they don’t question the integrity of their prophet, but instead claim the destroyer gave them a second chance.

Read When Prophecy Fails: A Doomsday Cult on Alien Invasion for more insight on the behavior and psychology of these type of people. You might expect they would forsake their prophet when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the failure of the prophecies. But that is not what happens. Instead, most of the time, they will prophesize all the more vigorously.

I find the psychology absolutely fascinating.

And, of course, the same psychology exists within the gun grabber community.

No Theory of Mind

Quote of the Day

You dare accuse me of fake bravado when you’re going to Walmart with your big gun strapped to your leg trying to fool everyone that if you have a big gun you must have a big dick. Boy are they going to be disappointed.

I’m going to take your silence as confirmation of a small penis.

Two Cent Tony @TonyLeighton8
Posted on X March 29, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

It is truly amazing the deficiency in theory of mind these people have. Many primates and even ravens could do better than this guy.

Strategy to Stop Future School Shootings

This is not going to be 100% but I’m all for a layered approach to all types of security. This looks like a reasonable layer for school security.

Every Friday afternoon, she asks her students to take out a piece of paper and write down the names of four children with whom they’d like to sit the following week. The children know that these requests may or may not be honored. She also asks the students to nominate one student who they believe has been an exceptional classroom citizen that week. All ballots are privately submitted to her.

And every single Friday afternoon, after the students go home, she takes out those slips of paper, places them in front of her, and studies them. She looks for patterns.

Who is not getting requested by anyone else?

Who can’t think of anyone to request?

Who never gets noticed enough to be nominated?

Who had a million friends last week and none this week?

You see, Chase’s teacher is not looking for a new seating chart or “exceptional citizens.” Chase’s teacher is looking for lonely children. She’s looking for children who are struggling to connect with other children. She’s identifying the little ones who are falling through the cracks of the class’s social life. She is discovering whose gifts are going unnoticed by their peers. And she’s pinning down—right away—who’s being bullied and who is doing the bullying.

There is No Free Will So Behave Accordingly

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The world is really screwed up and made much, much more unfair by the fact that we reward people and punish people for things they have no control over. We’ve got no free will. Stop attributing stuff to us that isn’t there.

Robert Sapolsky
Stanford University neurobiologist
October 17, 2023
Stanford scientist, after decades of study, concludes: We don’t have free will

I’m unconvinced this is true, but I understand how such a conclusion can be defended. Perhaps I should read his book. But what is most interesting to me, as pointed out in the article, is that people who come to believe this claim end make changes in their lives which are detrimental to themselves and others:

Even if the range of potential outcomes is limited, there’s simply too much variability at play to think of our behavior as predetermined.

What’s more, he said, it’s harmful to do so.

“Those who push the idea that we are nothing but deterministic biochemical puppets are responsible for enhancing psychological suffering and hopelessness in this world,” Tse said.

A widely cited 2008 study found that people who read passages dismissing the idea of free will were more likely to cheat on a subsequent test. Other studies have found that people who feel less control over their actions care less about making mistakes in their work, and that disbelief in free will leads to more aggression and less helpfulness.

All this makes me wonder… Is belief in free will is an evolutionary survival of the fittest response?

And further more, even if you were to know there is no such thing as free will, you (paradox alert!) should choose to behave as if you have free will.

Luxury Beliefs

Quote of the Day

Their worldview includes fixed positions on race, gender, decolonisation, sexuality, slavery and the Palestinians. Although much of this causes real harm, particularly to teenagers and Jews, these ideological positions are signifiers of social status rather than authentic moral positions. They are luxury beliefs.

It is striking how closely this group adheres to these orthodoxies. Because it is a question of identity, it is almost unthinkable for devotees to hold some of those views but not others, and very hard for them to change their minds. Last week, Jeremy Corbyn appeared unable to revise his vision of Hamas as “friends” even in the aftermath of the massacre.

Jake Wallis Simons
October 15, 2023
Why liberals have ended up cheerleading for jihadism

I like the label, “Luxury beliefs.” That describes the beliefs of gun control advocates as well. The people advocating for gun control will not be materially affected by the banning of guns and they like pleasure of feeling morally superior in ridding the world of the yucky guns.

Just Like it was Done in the USSR

Quote of the Day

He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him? Because at some point maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members. But something needs to happen.

Hillary Clinton
October 6, 2023
Hillary Clinton says Trump supporters may need to be ‘deprogrammed’

Presumably this would best be done in a psych hospital. Just as they did it in the USSR.

People are Not Rational

Quote of the Day

It would appear that New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency order banning the carrying of firearms in Albuquerque has had an unintended consequence: Sales in the city’s gun stores are booming.

Melissa Fine
September 16, 2023
‘Busiest day I’ve had in months’: Guns flying off shelves in Albuquerque after gov’s anti-2A move

People buy banned books because they are, or are about to be, banned. The same applies to guns.

In this case the buying more guns in the face of a ban to carry them in public doesn’t make quite as much sense. But maybe they were buying them so they could carry them in public in defiance of their criminal governor.

You would think that a politician capable of getting elected governor would have a better sense of human nature. For someone that opposed to gun ownership one would think she would not engage in behavior that would, obviously, increase gun ownership and public carry. But, yet, she did.

People are strange. Rationality is just a thin veneer over a whirl of emotions. And many people don’t even have that veneer.

Gifted People

Quote of the Day

Most people live in an inner reality that is only very tenuously related to actual reality. To be capable of achieving that level of self-delusion must be nice. We’re all capable of it to a degree… but some people are very gifted.

Sebastian @SebastianSNBQ
Xeeted on August 2, 2023

Today I was to a coworker on almost this same topic. Smart people can be very convincing about their delusions.

Do you want to break through the delusion or at least determine for yourself if they are delusional or perhaps more closely in touch with reality than you?

Ask this question of both them and yourself, “What is the process by which you determine truth from falsity?” Then compare the two processes as applied to your current situation.

Liberalism Causes Mental Disorders

Via a text message from Stephanie:

The Pathologization Pandemic: Why youth mental illness is surging

A 2020 Pew survey of over 10,000 Americans found that self-described liberals aged 18-29 were more likely than self-described conservatives of the same age to report suffering psychological problems over the last week. They were also more than twice as likely to say they’d ever been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Furthermore, those who were “very liberal” were more likely than those who were just “liberal” to report poor mental health. The group most likely to report poor mental health was young white liberal females, an alarming 56% of whom reported having received a mental illness diagnosis.

Crucially, controlling for worldview narrowed the gender gap considerably: liberal men were more likely to report poor mental health than conservative women. It would seem, then, that the mental health epidemic among girls and young women is associated with their tendency to have a more Left-liberal mindset than boys and young men — a difference that’s becoming more pronounced over time.

Initially I gave this post the title, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. But given the actual content of the article that would have been a stretch. This is the critical thesis of the article:

An analysis of data from 86,138 adolescents found, in line with the Pew survey, that between 2005 and 2018 the self-reported mental health of liberals had deteriorated more than conservatives’, and that this deterioration was worst for girls. The researchers blamed this on “alienation within a growing conservative political climate”. However, the New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg debunked this explanation by pointing out that liberals’ mental health woes began while Obama was in power and as the Supreme Court voted to extend gay marriage rights — hardly a conservative political climate.

A more robust explanation lies in the difference in outlook between liberals and conservatives. Central to Leftism is equality, which is best justified by the idea that people’s fortunes and misfortunes are not their own doing, and therefore undeserved. As such, Leftism de-emphasizes the role of human agency in social outcomes, while overemphasizing the role of environmental circumstances. As the West has shifted culturally Leftward — due to most writers and artists leaning Left — the depiction of people as puppets of their environment has become dominant.

I found the article be very insightful and thought provoking. Perhaps a much more healthy was to reduce the political divide in our country is to encourage a change of  mindset, of all people, not just those we are politically opposition with:

The solution to pathologization, then, lies not in politics but in psychology.

The polar opposite of pathologization is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Although referred to as therapy, it’s closer to a form of mental training. Based on the Ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism, it teaches a lesson the West has all but forgotten: that our feelings are not always valid, but often deluded and self-destructive. It trains people to overcome harmful emotions by reframing harmful thoughts into alternatives that are more agentic and soluble. So, “That made me angry” becomes “I reacted to that by getting angry.” And “Life sucks” becomes “I feel like life sucks right now.” Where pathologization places problems outside your control, CBT places them within your control. Where pathologization bundles many small issues into one giant insurmountable problem, CBT breaks down giant problems into small manageable pieces.

No approach in psychiatry has been as rigorously tested as CBT, and its effectiveness in restoring agency and reigniting hope is documented by decades of research.

Direct opposition and yelling at each other doesn’t seem to be working. Let’s try something else.

Thinking Critically is Obsolete

Quote of the Day

We no longer know how to think critically. Subjectivity and nihilism rule supreme: the deranged, post-modernist woke cargo cult claims that there no longer is truth, just our truths. Ideas are at best positional goods, fashion statements and markers of social hierarchy, and at worst tools of oppression.

Allister Heath
May 31, 2023
The idiot West is sleeping as the end of the world draws near

Rational thought is a relatively recent innovation in humans and is nothing but a thin dressing over a mixed fruit salad of emotions. And as I have pointed out even that thin dressing could be said to be lacking in many, perhaps most, people today:

As I have said before:

We do not share a common basis for communication or for determining reality. We share the same planet but they are in a different world. So of course they get angry with us. In their minds we are aliens in a turf war with them.