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Last time I checked words didn’t kill people. I’m sorry that your manhood is threatened unless you have a firearm on your hip but with all these children needlessly dying something has to change.

Chicagoooose @Chicagoooose
Posted on X, May 17, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

This is deliberately deceptive framing. Technically they are correct about words. Just like guns, words don’t kill people kill people. But that does not mean words/ideas are not dangerous.

As pointed out by Stalin, words/ideas are more dangerous than guns:

Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?

See also Crazy talk.

Chicagoooose should do better checking. But if they did, and they took their research to heart, they wouldn’t be against private gun ownership unless they were a genocidally inclined tyrant.



6 thoughts on “They Should Do Better Checking

  1. I would submit to Chicagooose that the vast majority of needlessly dying “children” in Chiraq are gang members, or collateral damage from gang turf wars. It isn’t the guns that foment these altercations – it’s words. Simply possessing a gun doesn’t compel someone to start shooting their neighbor – It’s words and ideology (more words) that initiate that sequence of violence.

    Chimpanzees don’t have guns, but they can be exceedingly violent, exhibit ganglike behaviors, and kill each other (including child chimps) with regularity.

  2. The question Crapagoose should be asking is; What does a real machete think about the size of your manhood?
    If Crappy was truly serious about saving “the children”, it would be complaining about the “fetal genocide factories”. And the closed door “infant parts markets”, being run for research and big pharma. The purveyors of which actually cut deals over lunch.
    Thanks for the Stalin quote, Joe. That’s a good one.
    Here’s one from Lenin that seems pertinent.
    “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves.”

    • That was how “The Trust” headquartered in Paris was founded and operated. What could be more reasonable than a central committee to effectively dole out funds for counterrevolutionary efforts against the Soviet Union? Coordinate operations to ensure that they are not working at cross-purposes or unwittingly uncover another operation?
      Perfectly logical; however the Cheka ran that group and saw to it that the money raised came from the counterrevolutionaries themselves, out of the meager funds they were able to smuggle out of Russia. They also saw to it that the agents sent by The Trust were captured as soon as they crossed into Soviet territory, demoralizing the remaining people who had the courage to resist. Some historians have theorized that this is what happened to Sidney Reilly, the man dubbed, “The Ace of Spies.”
      Truly, Leftists blab about everything they plan to do.

  3. “[W]ords didn’t kill people.” Has he heard of Mein Kampf, or Das Capital, or Mao’s Red Book?

  4. Wait a moment … Last I checked, words were the same as “actual violence” and something like, say, accidentally misgendering someone was grounds for getting them fired or worse.

    Or is it all predicated on who’s saying the words?

  5. Well, you’re talking about assault words there, with pistol grips, high capacity gerund phrases, and that adverb thing that goes up. Those words should be banned.

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