Too Many Lies to Bother Refuting Them

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The sociological question of how societies can prevent gun violence is not any great mystery. Fewer guns mean fewer gun deaths.

Andrew C. McKevitt
November 7, 2023
Gun Country: Gun Capitalism, Culture, and Control in Cold War America
Via The real origins of America’s gun culture (

I don’t have time to elaborate on all of the things wrong with these two sentences but I’ll give a quick outline.

  • “Gun violence” and “gun deaths” are not relevant measurements unless your goal is elimination of private gun ownership. If you are to insist on ignoring the principals of gun ownership being a specific enumerated right, then “violent crime” is the proper measurement of the hinted at downside to private gun ownership.
  • The number of privately owned guns is not positively correlated with violent crime.
  • Restrictions on private gun ownership is positively correlated with genocide.
  • Not all “gun deaths” are murders or suicides. Many are justified homicide. Some are even praiseworthy homicide. That McKevitt doesn’t make a distinction is very telling. It is deliberate deception.

There is a lot more to be said, but I’ll leave that up to commenters.PinocchioGunGrabber


12 thoughts on “Too Many Lies to Bother Refuting Them

  1. Looks like you may have mistyped the second bullet point:
    > Private gun ownership is not positively correlated with private gun ownership.

  2. While the antis often conflate gun suicide with murder as gun violence, the same people are generally in favor of government assisted suicide. While suicide and the conditions leading to it are generally a tragedy, introducing government into the equation does not make it better. Indeed, it generally makes it worse as the recent Canadian proposal to eliminate the mentally ill (can you say Aktion T4) demonstrates. Gun suicide is at least a personal (if often bad) choice. I once went through a long list of gun suicides and noted that a very large number were elderly and terminally ill where it could be argued that it was a rational choice as opposed to a lengthy and painful dying process.

    • Governments are always in favor of Government-assisted suicide. They are also in favor of Government-assisted Homicide and Government-assisted Genocide.
      In spite of the “times always changing”, for which a “Living” document of a Constitution, with ever changing “human rights”, the desire of the people who wield the power of government never change, so they are always eager to say that this or that right from years past is no longer needed in the Nouveau Regime.

    • A significant number also require multiple shots, significant if you consider the effort and pain that must have occurred in the time to find and bring a weapon you thought would only need to be fired once back into operating condition. It’s bad form to leave behind gore and a weapon in a dangerous condition.

      For people searching on this topic, please do seek additional crisis support resources instead of methods.

  3. I thought it very interesting that in Biden’s SOTU address, he bragged about the overall reduction in violent crime nationally, decried the increase in homicides in major (I.e., blue) cities, and implore red for gun guntrol, while obscuring the fact that crime has gone down while gun ownership and Constitutional Carry has increased significantly.

    Even my liberal Trump-hating wife saw that deliberate oversight.

    • Well, you see, she is Liberal and not a Leftist. You can talk to Liberals. Leftists are immune to evidence changing their minds, If they see something working, they will ask, what’s the theory behind this? They won’t ask to see the techniques used to achieve the result.

  4. Once again, they try the word magic. Gun violence? No such thing. Inanimate objects can’t do anything on their own. There are only humans doing things the communists don’t like with guns. (Until only communists are allowed to have them, of course.)
    I guess they could make their stats a lot higher if they through in hunting as doing violence with a gun?
    Just in Pennsylvania alone, 2021-2022 there was over 300,000 acts of gun violence. Much leading to death and dismemberment.
    But it’s all OK. Cause the criminal aliens being imported in the Normandy invasion scale of today have no problem whatsoever with doing “Machete violence”.
    Hey Andy, got a law for that one to?
    And for the rest of us. There’s only one law. Don’t be a Tutsi, when the Hutus show up.

        • I was thinking of a bumper sticker. Nice and neutral for Gruesom Newsom territory.
          I had earlier thought of “End the Genocide in Darfur. Send Rifles.”, but that is a bit too direct for snowflake country.
          What about “Dissent’s Patriotic Again Boys?”
          (after the Orc Sergent in “Fellowship of the Ring” when he offs the complaining Orc. “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!” Boy do I want that after November 5.

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