Better than New

I loaned a rifle and case to a Boomershoot Staff member who doesn’t own any guns. His were all stolen out of a moving trailer shortly after he got out of the Navy and he hasn’t replaced them yet. This was his first Boomershoot, and I figured he had to do some shooting. Loaned him a suppressed AR with a suppressor. After the first High Intensity event, I cautioned him to wait until the suppressor had cooled off before putting it back in the case.
After the second High Intensity event, he didn’t wait a sufficiently long time, and it melted a hole through the lining of the soft case. He felt terrible about it and wanted to buy me a new case. I decided I would talk to Barb and maybe we could repair it rather than replace it. It wasn’t catastrophic damage:

Barb thought a patch probably would work. But she didn’t have any. I went looking on Amazon for patches. Then I thought, I really should look for something that can tolerate high temperatures.
TA-DA!!! Meet FLASLD Aluminized Heat Shield Thermal Barrier Adhesive Backed Heat Sleeve Up To 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit:

For $20, I got enough adhesive backed shielding to line multiple cases.
Here is the finished product:

It is better than new.

You Cannot Do This in California

Quote of the Day

We are from California.

You could not do anything like this there. This is amazing.

May 7, 2023

I was walking from my car toward the Boomershoot shooting line when a couple drove up and asked me how much it cost to enter. I explained the pricing and the woman said that was too pricey for them. I said it was too late to enter anyway. She said they just wanted to watch. “Oh!, you don’t need to pay to watch. Stay behind the line and don’t get in people’s way and you can watch all you want.”

She then asked how this got started and the conversation went on for quite a while. I finally started asked them questions. I asked where they live. She described the location and said they just moved there. I asked where they moved from, and that elicited todays quote of the day.

What they were seeing was something like this, only with clear blue skies:

There is a reason you can’t do something like this in California. It scares the crap out of the tyrants in control of the state.

Boomershoot 2023 update

Last week I met with my cousin Alan to finalize a verbal agreement on the new target location for Boomershoot:

The area in red on the upper left used to extend down the hill for about 75 yards. Due to some changes in the Conservation Reserve Program (or the enforcement there of) we are unable to use this area anymore. At the suggestion of Bill W. (THANK YOU Bill, that was a great idea!), I negotiated the rental of the area to the right of that area on the hillside. That deal has been finalized and we are good to go for 2023.

Another thing previous Boomershoot attendees might notice is the area we call “The Tree Line”, at about 375 yards from the shooting line, has a lot fewer trees and no brush. Last summer Alan cleaned up the property line. This allows for better weed control and less moisture consumption.

Boomershoot Poem

Via Bing Chat:


A challenge for the marksmen
Who aim for distant dots
They fill the air with thunder
And make explosions pop

A spectacle for the watchers
Who cheer for every hit
They see the fire and smoke
And feel the shockwave split

A thrill for the organizers
Who set up every box
They mix the chemicals and gas
And place them on the rocks

A celebration for the lovers
Of freedom and of guns
They gather in Idaho each year
To have some Boomershoot fun!

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Boomershoot 2023 registration is open

Just a reminder, Boomershoot 2023 registration is now open to everyone. With over four months until the event (May 5th, 6th, and 7th) the event is already nearly 40% full.

If you sign up now you still have a great selection of shooting positions. If you wait too much longer the positions best suited for your equipment and skill level may be much more limited.

Learn more about Boomershoot and then sign up. It is a real blast!

Boomershoot 2023 entry opening soon!

Registration opens for staff 1/9/2023 6:00:00 PM Pacific Time.
Registration opens for previous year participants 1/14/2023 9:00:00 AM Pacific Time.
Registration opens for everyone 1/21/2023 9:00:00 AM

As Boomershoot 2022 participants know we had some issues with placement of long-distance targets.

Due to issues mostly beyond the control of the landowner we were only able to place a few targets near the 700-yard area berm. Most of the details have been worked out for this year with a different area for some of the long distant targets.

You can see the new target area by visiting the entry website Available Positions web page.

Select an available position and you will find an image with all the target areas for a given position. Some shooting positions will have parts of one of the available target areas blocked by the tops of trees. The shooting position specific image (the bottom image) is several years old, and the trees have grown. The top image of available target areas is from August 2022 and closely represents the view from the East (left) side of the shooting berm. Choose your shooting position to take this limitation in mind.

Prices have increased. Boomershoot was losing a lot of money on the dinner and breaking even on the High Intensity event. There have been donations offer to cover the price of dinner for ALL participants. If one of these generous offers comes through refunds will be given to everyone who has signed up for dinner at the new price.

Let me know if you have questions or see typos or errors on the website.

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