Death Comes For Them All

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Death comes for them all.


Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Posted on X June 14, 2024

The ATF rules are different than “assault weapon” bans, but I think the odds are good that SCOTUS will eventually kill them too.

I like the FPC. They work on a lot of 2nd Amendment cases, get decent results so I donate a fair amount of money (matched by my employer) to them each year.


6 thoughts on “Death Comes For Them All

  1. The Supremes need to be more proactive. There is a concerted effort to nullify Bruen by lower court judges and legislatures. I would favor preemptive judgements on obvious violations but immediate stays on enforcement while the cases slowly grind through the judiciary would be acceptable . They need to stop prioritizing their process over peoples’ rights.

    • Absolutely. And even when they do, they just can’t seem to remember that whole, “Shall not be infringed” thingy.

      • They probably think the part at the end is to keep the government from disarming the army.

      • “immediate stays on enforcement while the cases slowly grind through the judiciary” are unlikely. I sense that the Justices are reluctant to interrupt lower courts’ mistakes, and are insisting that the lower courts—and legislatures—do better work. Enough rope to hang themselves, but only when lower courts really obviously patently err, in my opinion.

        Not what I’d like, makes the wheels of justice grind slowly but finely, no rash decisions, and they’re hoping that the incentive toward deliberation works its way back along the chain from SCOTUS to lower courts to legislatures and prosecutors. Defense attorneys have a lot to work with, and in my opinion Rahimi gives them still more. Bad cases make bad law, and Rahimi was among the worst.

  2. And something that gets forgotten is the fact we no longer live by the rule of law.
    I mean, anyone seriously think the latest “Red flag law” ruling by the SCOTUS is going to be honored to the letter of that ruling?
    The law for thee, but not for me. Is the new operating system under which everything gets considered.
    You ain’t in the club? You get the club. In whatever form that takes.
    There is no winning anything in a communist system. And that’s what were in now.
    Truth is. That same death comes for us all.
    Not sure about you, but I plan on dying well.
    The law? We don’t know nothing about no stink’ing law. BFYTW is all I got left..
    But thanks for all your donations, Joe. Without them the commies would have had their way a long time ago.

  3. Considering that the black-robed oligarchs just ruled(led by roberts*, of course) that civil domestic abuse court judges can take away 2ndamentment rights, I wouldn’t get my hopes up there, Joe
    *one more reason to curse the bush name.

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