It’s a twofer!

Quote of the Day

Some dudes with small penises found my opinions on guns and they’re feeling reaaaaallll insecure about it.

Joshua Lander @lander
Posted on X, July 6, 2024

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier (see also here)!

Via a post by In Chains @InChainsInJail:

The funny thing is that you’re wrong on all counts. That said, @JoeHuffman to the red courtesy phone, please.

Which elicited this response from the same person:

Does he have a small penis too?

It’s a twofer!


5 thoughts on “It’s a twofer!

  1. Let me guess, a master’s degree in psychology from Harvard? With a major in self-esteem?
    Or just monkey hear, monkey say, from your last anitifa (gay version of antifa), rally?
    Or maybe your the new public relations exec for the ATF? You people all sound alike these days.

  2. These people continue to be obsessed with male sex organs. Perhaps they should seek some sort of help for their problem?

    • What I find more puzzling than their apparent genital obsession is that they seem to expect we’ll actually be shamed or something.

      • There’s a reason for that. People who are comfortable handling deadly weapons are much more interesting, attractive people than neurotic weirdos who are obsessively horrified by them, even when the weapons are not around. Gun owners think of themselves as inherently worthwhile, and don’t need to convince themselves that they have anacondas between their legs.

        Gun control neurotics know that they don’t measure up, and are constantly trying to convince themselves that they are real men, and since they don’t have any other manly traits, obsessively try to convince themselves that they have huge penises in order to make up for their insufficiency.

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