Another Monday, Another Science Denier

Quote of the Day

Bullshit. It’s better trigger discipline if he leaves his penile substitute at home rather than walk down the street toward a bus stop, fondling it as he goes along.

Youngkin and Miyares Must Go (@CarlieWeddingt1)
Posted on May 19, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!


4 thoughts on “Another Monday, Another Science Denier

  1. And with the handle; “Reject false equivalency.” You mean like rejecting stereotypes?
    Probably thought he was being clever.
    Thanks Joe. I’m a total mid-wit. But after your Markley Mondays, I always feel so much better about my condition.

    • There are some notions so idiotic that, to believe them, much less evangelize them, one must either be a moron or have a graduate degree.

  2. If Carlie-har-har’s theory were true, wars would be much cheaper as guns, bombs, aircraft and ships would be unnecessary. Men would be selected on the basis of sexual endowment and they would line up at the border with the enemy country, pantless, and intimidate the other army, likewise pantless.
    When you carry his or her idea to its logical conclusion we see how crack-brained the anti-liberty people really are.

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