Gun control ping pong

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Frustratingly, the same judge who issued the foolish opinion which was overturned by the Supreme Court in McDonald v. Chicago has once again stepped in to enforce unconstitutional gun control. This is not the last laugh, and we are fully invested in ensuring this law is defeated. GOA will continue to fight until lower courts, executives, and lawmakers at all levels fall in line with the Bruen precedent.

Erich Pratt
GOA Senior Vice President
May 5, 2023
Illinois assault weapons ban back in effect as courts play ping pong with gun control

It is extremely frustrating. But it is not foolish until they have to pay a price. It going to continue until the law is enforced and we see some trials.


3 thoughts on “Gun control ping pong

  1. There actually is a law against denial of civil rights under color of law. 18 USC 242 is a criminal law. However, the Federal government as currently constituted (meaning the career people in the DoJ) is never going to prosecute. Any lawyers here ready to opine on whether a state or local prosecutor can bring such a prosecution.

    • 241 & 242 are excellent laws that give teeth to the constitution.
      But what these morons are truly in violation of is the 2A. Which automatically strips them of authority for violating. Anything in any law of any state is not-with-standing.
      An unconstitutional law is not a law. And no one has the authority to enforce one. And no one has to abide it.
      All such words on paper are backed by nothing but the law of the jungle.
      To me, this is a very important distinction that politicians need to start hearing from us:
      You didn’t have the authority to write it in the first place.
      It is a criminal act to enforce it.
      And your not just lying, your committing perjury!
      Sorry for ranting, Richard.

  2. It seems that the current MO of the Progressives is to simply claim that they can make any law they want and until the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional, they can and will enforce it. The concept that an unconstitutional law is void on its face is fine as long as you have moral Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of the government which comprehend and agree with the Constitution as it is written. Unfortunately that has not been the case for many many decades. So the obvious malfeasance that is displayed by such judges, legislators and executives seems to be protected by qualified immunity that is usually treated as absolute immunity. Because the fox is now guarding the hen house, getting rational control over this problem will be far more difficult than I think we know. Without solving that problem, I also believe we will only see increasingly more ping pong games being played.

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