You Cannot Do This in California

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We are from California.

You could not do anything like this there. This is amazing.

May 7, 2023

I was walking from my car toward the Boomershoot shooting line when a couple drove up and asked me how much it cost to enter. I explained the pricing and the woman said that was too pricey for them. I said it was too late to enter anyway. She said they just wanted to watch. “Oh!, you don’t need to pay to watch. Stay behind the line and don’t get in people’s way and you can watch all you want.”

She then asked how this got started and the conversation went on for quite a while. I finally started asked them questions. I asked where they live. She described the location and said they just moved there. I asked where they moved from, and that elicited todays quote of the day.

What they were seeing was something like this, only with clear blue skies:

There is a reason you can’t do something like this in California. It scares the crap out of the tyrants in control of the state.


18 thoughts on “You Cannot Do This in California

  1. Just make sure they don’t bring any of the California “values” with them. Preferably stay away from voting for a generation or so. Far too many of them flee the insanity they helped create, only to continue voting for the same policies and falling for the same manipulative media lies.

    • I am long of the opinion that any person moving interstate should be barred from voting for two years where they show up in order to give them a chance to culturally acclimate. If I had to wait five years to earn the right, should be no different for transplants.

      That said, Idaho has some pretty strong protections against Californication compared to other states. That and the fact if these folks were “driving by”, they had to have bought well away from Boise/Meridian so that potentially bodes well politically. You don’t wind up in that area casually. If you’ve been to Boomershoot, you’ll understand what I mean. Real easy to get lost once you climb out of Orofino. Not remote but definitely rural.

        • Hope to see you in ’24! I have been favoring the Berm. Looking to get 57/58 again next year. Stop by and say Hi!

    • When Californian’s moving to Idaho bring their liberal views… they move to places like Boise, or maybe CDA. They don’t move anywere *near* a place like Idaho county, or Clearwater. Not even building codes in Idaho county, and Clearwater quite nearly got rid of theirs.

      • Years ago my brother was high up Idaho co. sheriffs dept. Back then some county officials were talking about building codes/permits.
        I jokingly told him I would come be the building inspector. His reply was very serious; “we don’t have enough officers to protect you! ”
        At this point not having permits is a badge of honor around here. It would be humorous to watch someone bring it up though.

    • I hinted at that and was told the people weren’t all like that, and voter fraud was responsible for a lot of the crap coming out of the state.

      • That’s clearly true. If “the big one” dropped LA and SF counties offshore, CA would be very red.

        Even so, the .gov and media in CA are bright blue, and brainwashing *is* a thing.

  2. Sorry I missed this year Joe. Old person issues.
    Yes, very few problems that can’t be fix by a liberal application of high explosives.
    It would seem an especially good thing for California type potential voters to watch.
    Hope it was a real hoot this year! And I hope them CA folks truly enjoyed themselves along with everyone else!

    • I missed it too. Wife was out of town, I had to stay home and take care of the dog and remaining kid.

      Worked out OK all in all, as it was also the once-quarterly baptism weekend, and I finally took the plunge at church, so… Next year will come soon enough.

      • Ha! glad you made it to the life raft, brother. Have a blanket and a hot cup of coffee. While we watch the Titanic sinking!
        And may the spirit be with you all-way!

  3. It is amazing how you start to measure the seasons by Boomershoot!

    That said, it could be done in California but way away from the liberal bastions where conservative values and liberty still exist. Bolt action rifles aren’t illegal and you’d just have to set up a .499 Ghetto instead. Nowadays it would be the .338 Bypass but still. Can’t speak to how hard it would be to get a BATFE explosives handling license in CA. Just need to find the right place.

    Hope the weather was cooperative and I hope they had fun watching. I am in my countdown for ’24. Happy shooting, Joe!

    • I expect there are still a few mines in the “gold country” that have explosives licensing…. Sierra county might be conservative/rural enough….

    • Never happen in CA. Or, it might happen ONCE, but the political blowback after they see what was done would be epic.

      Back in ’97, a gun school with a rented outdoor range in the SO CAL desert organized a full auto toys weekend shoot, with LOTS of Hollywood movie rental equipment supplied by the biggest company in the Los Angeles area. Tables covered with H&K MP-5’s, etc. When the politicians in L A. found out that the little people had been allowed to do so, (full auto is illegal in CA) their response was to destroy the movie rental equipment business with taxes on guns and magazines. The unintended consequences was severe damage to Hollywood, which is why most all shows with firearms are now filmed in Canada and other locations. (btw, those pols never paid a price for their actions)

  4. I had two state troopers on our store range that were from Massachusetts.
    The male half was in hog heaven looking and touching and holding any firearm he was interested in.
    The female trooper was not amused. I think they were blowing their lunch hour from the class they were taking from the academy up the street from the store.
    The female half let me know what allowing anyone to handle a firearm without asking for a Firearm ID card was illegal in Massachusetts
    I said here in America we don’t do Firearm ID cards.
    The male trooper laughed so hard I thought he wet himself. She was not happy.
    Leave the attitude back in Boston Missy.

    • Females like that should not be in law enforcement. Poor knowledge, bad attitude, physically unlikely to be able to control or intimidate a violent man so more likely to resort to needing lethal force; a walking rights violation looking for a place to land.

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