2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

  1. I like it, but it doesn’t go far enough. I want to buy a blister pack of six handguns from the manufacturer’s web site (based in a state or country other than mine) and have it sent UPS to my door.

    When I can do _that_, that is when I’ll know that the gun-grabbers have been neutralized.

  2. When I am able to send a 16 year-old into an average hardware store with 600 dollars cash while I wait in the car, and have him walk out with a submachinegun and 200 rounds of ammo, without having filled out any paperwork, that’s when I will begin to believe that our Congress takes the Oath of Office seriously.

    When “Comsumer Reports” magazine resumes doing articles on firarm quality and reliability for the sake of advocating consumer confidence in their weapons, then I’ll know the country is heading in the right direction.

    When Auto Ardinance is running commercials during Monday Night Football, about how cool their Thompson Machineguns are, I’ll know the Bill of Rights is being protected.

    When most school districts have shooting teams, competing with each other in well attended matches, and it’s run on the local radio stations, I’ll know the people have become level headed about weapons (my kid’s school district has recently begun a trap shooting program, by the way).

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