No Theory of Mind

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You dare accuse me of fake bravado when you’re going to Walmart with your big gun strapped to your leg trying to fool everyone that if you have a big gun you must have a big dick. Boy are they going to be disappointed.

I’m going to take your silence as confirmation of a small penis.

Two Cent Tony @TonyLeighton8
Posted on X March 29, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

It is truly amazing the deficiency in theory of mind these people have. Many primates and even ravens could do better than this guy.


7 thoughts on “No Theory of Mind

  1. It’s true, I disappoint at least 3 women a night with the size of my penis, sometimes 10 or more on a weekend.

    • I’m thinking that’s why God told us to marry virgins,and stick with one.
      I found it just as satisfying to disappoint one woman on an ongoing basis. Just me.
      And I would find your method quite expensive. Even though my uncle’s dictum of; “If it fly’s, floats, or f–ks. Rent it.” Remains solid advice.

      • I may disappoint but she keeps coming back to let me try again. Luckily my gf is very patient & understanding.

        • Something else two-cents probably hasn’t taken into consideration is a cow-sized tongue.
          Once I’m finished they’re far to stunned with ecstasy to fight off being short-stroked for the next minute and a half.

  2. Dick size aside. Anyone been to a big city Wal-mart and come out thinking they don’t need a gun?
    I can tell you straight up my little head is doing way more thinking than their big one.

  3. And yet these people advocate for the government to enforce their will on people. Their dicks must be into negative numbers.

  4. I’m going to take your silence as confirmation of a small penis.

    My response: “And I’ll take your continued harping on this as confirmation of YOUR obsession with MY genitalia. Pervert.”

    Either that will shut them up, or it will prove to anyone following that they think about others’ genitals more than they would directly admit. Win-win for me.

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