Bullets Versus Cell Phones

Via an email from Jacob at Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply.

Mythbusting: Cell Phone Stop A Bullet? – Wideners Shooting, Hunting & Gun Blog

There’s a brutal difference between fact and fiction. The things we see in the entertainment industry may look cool on screen but have no basis in reality. For example, in Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, Richard Hannay’s (Robert Donat) life is saved when a hymnal in his pocket stops an assassin’s bullet. This popular trope has been used and reused many times over the years with a variety of objects all conveniently being able to stop a bullet.

Unfortunately, in the real world, we’ve all seen reports of shootings occurring in public locations. Many of which have been designated as “gun-free zones.” Fortunately for some, nearby objects and personal effects have prevented bullets from impacting their intended target. One of the personal items commonly reported on in these situations is the cell phone.

Will a cell phone stop a bullet? The team here at Widener’s decided to test this myth, take a look at what we discovered below.

Short answer, “No. You are still going to get hurt or killed after the bullet, even .22 LR goes through your cell phone.”

It was, as always, fun to see the video of bullets blasting through stuff.


5 thoughts on “Bullets Versus Cell Phones

  1. So….maybe it’s time for someone to make a bullet-proof cell phone. Apple is hawking its titanium-trimmed 15, maybe the 16 can be AR500 instead, and by the 17 there will be an app that automatically moves it to a different pocket based on the calculated trajectory of the bullet.

  2. TR’s speech folded up in his pocket and his glasses case mostly stopped a bullet. It did have some penetration but he gave the speech before going to the hospital. The speech may have been especially turgid (50 pages) but it did the job. The cartridge was described as a 38 with no information I could find as which 38 it was. In any case given the era, it was probably fairly anemic, even if it was a 38 special.

  3. True answer is “no, in laboratory conditions”, but the real world introduces confounding variables of ricochet, intermediate barriers, and even things as ridiculous as smaller caliber cartridges wrapped with tape to fit a chamber.

  4. Ya, but it’s all the liberal commies have to defend themselves with these days.
    It wasn’t very nice of Wideners to crush them like that.
    Besides, the tik-tok videos of liberals hiding behind their cell phones while their drugged out tranny fellow traveler/three letter government agency psycho toy, guns them down for the communist useful idiots that they are.
    Will be very instructional to future generation. (Should we be willing to have/fight for those).

  5. “No NOKIA’s were harmed in the performance of these tests.”


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