One of the Biggest Political Scandals in History

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The post-debate Biden situation has so far been all about electoral viability, with the news media’s entire focus is whether Democrats can win in November by dumping him for someone else. Horse race and such.

Which is stunning, because the main story should be that this is one of the biggest political scandals in history, and a legitimately massive conspiracy to keep Americans in the dark in order for Democrats to cling onto political power.

Seriously, think about the complete picture here. The President of the United States, the most powerful person on the planet, is suffering a rapid cognitive decline. Dozens of members of his party as well as “journalists” and celebrities have known this for many months, as they finally admit (because it is now advantageous to do so).

But what were they doing right up to the debate? Completely denying it. The New York Times and others even ran bullshit “fact checks” of videos of Biden struggling, telling us not to believe our own lying eyes. Save for maybe Dean Phillips and Robert Kennedy Jr., no Democrat politician would dare suggest Biden was in decline. They all tried to cover it up.

I think this may be the biggest conspiracy in American political history. It’s at least the biggest since Watergate, but even Watergate didn’t implicate this many co-conspirators. The Biden covverup involves pretty much all Democrats who regularly interact with Biden trying to hide his condition, from members of the House all the way up to the Vice President and the cabinet. They put their own political fortunes ahead of the good of the country – at least until it was time to stab Caesar for their own political benefit, once the debate made maintaining their lie untenable.

And maybe you expect that sort of craven political behavior from politicians. But the news media? We are now getting reporters proudly publishing pieces about scary interactions with Biden that happened 6 months ago or more. Where were these reports when those interactions happened? Only rightwing media covered Biden’s decline honestly (no doubt because it served them of course), but rightwing media doesn’t have the same access to him. The rest of the news media appears to have colluded with Democrats to hide Biden’s condition in order to help them stay in power.

And now, all these people now have the gall to talk to us about “Saving democracy”? Seriously? Eat shit.

The Democrats should be held accountable for this by suffering major losses in November. The news media should continue to lose trust, as it has proven more than ever that most of it is just a PR firm for Democrats.

Crazy that they are going to get away with what should be a cataclysmic scandal.

Kostas Moros @MorosKostas
Posted on X, July 10, 2024

“Appears to have colluded..”? It’s well beyond “appears”.

It was obvious to me, and I’m sure millions of others, that Biden was suffering from dementia four years ago. I specially remember telling someone I could not vote for someone with dementia (and getting an extremely emotional denial). Some people were in denial. Some were oblivious. But the majority of people with access to him had to have known for years.

They knew and made a decision to say nothing about the most powerful person on the planet being feeble minded.


10 thoughts on “One of the Biggest Political Scandals in History

  1. There’s plenty of precedent for this, and the earlier examples I can think of also involve the D party. Both the end of the Wilson and the FDR presidency featured a president who was no longer functional, and his minions seizing the reins of power in his place.

  2. I am looking forward for arrests for conspiracy to commit elder abuse. My mother suffered from dementia and Biden’s symptoms were pretty obvious to me given that experience. Many people including some in the inner circle have to had that experience as well with a parent or spouse.

    Taking Grandpa’s car keys away is more urgent when we are talking about The Button.

  3. The media – for the most part – have been commie-sluts/demowhores(BIRM) since at least the days of walter cronkite eta. al. – spit

  4. As you say Joe, Kosta truly missed the timeline. This dementia thing is well over 4 years old.
    But on top of that. Biden has been a congenital liar and thieving criminal all his life.
    Anyone doing a cursory examination of his background would have culled Joke Biden from humanity long ago.
    One would be hard pressed to call oneself a “journalist”, and not know the true nature of the Joke.
    What I hear is the desperation of being discovered. Cause the next logical question is who/whom is running America?
    And isn’t that a huge crime? Aren’t all those executive orders, NOT?
    Joe Biden cannot sign something he is not aware of, and unable to come to a logical conclusion about.
    Just like Obama not being a natural born citizen. Everything he did is a criminal act, not law. And should be wiped off the books as such.
    Both Obama and Joke (the joke is on whoever has to change his diaper.) should be the presidents that never were.
    Want Obama care to go?

  5. While this is a scandal, it’s hardly the largest one in American history. Maybe the biggest one this month, but it’s totally par for the media course, and has been for a century or more. What the media covers (or not), and how they spin it, has been heavily politically-driven forever. Sen Joe McCarthy was correct on virtually all accounts, and nothing has changed since. (read Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies by M. Stanton Evans for a very well-document account)

    What it is though, is an important / significant scandal that is obvious and easily explained to normie lefties. It’s not something they can easily dismiss because they saw it with their own eyes. That is a powerful leverage point in shifting the narrative.

  6. What’s the media to do? They’ve very tightly painted themselves into a corner.

    Consider: their market has contracted to the people who want to hear the kind of narrative the media have been delivering. The make their money off the people who have a particular kind of lie they want to hear. Everyone else left. They have a bird in the hand and they’re holding onto it for dear life. Their advertisers are selling to their credulous audience with focused marketing.

    If they wanted to expand their audience, they’d have to do something to bring the other people in. Either they have to settle on a different lie that different people want to hear, or they actually have to be rigorously objective.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t hired the kind of people that can convincingly pretend to be sincere. They hired the best graduates from Journalism School, which in its own meta-action, convinced people their School of Advanced Propaganda Techniques was actually journalism. Propaganda is all they know, and they know it as ‘journalism’.

    If they shift to a new lie, a new narrative, they’ll scare off the audience they already have, but they have no guarantees of bringing in a new audience.

    If they shift to straight objective real-journalism, they’ll have to explain to their current audience that they were lying to their audience to whole time and what their audience thinks they knows is a lie, but gee willikers, honest injun, we’re going to tell you the truth now! And they have no credibility to make that stick outside their current audience.

    What’s the market segment that wants straight journalism? How do you advertise to that market segment? Marketing and advertising are just another branch of propaganda, so how are you supposed to target people who were already fed up with existing propaganda and don’t believe a word of it?

    • Most marketing dollars are spent to buy propaganda and spin, to push a narrative on the main show, not to convince watchers with the advertising. News shows repeated “safe and effective” and dismissed or ignored or downplayed vax deaths and side-effects for the mass-murdering vaxx because three quarters of their advertising dollars came from pharma for other products, and they knew who buttered their bread.

      Pharma and megadonors buy the pols and write some of their speeches, so the media has the “right” stories and narratives to cover. Look how fast and wide a specific narrative shift crops up on any given topic. for just one recent example on a hot subject.

  7. Dozens of members of his party as well as “journalists” and celebrities have known this for many months, as they finally admit (because it is now advantageous to do so).

    It’s not so much that it’s now advantageous to admit that the President is declining mentally.

    What it is, is less disadvantageous than continuing to deny it.

    They’ll take a hit to their credibility — and the public’s trust in them — either way. The difference is how big a hit they choose to take.

    It doesn’t seem like they’re looking for an advantage that isn’t there. It’s more like they’re cutting their losses before it gets any worse.

    • It could be this is the only way for Obama to get a 4th term through Kamala?
      Most of the leg work is done. All they have to do is steal the election and block any and all enforcement of basic law.
      And we will have been “fundamentally changed” to the point America can never recover.
      Our problem is we haven’t figured out we need to start running in packs like everyone else.

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