A Thin Veneer of Civilization

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Unlike so many people around the world, those of us that live in the United States were fortunate enough to grow up in a relatively civilized society.  Unfortunately, we have turned our backs on the values that our forefathers handed down to us, and so now we are starting to find out what is beneath the thin veneer of civilization that we have all been taking for granted all these years.  Our society is absolutely teeming with predators, crime rates are soaring all over the nation, millions of Americans are afraid to leave their own homes, and hordes of drug addicts are literally pooping in the middle of our streets whenever they feel like it.

Michael Snyder
December 4, 2023
We Are Starting To Find Out What Is Beneath The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We Have All Been Taking For Granted (theeconomiccollapseblog.com)

It is not just a thin veneer of civilization, admittedly they are not orthogonal, but it is also a thin veneer of rationality as well.

Prepare appropriately.

I want an underground bunker in Idaho.


13 thoughts on “A Thin Veneer of Civilization

  1. “I want an underground bunker in Idaho.”

    Mark Zuckerberg beat you to it.

      • The advantage of the bunker in Hawaii is that it is more inconvenient and expensive to bring an out-of-state rent-a-mob around to have a targeted fiery-but-peaceful protest.

        The advantage of the bunker in Idaho is that, hopefully, you have 360-degree sight lines and range markers out to the edge of the property, about half a mile away. Also, the local sheriff’s deputies tend to have a negative opinion of out-of-town troublemakers, resulting in a muscular response.

          • I think he’s buying himself into “local” status.

            Every evil overlord knows that you put a lot of money into the local economy, with name-branded welfare and largesse. Thus, when the adventurers show up to rid the world of he and his evil schemes, they’re facing a whole town of little people who depend on Papa Evilface’s soup kitchens and shelters, and their sainted grandmama’s glaucoma was treated by The Evilface Foundation for Charity, Benevolence and Cute Puppies.

  2. Thin veneer. The human condition is always such. That sweet loving creature you married and love with all your heart. Mothers your children and cares for all in the most admirable of ways.
    Goes into beast mode every month under the “custom of woman.”
    Thin veneer indeed!
    Human societies are about as stable as water. Always have been. The real phenomenon is we never seem to catch what the cause for collapse is. History is littered with this these lessons in ignorance.
    Yet it’s very hard to act on what we know beforehand.
    How many Jews fled Germany in the 1930’s?
    Apparently, not as many as should have.
    They say close to 8 million criminal aliens have been imported over the last three years. Who’s telling the truth anymore? Could be 16 million for all we know. Which are only going to be happy with the pizzas, porn, and prison sized motel rooms for so long.
    We’re not just seeing through a thin veneer. The veneer is about to be ripped down and burned.
    “An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.”~ Sun Tzu.
    So apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon.
    And one must always remember. You survive in a bunker. But you have to live above ground.
    The rapid change is going to be in supply chains and defense. Many will not survive that transition.
    Like it or not, the veneer is gone. And looking back over the last 50 years of brainwashing, lies for profit, and outright murder of our follow human beings. I doubt it ever truly existed.
    It was just another aspect of control.

  3. MTHead just said it better than ever could.

    The absolute collapse of society is what, three missed meals?

    We have a lot of that ahead of us.

    We got out of the Silicon Valley coming up on four years now. Four miles outside a small town with plenty of space between neighbors and good visibility in all directions.

    We’ll be better off than most, but ugly times are coming.

  4. Mostly an urban problem. Your bunker doesn’t need to be underground.

  5. There are varying degrees of “underground bunker.”

    It is possible, with proper design, placement and construction, to have one that is almost invisible on the surface. “Almost” is an important word and applies in varying degrees. There are some YouTube videos of severely remote one-person bunkers that meet this standard.

    It is possible to design, place and construct an underground bunker, that while not invisible on the surface, is designed and constructed in such a manner that attempts at unauthorized penetration would be sufficiently expensive and hazardous as to discourage such attempts; U.S. Air Force underground missile silos are one example.

    It is most probable that the majority of underground bunkers are designed, placed and constructed in such a manner as to be as unobtrusive as reasonably possible and provide the maximum affordable resistance to predictable events; I suspect Mr. Zuckerberg’s Hawai’i bunker falls into this category.

    Then there is the “Hollywood Bunker,” traditionally occupied by Evil Mad Scientists in theatrical productions, fully protected against all threats and completely unpenetrable except, perhaps, by the script’s Designated Hero (or, lately, more probably the Designated and Racially-Preferable Lesbian Heroine).

    I suspect the most useful bunker would be one that provides reasonable, or better, security against idenitifiable and statistically predictable threats at reasonable, or nearly reasonable, cost and adheres to the military tenet that any obstruction not covered by well armed and effective overwatch is not an obstruction but merely an inconvenience.

    In any event, all bunkers constitute not just improved, but some, perhaps, approaching the Holy Grail of “total security” for its owners and occupants (rarely seen outside of Hollywood), but also often pose an attractive challenge to motivated individuals and groups, much like Mount Everest attracts climbers: “because it’s there.” Despite the ocean-supplied buffer of Mr. Zuckerberg’s bunker, I have no doubt that there is a cohort interested, and maybe even anxious, to try their skills on it and I would wager there’s already sufficient mechanized resources on the island to ease their task, not to mention readily available intelligence regarding its construction (see: https://xkcd.com/538/).

    In a not unrelated question, Joe, have you ever visited the area around Frankfurt, Germany? The terrain there, especially to the northeast, is quite similar to your area of idaho.

    • No, I have not. The only time I have been in Frankfurt was last fall. I was there for about 45 minutes in a somewhat frantic plane transfer.

    • What’s to say that this particular bunker is not his intended hidyhole? With his kind of money, I would build one, splash his name around, show up and toss money around, and never mention that the real intended for use bunker was built very quietly with no obvious connection to him. Actually, I’d build several, just to spread the effort to track him.

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