There’s Only One Law

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There’s only one law. Don’t be a Tutsi, when the Hutus show up.

March 10, 2024
Comment to Too Many Lies to Bother Refuting Them

There is a lot packed into that statement.

Read up on the Rwanda genocide for more details. Or Lethal Laws for things common to all genocides and how to prevent them.

This is short version of the story applicable to this quote:

  • The Tutsi were a minority, about 15% of the population. The Hutus were about 85% of the population.
  • The Tutsi were the favored race by the German colonizers.
  • The Hutu developed a hatred for the Tutsi who controlled the government for decades.
  • Gun control prevented the Tutsi from having effective tools of self defense.
  • A relatively small set of young male, radical, Hutu murdered up to as many as 1,000,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu using machetes as their primary weapon.

What I think are the important points to remember about all genocides are:

  • A small part of the population, something like 1% to 3% of the population do the actual killing.
  • The victims almost always vastly outnumber the murderers.
  • All genocides since the start of the 20th century were enabled by gun control.

Aaron Zelman, author of Lethal Laws makes this claim (IIRC):

All genocides require three things:

  1. Government.
  2. Hate.
  3. Gun control.

Government and hate will always exist. The elimination of gun control is the only way to prevent genocide.

With that in mind, reread the words of MTHead’s and prepare appropriately.


9 thoughts on “There’s Only One Law

  1. You did sort of mention this, but it should have been highlighted: the Hutus were under a gun control regime, too. That did not stop them from mass murder.

  2. You don’t want to be a Hutu when the Tutsis show up either as the genocide in neighboring Burundi proved. The lethal laws prevailed there also.

    Point of order: While the Germans were the original colonizers, they more or less left traditional norms in place. The bad actors in the region were the Belgians who took over in 1916. The Belgians famously screwed up the Congo too. The Congo Wars involved all three countries as well as Uganda and Angola.

    • Belgium was rather an unusual case among European colonizing powers in that they treated the colonies as the private property of the King, rather than as part of the empire with at least some semblance of rule of law. And Belgium has had some bad luck with its kings (for example, the one who was there during WW2 lost his crown for being a Nazi collaborator, though I think he got to keep his head, somewhat suprisingly).

      • True for the Congo but in the case of Rwanda and Burundi, it was the Belgian state under trustee mandates from the League of Nations and the UN.

  3. And the real questions we must honestly ask/answer for ourselves is:
    Why are millions of fighting age males being imported into our country at a cost of billions of dollars per month? Why would someone pay for such a thing?
    Why would the Chinese develop such a good relationship with criminal cartels that are actively murdering, raping, and enslaving people in our country, and their own? And giving them the tools/weapons/drugs, to do it.
    Why are the Chinese allowing so many of their young military men to come to America?
    Everyone, from a senile bad joke in power, to an ignorant hillbilly knows you cannot have two or more tribes that close to each other without conflict. It’s just a fact of nature. And anyone who doesn’t isn’t mentally developed enough to be in the conversation.
    It’s all being done for war. And war is always about who gets what. No matter who’s doing it. No matter why they’re doing it. They ARE doing it.
    And apparently a 100,000 drug overdoses year/billions of dollars aren’t enough to satisfy this beast.
    It all seems a bit much even for the banker/pedo/clownworld/trans-humanist caste trying to cover their tracks. But I digress.
    If it ain’t satan, he’s certainly missing his chance.
    Because what’s about to happen is going to be biblical.

    • @MTMeathead

      Your concerns are well-founded. The Chi-Coms – by which I mean the government of the PRC – have been war-gaming for the last thirty years or so with the U.S. as the presumptive enemy.

      So, even as they have gotten rich and heavily-industrialized by doing business with us, they have been plotting to stab us in the back when the time is right.

      This isn’t conjecture, by the way, but fact. It can be verified by reading the book “Unrestricted Warfare,” which was published in 1999 by two colonels of the PLAN, their armed forces. It is now in translated into English form.

      The book examines how a “rising great power” (the PRC) can defeat a “superior military power” (the U.S.) – and examines any and all means of waging war against us, not just bullets and bombs, but using anything that can be turned into a weapon. Fentnayl, for example, or counterfeit products, or anything at all.

      Last but not least, the senior leadership – including Xi Xingping himself – have discussed behind closed doors how to get more “living space” for China and its billion-plus people. Invasion has been considered, but now I think they’ll just buy everything and take over that way. Money as a weapon.

  4. Aaron Zelman was Jewish, and well aware of how government, hate, and gun control enabled the German government to systematically round up, imprison, and murder six million people with very little danger to their enforcers.

    He had a term for Jews — of any nationality — who vote in favor of the same gun control laws that facilitated the Holocaust: “bagel-brains” (or as an adjective: “bagel-brained”).

    • Most of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust weren’t German but rather Polish, Soviet, Hungarian and smaller groups in other European countries. Gun control, unfortunately, is an international policy even extending to Israel.

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