No Second Amendment in the Courtroom—This is New York

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Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.

Judge Abena Darkeh
Hobby Gunsmith in NYC Convicted After Judge Declares Second Amendment ‘Doesn’t Exist’ in Her Courtroom | SCNR

It really sucks for her victim, Dexter Taylor. But it is nice of her to provide such clear and convincing evidence to be used at her trial.

Taylor’s family has set up a GiveSendGo campaign to help with his legal fees. Their goal is $200,000 and they currently have raised nearly $120,000. Help them fight this travesty.

Speaking of Evolution

Quote of the Day

Scientists have observed a once-in-a-billion-years evolutionary event as they’ve witnessed the phenomenon of primary endosymbiosis in progress. This event is when two lifeforms merge into one organism.

This remarkable discovery has led scientists to further their study of this phenomenon, which only rarely occurs.

Julia Melahko
April 23, 2024
Scientists Just Observed a Once-in-a-Billion Years Evolutionary Event (

I read about this a couple days ago and would not have posted it but the comments here suggest it may be of interest to readers.

What I think should be the take away from the article is that not all changes in an organism over time are due to random mutation.

Interesting Analogy From Someone With Very Different View

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thinking seems like two things – a powerful engine (good memory, fast computation, abstractions) and a steering wheel (avoiding cognitive biases, noticing when beliefs are incentivized). But it’s way easier to tell if you’ve got a weak engine than if you’re missing steering

Our brains are super bad at noticing steering problems. We just steer straight into whatever validates us, and the faster your car goes there, the smarter we think we are. This is how u get people like my dad, who’s IQ tested 140+, but thinks evolution is a lie.

It also seems like it’s pretty hard to improve your engine, but it’s a lot easier to improve steering, given deliberate practice. I’d rather have a weak engine in a car that’s pointed in the right direction, than a powerful one in a car that’s pointed in the wrong direction.

Aella @Aella_Girl
Post on X here, here, and here on April 22, 2024

Interesting analogy. It seems pretty solid to me. I like her stuff. She has a different way of looking at things. More different than even I look at things. She has some very twisted Twitter surveys. Example:

Quick, don’t think, just vibe- are snakes more good or bad? || In general, you’re more sympathetic to Israel or Palestine?

Snake good || israel
Snake good || palestine
Snake bad || israel
Snake bad || palestine

And she made a blog post with a flow charts, statistics, and pictures from her birthday gang-bang.

Skynet Smiles

Researchers create artificial cells that act like living cells (

In a new study published in Nature Chemistry, UNC-Chapel Hill researcher Ronit Freeman and her colleagues describe the steps they took to manipulate DNA and proteins—essential building blocks of life—to create cells that look and act like cells from the body.

“The synthetic cells were stable even at 122 degrees Fahrenheit, opening up the possibility of manufacturing cells with extraordinary capabilities in environments normally unsuitable to human life,” Freeman says.

This is just the thing for the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.

See also the Thermonator, the Flame-Throwing Robot Dog:

The year is 2024 and technology is doing incredible things. For the first time ever, you can purchase a walking robot dog with a flame thrower on its back.

Prepare appropriately.

Unconstitutional to Infringe the 1st Amendment in Pursuit of Infringing the 2nd

Quote of the Day

California cannot straitjacket the First Amendment by, on the one hand, allowing minors to possess and use firearms and then, on the other hand, banning truthful advertisements about that lawful use of firearms,

Circuit Judge Kenneth K. Lee
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
September 13, 2023
Court Issues Major Ruling In Favor of Gun Rights – Ultimate Newswire

See also 9th Circuit rules California ban on marketing guns to minors is probably unconstitutional – Los Angeles Times (

It is interesting to read the response of the anti-gun people to this ruling:

“idea of marketing dangerous weapons to kids is despicable”

“Our children and families have endured enough fear and pain from endless gun violence tragedies — it’s time to end this”

“I am shocked and disappointed that the Ninth Circuit does not see what every Californian knows: There is a clear substantial governmental interest in protecting our children from the scourge of gun violence that is the leading cause of death for children.”

They don’t see a problem with and are in fact regard their activities as righteous in, infringing the First Amendment in satiated their insane hatred of the Second Amendment.

I’m glad the more rational minds of the judges prevailed. Still, such a burning hatred in pursuit of what they believe to be a righteous cause will not be easily stopped.

I am reminded of Quote of the day–Henry David Thoreau:

If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life.

Prepare and respond appropriately.

Women Need to Arm and Defend Themselves

Quote of The Day

While many say that it’s more dangerous for a woman to arm herself, the reality is that women are less likely to defend themselves in the first place. A 2007 study shows that 53% of women who were victims of violent crimes were still unwilling to carry a firearm.

Cassandra McBride
April 2024
Guns in the Home Statistics: The Effects of Firearms in the Home in 2024 (

I’m reminded of a debate I once had with a young woman who insisted private gun ownership is a bad idea. Her topic knowledge was near zero but she is very smart. It was amazing the things she came up with for “reasons” for her position. She came up with multiple things I had never heard or thought of before. All based on her on the spot creativity. I had over 25 years of debate experience on the topic and she was making me think. I felt I was holding my own pretty well until she claimed (paraphrasing as best as I can remember):

Since women are less likely to own and carry guns  (admitting, “based my impression and no actual data”)  and are more likely to be victims, guns are not used that much for self defense and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed in private ownership.

The twisted logic had me stunned for a few seconds and I finally, hesitantly, said,

So you are saying, that because the people that need to defend themselves the most are not exercising their right to defend themselves with the best available self-defense tool, they should be prohibited from defending themselves with the best tools?

She made a sort of frustrated “AHHHHHH….” sound and literally ran away.

A few years later I took her to the range. It was the first time she had ever touched a gun. By the end of the range session, from the low ready position, she was getting four shots on four six-inch diameter targets from 10’ away in under four seconds. I was amazed. That is an incredible performance for a new shooter!

We haven’t discussed the legality, practicality, or philosophical aspects of gun ownership since that one day when she ran away, she doesn’t own a gun (and where she currently lives it is in nearly impossible anyway), and almost certainly hasn’t touch a gun since that one trip to the range. But she sometimes sends me text messages, or calls me to tell me how glad she is to have me in her life.

I have hope that someday she will give serious consideration to owning a gun and being able to defend herself. I care for her too and am glad she is in my life as well.

A Golden Age of Vaccines

Wow! If true, this is fascinating.

Universal vaccine may be effective against any variant of any virus (

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) has recently developed a revolutionary RNA-based strategy for a universal vaccine capable of combating any virus strain effectively and safely – even in infants and the immunocompromised. This innovative approach could transform how vaccines are developed and administered across the globe.

This could significantly reduce the threat from bio terrorists. And of course the more natural deadly threats like Marburg, Ebola, Hantavirus, HIV, etc..

See also New ‘One-And-Done’ Vaccine Method Could Protect Infants With Just A Single Shot, Study Suggests (

And closely related:

A Golden Age of Vaccines Is Here. What It Means for You. (

Roll up your sleeves. Effective new vaccines have hit the market for everything from pneumonia to shingles to RSV to, of course, Covid-19. And that’s just the beginning.

Pharmaceutical companies are currently developing everything from personalized cancer vaccines that could cost tens of thousands per patient to vaccines that prevent developing-world diseases like malaria or tuberculosis. Improved flu, pneumonia, and meningitis vaccines will also be available in your neighborhood pharmacy.

Scientists are testing vaccines to prevent a virus believed to cause multiple sclerosis in some people. Someday, vaccines could routinely treat acne, protect against peanut allergies, and even prevent heart disease or help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

This is all of great interest to me. Cancer took my dad, who also had heart problems. His father died of a heart attack. Mom, her brother, and their mother had dementia. Mom and her mother had heart problems as well.

You Have Ten Years or Less

I don’t have much confidence in economic forecasts, but here is one anyway:

Here’s why economists are so worried about soaring US debt levels (

Technically, the government could print money to pay off its dues, but that would result in hyperinflation as the money supply skyrockets.

Robust economic growth can make debt more sustainable, but the debt is growing way faster than the economy — the national debt balance rose 86% over the last decade, while GDP grew by 63%, according to Fed data.

Economists are uncertain of when exactly the national debt will become a true problem for the US. If the pace of borrowing doesn’t slow, Rubin anticipates a crisis of some sort materializing within the next decade.

“It starts slowly and then it accelerates rapidly. Right now I don’t think anything is imminent. I would say we have 10 years or less to fix this problem. I think that may be the optimistic scenario,” Rubin said.

I question how he, or anyone can put a number on this. Perhaps by comparison to other nations with similar problems but that doesn’t take into account things like the U.S. Dollar being a reserve currency, the state of our technology development. After all, where is the case history where there was no need to physically print the money, the government could just change a few 1’s and 0’s in a computer file someplace.

It was about 15 years ago that Chet and I started talking about the imminent risk of U.S. hyperinflation. And it still hasn’t happened. How many times does one get to cry “wolf” before no one listens to you any more?

Still, ten years or less? You and I might be able to build our underground bunkers by then.

Debt Jubilee? No!

Quote of the Day

A debt jubilee is certainly appealing to debtors and those who see the cliff ahead, but recall that all debt is an asset that is holding up an asset class far larger than the debt itself: mortgage debt is what props up the entire global real estate market, and what happens to valuations when debt ceases to exist?

Those who see jubilee as a solution also tend to ignore that all this debt is an asset of which 90% is owned by the wealthy class who run the status quo. Every bond, every mortgage-backed security and every bundled student loan / auto loan is an asset owned by someone or some entity who depends on that asset and its income stream for their wealth and thus their political power.

To hazard a guess based on human history, the wealthy / powerful will probably not be too keen to surrender the vast majority of their wealth and thus their power in the laudable pursuit of eliminating all debt and starting over.

April 19, 2024
Living on Uneasy Street

Emphasis in the original.

I see the only way out of things is for hyperinflation to “cancel” both private and government debt. Hold on, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Prepare appropriately.

Finland Goes Pro-Gun For Private Citizens

Quote of the Day

In the heart of Europe’s icy north, Finland is quietly revolutionizing its national defense strategy by dramatically increasing its number of shooting ranges. With over 300 new ranges set to open, the country is turning marksmanship into a national sport, hoping to engage the populace in an unprecedented way.

Amidst rising geopolitical tensions and historical conflicts, this initiative not only enhances Finland’s military preparedness but also deepens its cultural commitment to resilience and self-reliance. This bold move aims to fortify the nation from within, transforming every citizen into a potential defender of their storied homeland.

Local News X
April 19, 2024
Finland’s Daring Pro-Gun Policy is Taking the World by Storm (


I would rather they would let the free market do its magic, but it is a good start to changing their culture. And, as hinted at in the story this is thought of as an investment in their national defense.

See also the similar story,  Finland’s Bold New Firearm Policy Sets Global Standard (

Gold Price Forecasts

We live in interesting times.

Gold is shining ‘bright like a diamond’ and could hit $3,000 says Citi (

“We project $3,000/oz gold over the next 6-18m,” said Citi’s analysts led by Aakash Doshi, Citi’s North America head of commodities research. The financial gold “price floor” has also moved higher from around $1,000 to $2,000 per ounce, Citi said.

On Friday, Goldman Sachs referred to the gold market as an “unshakeable bull market” and revised upward its price target for the yellow metal from $2,300 per ounce to $2,700 by the end of the year.

BRICS: China Drives Gold Price Up By Buying Supply (

BRICS founder China is currently driving up the price of Gold by swooping in to buy more supply of the precious metal. As the US dollar plummets, alternatives are growing more important within the global reserve. Thus, gold has experienced significant price growth recently, rising to record highs of 2,342.43. According to economists, the People’s Bank of China is leading the way, actively investing in the asset.

Why is Gold Ignoring Higher Rates and a Stronger Dollar? (

Since Russia and China shook hands on a “no-limits” alliance in early 2022, many international transactions have circumvented the dollar. Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries have sold oil to China and India for non-dollar currencies.

Gold’s ascent with a strong dollar and high interest rates is a sign of the shift in global leadership in trade. Moreover, rising gold prices could be telling us that inflation is eroding all fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar. The dollar index is a mirage as it only measures the U.S. currency against the euro, pound, yen, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona, and Swiss franc. Gold is telling us that all these currencies are losing value as inflation and a significant global financial shift are changing the worldwide economic landscape.

The trend is always your best friend in markets, and gold’s bullish trend is now twenty-five years old. High interest rates and a strong dollar have not stopped gold’s rally, which is a significant sign that the strength of the precious metal’s bullish price action will continue. Even the most aggressive bull markets rarely move in straight lines. With gold over the $2,400 level and the critical psychological support at around $2,000, a pullback to that support would not threaten gold’s long-term bullish trend. Moreover, the dramatic shifts could support a continuation of higher highs in 2024.

Central bank buying a driver of golds surge (

The majority of purchases were made by central banks in emerging economies. The People’s Bank of China was the biggest buyer, with an increase of 225 tonnes in its reserves last year.

Other big buyers were central banks in Poland, Singapore, Libya, the Czech Republic, India, Iraq, Qatar and the Philippines.

The council has reported previously that the growth in central bank gold buying reflects a “rebalancing to a more preferred strategic level of gold holdings” amid concerns about increasing financial market risks and the persistence of high inflation.

A small number of the central banks it surveyed said they were pursuing “de-dollarisation” policies. The US dollar accounted for 51 per cent of central banks reserves at the end of 2022.

Central banks in emerging markets tend to be more pessimistic about the US dollar’s future as a reserve currency and more optimistic about gold.

When asked about gold’s future share of global reserves, 62 per cent of advanced economy respondents said it will remain unchanged over the next five years, while 68 per cent of central banks in emerging markets said gold’s share of global reserves will rise.

Gold Sales Go Mainstream

Quote of the Day

Gold has turned into money for Costco, where yellow metal sales begun last year have turned into a cash cow for the big-box retailer.

In fact, sales are so brisk that analysts at Wells Fargo expect revenue “may now be running at” $100 million to $200 million a month, a rapid acceleration since bullion hit the warehouse club late in the summer of 2023.

Jeff Cox
April 9, 2024
Costco selling up to $200 million in gold bars a month, Wells Fargo estimates (

I wonder if this has been a significant factor in the recent price of gold. At $2,300/oz that is something like 40k to 65K ounces a month.

Renaming Gun Confiscation

Quote of the Day

Every contribution we receive brings us one step closer to solutions shown to save lives —from community violence intervention and firearm relinquishment laws to safe storage and firearm purchaser licensing.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Via the email: Will you help celebrate and support the Center?
April 16, 2024

“Firearm relinquishment laws”? That’s the first time I have seen that phrase used for gun confiscation laws. It turns out it has been a thing for a while.

I still think it is just a fancy way of saying something they know would raise alarms if they spoke plainly. It is another deceptive tactic which demonstrates they know what they are doing is illegal. It should be considered as evidence at their trials.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.

They Need Common Sense Knife Control

Quote of the Day

At least four people were wounded, including a bishop with a global online following, in a knife attack during a service at a church in a suburb of Sydney on Monday, police and witnesses said, triggering clashes between angry residents and police.

It was the second major stabbing attack in just three days after six people were killed in a knife attack at a beachside mall in the Bondi area.

Lewis Jackson, Stella Qiu and Scott Murdoch
April 15, 2024
Australia church stabbing: bishop wounded, 15-year-old arrested

This is Australia. They banned and/or heavily restricted all firearms. I guess they now need common sense knife control.

As telling as the above is about their culture, I find the following gives us even more insight into the bizzarro mindset they have:

A separate eyewitness video, verified by Reuters and taken in the aftermath of the incident, shows the man being pinned to the ground by several others, his face obscured. A voice speaks in Arabic and says: “If they didn’t insult my prophet, I wouldn’t have come here. If he didn’t involve himself in my religion, I would not have come here.”

Authorities disclosed no motive for the attack and have not identified the suspect.

I cannot find further words to comment on this.

The Last Laugh

Quote of the Day

Yeah, a bunch of incels stroking their guns. You must be so proud to be part of the circle jerk. Congrats.

We’ll have the last laugh watching you chuds cry when they’re banned.

Kiah Kane – American Patriot/Anti-Maga (@Mikiah_Kane)
Posted on X at 3:27 PM on Sat, May 27, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

And as a special bonus, Mikiah expected to have the last laugh with banned guns, we get to have the last laugh with her suspended account:


Karma can be bitch.

Jaime and the Packrat Gene

Daughter Jaime frequently teases me about her being glad she didn’t inherit the packrat gene from me. It’s true that I keep a lot of stuff around that I haven’t used, especially books, since college or before. Barb also sometimes harasses (in a good natured way) about this. It could be environmental rather than a gene, but I know it is definitely something my family does. There are tools in my brother’s shop that belonged to our great-grandfather and haven’t been used since I can remember. As I have grand children those tools will be seen by original owner’s great-great-grandchildren.

In my brothers houses there other things too, canning jars, folding beds, and lots of books that belonged to my parents and grandparents. It’s just tough to throw so much of that stuff away. As my brother Doug and I say, almost in unison, “They MEAN something to me.

Around the barn and in the woods behind the house there are farm implements that haven’t been used in 50 years. I don’t think there is anything that belonged to my grandparents but there is stuff that my grandfather saw my father using.

Back to Jaime. Because this is my chance to get back at her for all those decades of her teasing me.

Jaime is a software developer for Microsoft and during COVID obtained permission to work from home “forever”. With the Antifa and BLM riots and others stuff going on she sold her condo in Bellevue, walking distance to the Microsoft main campus in Redmond and moved to Black Diamond about an hour south of her condo. In another few years she plans to move to Idaho. She bought five acres of land a couple years ago and will start building a house soon. It used to be farm land and without any attention the weeds are taking over. I told her I would help her get the weeds under control but she will have to take over. I told her we need to cultivate it about every two weeks all summer. The weed seeds will sprout, and then be easily killed by the cultivation before they very big. In the fall we will plant grass and in a couple of years the grass with dominate almost all the weeds.

But how to cultivate it? She needs a little tractor and a cultivator. We can get a rototiller for the first take at the ground this spring, but need something else to hit the weeds with every couple of weeks.

I couldn’t find or rent the type of cultivator that would be appropriate for the job. Talking to brother Doug about the problem I said, “I wish we had something like the old spring tooth I used to pull behind the D4 when I was in grade school.” Doug immediately told me, “It’s down in the woods, near the well. And that would be almost perfect.” We discussed it and as we remembered it, it probably was made of four, 4-foot sections. One of those sections could probably be pulled by a medium sized lawn tractor.

Today my brothers and I restored a two sections of that old spring tooth I spent hundreds of hours pulling behind the tractor when I was of grade school age.

Here are the pictures.

You can barely see it in the grass and brush, but brother Doug is attaching a chain and we pulled the four sections out with brother Gary’s pickup.


All four sections had some damage from a tree being fell on them by a logger a decade or so ago. We selected the best three, one to use for parts and the other two for restoration, and took them to the shop.


Some of the fittings for connecting the four sections together for a 16-foot implement had to be cut off with a cutting torch. The bolt were rusted solid. All the other repairs we had to do involved bolts which need less “persuasion” and we were able to reuse.



Here is the end result:


This is what is left of the section we used for parts.


I still need to attach a cable to it for a hitch. I cut the cable to the proper length and will get the clamps and stuff tomorrow. In two weeks Jaime will visit Idaho, we will attach the cable and after she admits having a packrat gene comes in handy sometimes, we will transport her spring tooth to her property.