Tool of Deception in Anti-gun Playbook

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Blackshear, a Dayton Democrat, now calls modern rifles “mass casualty weapons,” as though the gun, rather than some deranged criminal who might create mayhem, is somehow responsible for a hideous crime. According to a news release from his office, his bill is a response to a tragic 2019 shooting in Dayton’s Oregon district.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
March 6, 2024

As pointed out by Alan Gottlieb:

The gun prohibition movement has tried the terms ‘assault weapons’ and ‘weapons of war,’ and even ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Now, all of a sudden, Rep. Blackshear has come up with something new to incite the same old anxieties anti-gunners have always had over the fact that Americans like firearms and dislike the efforts to ban them.

Anti-gun people are always trying to put lipstick on their pigs. It’s just another tool of deception in their playbook.


9 thoughts on “Tool of Deception in Anti-gun Playbook

  1. Oregon or Ohio? There are Daytons in both places and someone doesn’t know the difference.

    • It’s clear in the wording: Dayton, OH, specifically the district of Dayton named Oregon.

  2. Mass casualty weapons? Another clown from clownworld years ago tried to go with “attack weapons”. I’m predicting a belly flop on this one too.
    The reason “assault weapon” gets used so much is it rolls off the tongue easily. It’s almost natural.
    “Modern sporting rifle”, works. But we have to force ourselves to say it.
    I think it was Vox Day that termed “word magic”. Just like the word “clownworld”. The communists are masters at forcing us to use their wording for everything.
    We need to do better at it. And the easiest way to get started is to never use communist wording for anything they describe.
    It’s always a lie. One should endeavor to develop habits of truth-speak, and clear-talk.
    Assault weapons? No, you’re talking about banning firearms.
    Trans-gender? You can’t change your gender. But children can suffer from MIMS. (Mommy Induced Mutilation Syndrome.) As in a mother’s desperate need for attention she forces her children to suffer humiliation and mutilation.
    And SIMS, (Self Induced Mutilation Syndrome). It all stems from mental illness.
    Immigrates? You mean criminal aliens? You want to help them? That would be a federal felony. At five years a pop. Biden and Mayorkas would be getting life, plus 10,000 years in prison. You want to join’em?
    Climate change? You mean the big power grab? Notice how everything about it revolves around them doing whatever they want. And you doing what they tell you to? Yaaa, nothing to do with the climate.
    Now, Bejing and LA have an air pollution problem. Not the world. No one has been dropping in the streets from it. So, Bejing doesn’t want to do anything about their problem. And LA is just too stupid to fix theirs.
    We should leave it at that.
    And leave the rest of us to hell alone.

    • MIMS is another word for Munchausen by Proxy. The relationship between the perpetrator of Munchhausen by Proxy and the victim is so often a mother and child that the two terms are synonymous.

      You are completely accurate in your references to the politically beneficial euphemisms and the actual conditions they refer to.

    • Another term we should stop using is “ghost gun.”
      Homebuilt or DIY or owner manufactured or something someone with better marketing skills than me can come up with.

        Stamp each gun with [your town] S/N L0001.
        Situation solved! Easy peasey! The so called Ghost Gun is now serialized, which bypasses the whole “Not serialized” Pravda Dezinformazion hokum with a few thumps of the hammer and stamp.
        Exploit loopholes in their shiny, loophole ridden anti-liberty laws. Let them whine ineffectually about exploiting loopholes.
        All that whining indicates is that someone is smarter than they are and has better reading comprehension than they do. When that works in favor of liberty, that is always a win in my book.

  3. Gun grabbing politicians come up with these phrases for a simple reason.
    They work….on the low IQ crowd. It doesn’t help that their lame stream
    media whores are more than happy to pick up the new phrase and run with it.

    • Thus, the pivot from Handgun Control to Assault Weapons. There is a memo somewhere from one of the leaders, making exactly than argument.

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