Gun for Small Dick Energy

Quote of the Day

Well you still need a gun to make up for that small dick energy you’re throwing out pussy

ben royals @benroyals
Tweeted on January 24, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Another Monday. Another anti-gunner demonstrates the best case he can make for his side is a middle school insult.


6 thoughts on “Gun for Small Dick Energy

  1. For all the “body-positivity” the left promotes for every sort of degenerate blob of humanoid flesh with unrestrained gluttony, they sure are into body-shaming people over something that is genetic who they disagree with, aren’t they?

  2. @benroyals is in the UK. Benny, how’s that invasion working out for you’all? With rapes and home invasions thru the roof? (When they even compile stats anymore.)
    Stereo-typically speaking your mom, wife, and daughter aren’t going to worrying about little dicks either. Maybe you too?
    And the biggest take-away is that communists in the UK are worried about guns in America still. Just f–k’in wow.
    Worriers of the world, unit! Get rid of guns for climate change!

  3. Calling these diatribes “middle school insults” is an insult to middle schoolers…moanyof whom are actually smarter.

  4. Best comeback for anyone using “small-dick ” type insults I’ve heard was something along the lines of “about what I’d expect from someone with such cavernous vag energy….”

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