Gun “Buybacks” Are For the Feelings

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Given the empirical evidence, police agencies may use gun buyback programs not with the expectation of reducing violent crime, but to satisfy the public’s expectations. When serious crime problems occur, mayors and police chiefs are under pressure from their constituents to ‘do something dramatic and effective’ about the violence.

Scott W. Phillips, et al.
November 1, 2013
An Evaluation of a Multiyear Gun Buy-Back Programme: Re-Examining the Impact on Violent Crimes

Via Gun buybacks: Findings from decades of research (

In other words, to make the general public feel better.

I suppose in some ways it does make me feel a little better. I almost always feel better after a good laugh.


4 thoughts on “Gun “Buybacks” Are For the Feelings

  1. Aaaah. There’s that commie/clownworld word magic again. Gun Buyback. Just sounds so sweet and innocent, all stand-up and do-right.
    When high school drop-outs like myself can point out the reasons gun buy-backs don’t work? Your shit’s weak.
    And your claim of needing multi-year studies is just begging for change. (On more of an industrial scale of course.) But begging none the less. (Which is fitting. Isn’t that what most academics do as sexual foreplay?)
    As most will point out around here in the first two seconds that; You can’t “buy-back”, what you never “owned”, in the first place.
    The only gun some criminal is going to cut loose with is one he don’t be need’in no-mo.
    And since most all those programs come with an amnesty clause? Your just disposing of the guns for criminals. Collecting stolen guns. And giving the bangers a few bucks to party on.
    To say nothing of what gets paid out for three D printed “ghost guns”, and old steel pipe hose clamped to a block of wood some industrious 12 year old put together. (Beats picking up coke cans, right?)
    You people are F–k’in brilliant. (And in charge of our drinking water. That should end well.)
    What next? A bake sale to cover the national debt?

  2. Officials want to be seen as ‘doing something’ by their constituents. WTF?

    How about increasing penalties for ‘Felon in Possession’? No bail for recidivist criminals? Cease early parole? These are things that are really effective and yet Team Blue is content with a dog & pony show that everyone knows is a joke.

    • You’re missing something there. Remember who their real constituents are. Not honest hard-working people. Leftist policies support criminals, and those are their primary constituents.

    • Have you read the book Three Felonies a Day. It is about how the government has criminalized absolutely everything. Perhaps Violent Felon in possession would be a better law. With strict definitions.

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