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Supermarkets in gun-friendly red states are now selling ammunition out of vending machines that use artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to verify the buyers are of legal age.

Eric Mack
July 7, 2024
Oklahoma, Alabama Selling Ammo in AI Vending Machines |

I’m still looking forward to blister packs of a half dozen Glocks being available at Costco.


14 thoughts on “Ammunition Vending Machines

  1. I must admit I don’t understand the “legal age” bit. Clearly that applies to selling guns, but it’s curious to see “gun friendly” states apply it to ammo.

  2. Yaaaa, OK, but the excuse for AI and facial recognition is a little overboard.
    A blister pack of Glocks at Costco would be nice.
    Some good old “Shall not be infringed” would be much better. (Sorry your honor, it doesn’t say anything about “substantial infringement”, it says “NO” infringement.)
    I’m thinking more along the line of OTC suppressors, coupled with a de-regulation of the firearms-ammo manufacturing community.
    No more haz-mat crap on reloading supplies, etc.
    It’s way passed time government be restrained from punishing those who have committed no crime.

  3. You do see the negative here, right? “Facial recognition technology.”

    Long live the security state!

  4. yeah… look for the cameras… but…

    Does it accept cash? Or.. credit card only, run through blue clearing house.

  5. If it takes cash…..anyone know if the camera system contains an IR component so it knows there’s a live human in front of the machine? If not, feed it cash and hold up a campaign picture of Joe Biden (or, maybe, a thermally-assisted martial arts dummy with Biden’s face painted on it).

    • “Feed it cash and hold up a campaign picture of Joe Biden.”
      Might not get your ammo.
      Even subverted AI has to know Biden is a senile felon.
      I mean the only thing on the planet stupid enough NOT to know that are the commie liberals. Right?

      • I don’t think el presidente is in fact a convicted felon (yet), if only because he’s incompetent to stand trial.

        Has he committed felonies? Yeah, probably, but if they aren’t convictions they don’t count.

        Besides that, even if he were a prohibited person, a background check is not normally a part of the ammunition purchasing process. So yes, it might not be legal for someone to have it, but because it isn’t actively checked it won’t become an issue until/unless they somehow attract attention for something else. At which point it becomes just another charge the prosecutors can add on if they want to.

        Perhaps we need to rethink this “do nothing until we throw the book at them” approach to law and order.

  6. You have to be 18 to buy ammo, and the AI is installed to verify your face, as seen by it’s camera, matches the face on the ID you use as proof of age.
    Not the worst use of AI so far, but I wonder how long they have to keep the data on file? Can, and will, the machine dump it as soon as the transaction is completed? After a week/month/year?
    And who has access to that collected data in the interim?
    If it’s only the company operating the ammo sales machine…meh?
    However if any other entity can readily access it…nope.

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