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If you’re untrained or rusty in the use of personal arms, now is the time to take a class or get in some range time. Remember, If innocent life doesn’t immediately depend on it—don’t shoot. And if it does, don’t miss.

Alan Korwin
October 14, 2023
Page Nine: Even Israeli Intelligence Didn’t Spot Them In Time— IS HAMAS HERE? Are we ready? (

The “If innocent life..” quote is often attributed to canebrake on Firearms Talk.

Closely related to the quote above…

This picture is from almost five years ago:

That girl is now a young woman in college. She and her father are meeting me at the range this evening so she can get some more trigger time.


7 thoughts on “Now is the Time

  1. Old link had a problem with anti-virus and then when I burned through that it was a 404.

  2. Excellent!
    I am in the middle of One Nation Under Guns by Dominic Erdozain. That picture would make his head explode.

  3. Never to late to learn, that’s for sure. And watching people change their attitudes while you watch is super-fun.
    They go from skeptics, to surprised, to wow, this is fun! Then later comes the empowerment and thought of freedom.
    “Israeli intelligence didn’t see it coming.” (Never start a sentence with an oxymoron. Then end it with a lie. Proper grammar, but bad form.)
    And please, give me a f–k’in break. Not only did they see it coming, they helped plan and arm Hamas.
    That’s like our CIA-FBI-DHS coming out here soon after “cannibal season”, gets in full swing and tells us they had no idea any of this could happen.
    All one can say is, thank you for your service. And for proving once again how detrimental a secret police can be to a society.
    As even on their best day they’re traitorous. And deserve nothing less than a very public hanging. Maybe even a “barbecue”, as a send off for all their hard work?
    Didn’t know? Mossad?
    I know you live only a couple hundred yards from one of the most well-armed open air, over crowded, prisons in the world.
    Where they get paid to hate you from the time they’re born. And train to kill you every day till they live.
    But you don’t need a gun, you might hurt yourself with it.
    And don’t worry, were just right over there. Only 3-4 hours out, tops. Don’t let paranoia get the better of you, in fear is no way to live.
    Like that, “didn’t see it coming”? Mossad, what a f–k’in bad joke.
    And one we get to help pay for.
    All that concrete poured in Gaza, and they don’t have a pier?

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