4 thoughts on “18 Reasons

  1. Well, the 19th. reason? (The one MSM can’t say.) Is that we’ve been lied to by government long enough to know the calvary ain’t coming to save us.
    And 20 might be. When things get bad enough, you can smoke pistol.
    (Cause the spoiled bitches we raised ain’t going to be there either.)
    And maybe #1 should have been. Cause I had one all my life. And I ain’t giving it up to no whipper-snapper communist shitheads.
    It could actually be a very long list…….

  2. That is a truly annoying format.

    Just let me read the bloody article, don’t mandate a button push for a new “pretty picture” and a sentence or two of text every three seconds of reading time.

  3. You would think, having gotten that old, they would know to keep their finger off the trigger.

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