Doomsday Cult Puzzled that the Earth Still Exists

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The laws of thermodynamics dictate that a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor, but new research has found that atmospheric moisture has not increased as expected over arid and semi-arid regions of the world as the climate has warmed.

The findings are particularly puzzling because climate models have been predicting that the atmosphere will become more moist, even over dry regions. If the atmosphere is drier than anticipated, arid and semi-arid regions may be even more vulnerable to future wildfires and extreme heat than projected.

David Hosansky
January 17, 2024
Climate change isn’t producing expected increase in atmospheric moisture over dry regions: Study

After about the third paragraph I was laughing the rest of the way through the article.

There is no hint they would ever consider the possibility their climate heating models are flawed or that the mean global temperature is not increasing. It is like a doomsday cult predicting the end of the world on January 1, 2000 and when it doesn’t happen they don’t question the integrity of their prophet, but instead claim the destroyer gave them a second chance.

Read When Prophecy Fails: A Doomsday Cult on Alien Invasion for more insight on the behavior and psychology of these type of people. You might expect they would forsake their prophet when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the failure of the prophecies. But that is not what happens. Instead, most of the time, they will prophesize all the more vigorously.

I find the psychology absolutely fascinating.

And, of course, the same psychology exists within the gun grabber community.


16 thoughts on “Doomsday Cult Puzzled that the Earth Still Exists

  1. If someone can take a “climate model” and, running it in reverse, reproduce the known temperature fluctuations over the past 40k years, I’ll consider giving it some credence. If it reproduces those of the past 10k years (no ice age), it would be faintly interesting.
    For now, all this stuff is just dangerous fiction, like “Das Kapital” or “The 1690 Project”.

    • I believe the 1690 Project would be witchcraft, which is what the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Catastrophists are peddling. today. After all, today we are sophisticates, and “She turned me into a Newt but I got better” won’t fly.

    • But really, the worst part is these Experts in white coats (an expert is a man more than fifty miles from home with a Curriculum Vitae instead of a resume) want US to surrender OUR futures (especially western societies) on the basis of their baseless theories.

    • Running a climate model in reverse should be a quick-and-dirty stress test to see if it has any validity whatsoever. I suspect most of the existing models the Climate Cultists are using — that only trend upward as time moves forward — would have temperatures slowly dropping to an Ice Age when the Medieval Warm Period happened, and “unprecedented” cold temps where the Roman Climatic Optimum should be … and only getting colder from there.

      I can understand a model not accounting for acute cataclysmic events — super-volcanoes and asteroids in particular — but if it can’t derive global temperatures in reverse based on known present and past conditions, it should not be trusted to predict upcoming temperatures based on known present and unknown future conditions.

      • It’s worse than that. They are tweaked heavily to match known data, and all those mods and fudge-factors are spliced piece-wise onto time segments as needed to get the theoretical function to fit the data. That is, they are essentially assuming the model is right, but the data is wrong. It can’t project into the future because it doesn’t even fit the past.

        On top of that, the error bars on a lot of it are freakin’ HUGE. For example, the uncertainty in the quantity and natural variation of non-manmade CO2 emissions is about the same size as the (fairly precise and accurate) value of all manmade CO2 emissions.

        Most modern “climate science” is fear-monger propaganda dressed up as impartial science.

  2. If I might add. That human caused CO2 is around 3% of the total. And you can’t change much of anything only controlling 3% of it? No matter what you tell your computer to say.
    Less than 20 PPM of a total of about 400 in total atmosphere.
    If one didn’t start your model from that premise, it wasn’t going anywhere, anyway.
    That and the assumption I’ve heard out of Gates own mouth, that CO2 is a cumulative pollutant. It builds up overtime. Which is an absolute lie refuted in 8 grade biology class. Thinking Charles, Boyles, and
    Boyds laws governing gasses and absorption rates? Even outside the realm of photosynthesis. But I digress.
    It takes a full measure of brainwashing to buy into the whole climate change as reality rather than a power grab in the first place.
    The truly nice part about it is after the collapse. There will be a good business in taking down windmills, then steam, gas, or water powering them for local power grids to operate off of. There’s a bunch of megawatt+ generators just sitting up waiting to be taken down and hooked up for a more reliable power supply. (1 megawatt is about 1500 HP, very easy to create. Think drag racing V8. and hydraulics.) Or taking apart solar fields and selling them to your neighbors.
    One man’s doomsday is another man’s business model.

    • I’m willing to accept that CO2 is a “greenhouse gas”, but it’s not the only one and not even the worst one.

      I’m not willing to accept that human industrial activity is the sole source of ALL CO2 that contributes to “climate change”, which is what a lot of Climate Cultists seem to believe.

      If it were (and getting back to pkoning’s “run models in reverse” comment above), the Roman Climatic Optimum and Medieval Warm Periods must have been because of all the fossil-fuel-powered heavy machinery they were running in 250 B.C. and 900 A.D. (respectively) to belch out all that CO2, right?

      And if there’s a non-human explanation for those warming periods, there’s clearly no possible alternative explanation for the one they say we’re in now?

      • With all due respect. Greenhouse gas? No one has ever shown that CO2 has a higher thermal coefficient than any other gas in our atmosphere. Especially not at 400 PPM concentration.
        There’s a very easy explanation for those warming periods. And everything else that goes on in the climate.
        It’s called the sun. A giant blazing nuclear fireball 109 times larger than our planet, and over our head almost constantly.
        And if you stand outside in one place for 24 hours one will probably experience about a 20 degree temperature shift. One can feel the overall degree temperature change climate globalists are worried about in a matter of minutes. Of it’s rising or going down. That being 3 to 5 degrees?
        And none of that temperature change means anything if it’s not from say 28 to 33 degrees? Otherwise flood waters stay thawed, or they remains frozen.
        And they still say it the gas?
        We don’t need rocket science to tell us if the sun shines a little brighter. It’s going to get hotter.
        And that’s all natural climate is, and can be about.
        But controlling the main byproduct of oil in a world almost floating on it? That being CO2.
        Is the only way to maintain your profit margin on an ongoing basis. Energy controls the modern world. The climate crisis is all a lie to that maintain control.
        It’s all propaganda.

        • If you have ever experienced a total eclipse, you can feel that 20 degree temperature shift in just a few minutes.

  3. What a wonderful crowd these “Scientists” are (they practice “Scientism”, a form of Cargo Cult. White coats, scientific instruments, lots of mathematics, and scientific jargon to fool the rubes into following and giving money.

    They are the ones who see something happen, and wonder, “What’s the Theory behind that?”

    • I think they confuse reality (what actually happens) with theory (an imperfect mathematical model that more or less accurately predicts what will happen under certain conditions).

      I think they also (incorrectly) assume that as time goes on theories are constrained to become better/more accurate/more universal.

  4. The findings are particularly puzzling because climate models have been predicting that the atmosphere will become more moist, even over dry regions. If the atmosphere is drier than anticipated, arid and semi-arid regions may be even more vulnerable to future wildfires and extreme heat than projected.

    That’s a lovely lose-lose scenario they have mapped out. If the atmosphere is too moist, we’ll develop solid cloud cover and block too much sunlight, inhibiting plant growth, reducing O2 production, and killing everything. If the atmosphere is too dry, we’ll have wildfires and extreme heat, killing everything. (Nevermind that “arid and semi-arid regions” already have insufficient plant material to sustain a raging wildfire. What is there to burn in Death Valley or the Sahara Desert?)

    It’s also a false dichotomy: Why MUST the atmosphere become EITHER “too moist” or “too dry”? What balancing and buffering mechanism — present for the last few billion years — is suddenly absent? Why does the model not have the possibility of the third outcome: neither too moist nor too dry, but somewhere in the middle that’s not “too” anything?

    That’s the part that drives me nuts, and (IMHO) invalidates most-if-not-all “climate models”. The planet and atmosphere have mechanisms built in that balance and buffer out — and eventually correct — all kinds of extremes. If they weren’t there, the very first lightning strike would have sparked a wildfire that scorched everything living to ash, the very first volcanic eruption would have released enough CO2 to roast the planet, and you can forget about anything that happened after the dinosaur-killing asteroid! Instead, we’ve had lightning, volcanoes, and occasional pot-shots from space since the beginning, and we’re still here. If the “climate model” doesn’t include and account for those self-repairing features, it’s worthless.

  5. I think it was Anatole France who said, “If you torture numbers enough they will admit to anything.” I used to say that “I could beat the numbers into submission but I could not make them get up and dance.”

  6. “There’s a bunch of megawatt+ generators just sitting up waiting to be taken down and hooked up for a more reliable power supply. (1 megawatt is about 1500 HP, very easy to create. Think drag racing V8. and hydraulics.) “

    Maybe small thorium reactors and steam turbines, or water wheels and gearsets, assuming the internal parts of those gensets are still functional. IIRC, they’re predicted to have a 20-25 year service life and most of them are approaching that.

    And, on the “running climate models in reverse,” I’d assume it would be done in “accelerated mode” not 1:1 clock time, so if it didn’t reach 0 Kelvin by the end of the run it’s a failed model (or even if it did run in 1:1, which might solve some other problems: “run your model in reverse and call us when it reaches end of run.”)

    • ” they’re predicted to have a 20-25 year service life and most of them are approaching that.”
      The commies are putting up tons of new ones all over the country. But especially on the Colombia river between Washington and Oregon.
      And a lot of remote solar fields like Christmas Valley, OR.
      I figure between the new stuff and a little reverse engineering/recycling. Rural America is going to have a very reliable local power grid system.
      Here in Idaho, you could run them off of wood waste and wheat straw.
      Or depolymerize the waste to gas and diesel. And run it off that. Waterwheels are perfect. I bet a good engineer could hook it up direct.
      To me, Doomsday is a good time to build a better future. Were humans, were only animals when were forced to be. And without that government force making us such?
      We truly can build something better.
      Like Lavrov in Russia said. We couldn’t afford to buy cheese from the Swiss. So we learned how to make it ourselves. That’s Russia after their collapse.
      Were Americans, nobody in history thinks out of the box or innovates like us.
      Our communist government has been holding us back for years because their greedy and afraid.
      Doomsday is a chance to leave them behind. A good time for people like you Francisco, Joe, Archer, Rolf and the rest of the crew to kick-ass and shine.

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