9 thoughts on “Ratshot, 50 BMG

  1. Is that Photoshop or some other sort of mockup? It doesn’t seem to be a product, at least not on that website.

    It’s amusing, though.

    • I wonder about that also; I feel it doesn’t like big enough in his hand.
      Also, the capsule looks undersized for the case mouth.

      This reminds me of the ‘Anti drone depleted uranium buckshot” April Fools day joke a couple of years ago. That was on their website but you couldn’t actually order it.

  2. Always remember to wear gloves while handling your ammunition. It would be a shame for all that filthy brass to leave prints on your fingers.

  3. Rifling and shot always seemed like a very short-range solution to an extremely limited set of problems.

    • Yup, the old Thompson “Contenders”, that shot 45 colt and 410 shotgun shells. Had a barrel extension that threaded on with straight riflings in it to stop that centrifuge affect.
      As for 50 BMG ratshot? Your spot on. Big hole in the pattern.

  4. I suppose one can never be sure what the Gates crew is genetically modifying? I guess giant rats from hell being unleashed on humanity is not that far fetched?
    Could be Xring knows something their not telling us?
    More than likely it’s an experiment in counter-drone tech. In which case they should be talking to John over at Sabot Designs.
    He makes steel flechette shotgun shells. Definitely the finest turkey/drone medicine never made. You will never have to worry about biting into a piece of shot either. (They go right through almost everything.)

  5. Combining responses to several disparate posts:

    I concur with R.O.U.S.’s. In fact it says so right on the box! (behind his fingers)

    Ditto with ‘not a real product’, though I lean toward mock-up/prototype instead of Photochop.

    A shot/rifling conflict in ballistics would also be a problem, BUT I can envision this being a decent anti-drone platform for the ‘bola shot’ concept. Double or triple stack some split cylinders or hollow spheres with the wire coiled in the middle hollow part, and let the c-force spin them apart as they fly.

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