Worryingly, People Are Defending Themselves

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When a large slice of the public believes that crime is out of hand and most offenses go unpunished, some people inevitably take the law into their own hands.

Worryingly, we’re seeing more signs of that phenomenon in Chicago, with three separate episodes over the last weekend in which would-be victims proved to be both armed and willing to fire at their assailants. Four people who police said were attacking these concealed carry holders were shot and wounded, all of them critically.

But the majority of Chicagoans, we’re convinced, don’t feel any safer when they read stories of good-guy-with-a-gun responses to street crime. They may feel some satisfaction when street criminals feel the same level of fear their would-be victims do. But overall, it’s not a healthy environment in a city — where by definition people live close together — when gun-packing citizens become more the norm than the exception.

This is not to pass judgment on those who for their own protection go through the steps necessary to get a concealed carry permit and then take advantage of the legal rights that license gives them.

Surely, our public officials, no matter what side of the criminal-justice-reform divide they’re on, can agree that the growing risks of more ordinary citizens taking responsibility for their own safety at the point of a gun isn’t a healthy development.

The Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune
June 6, 2024
Editorial: Potential victims are shooting back. This should raise alarms for Chicago public officials. (yahoo.com)

Even ignoring that someone shooting in self-defense is not “taking the law into their own hands”, this is a little warped.

It seems as if they really want to say how bad it is that people can carry guns to defend themselves. And if only public officials would do their job then we could get those icky guns out of the hands of the unclean common people without so much fuss.


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  1. Let me reiterate myself once again. Many of the assault victims who turn up in a medical setting are there because they needed a gun and didn’t have one.

  2. What else are the moron caste commie fags going to say? Remember, your kill’in their friends an biggest supporters.
    And the Soro’s family is getting pissed about it.

  3. The Tribune isn’t that far wrong.

    If the police won’t do their jobs, We the People will do it for them. And we’ll do it our way, which you might not like that much.

    By the way, the police definitely won’t do their jobs if they’re defunded, or muzzled. So those who advocate defunding police, or scream ACAB, are contributing to vigilante justice.

    • And besides, remember that protecting people is NOT the police’s job. That’s settled law. It is true that in many places the police will protect people if they happen to be near enough, but that’s not because it’s their duty — it’s because most police are honorable people.

      Another point worth making is that most of the problem is in places where the police aren’t allowed to protect people, the DAs don’t want to protect people, and people are not allowed to protect themselves either. Until enough of them either vote the criminals out of office, and/or stop obeying the unconstitutional laws, that problem will persist. And of course those of us lucky enough to live in non-criminal jurisdictions will have to continue to be vigilant to keep it so.

  4. How about the officials do their job AND people peacefully carry guns, just in case an official isn’t handy when they need one?

  5. Most folks are more than happy to let someone else stand up to defend them; they’re busy. If, however, no one “comes to save you”, that’s actually default. Even as a child, mom’s not *always* there.

    People standing up to defend themselves is an *EXTREMELY* healthy development, to be applauded. It means they are becoming adults.

    To suggest that it’s *not* healthy… and further, to suggest that this “fact” is prima-facia obvious even to your opponents, show a level of carefully cultured ignorance that even chidren could not muster. This level of ignorance can only exist in those who will defend it *militarily* against the continuous attacks of reality. You can recognize them by their fingers in their ears.

  6. This was written ostensibly by intelligent college educated people, most likely with graduate degrees! Wow, the ability to ignore such obvious root causes and find a way to twist and torture logic beyond recognition is astounding. Perhaps we should push for higher education to have a single entrance point through math, life science or engineering before any education can be undertaken in the liberal arts. No Bachelor of Science degree, then no Bachelor of Arts! Might be the only way that we can bring logic back to the world. If the libs complain about no jobs, we can remind them that such is the current condition and that they could be there anyway but without a $200k+ student loan debt.

  7. “When a large slice of the public believes that crime is out of hand and most offenses go unpunished, some people inevitably take the law into their own hands.”

    It kinda has to end up in our own hands. I work in a downtown area where street people regularly carry sharpened screw drivers, rocks, clubs, and knives. These are mentally unstable people living like animals. Not carrying a gun and treating them like dangerous animals is no different than hanging a steak around your neck and walking through the wolf enclosure at the zoo.

    If the city actually did their jobs and dealt with all of the illegal behavior instead of ignoring it, the city would be a safer place and self defense shootings would be less common no matter how many people carried guns.

    • Yep, that’s their job: to defend criminals from public vengeance. No seriously, that’s their job; always has been.

      Justice will be done. People will defend themselves, and each other, even in an “old west” environment. That’s always been the case. The job of “officials” is to protect the offenders from public lynching, and to get the job done *professionally*, when most folks are too busy trying to feed/clothe/shelter themselves and don’t have the time for such things.

      Only in the absence of law enforcement acting professionally, do we see the need for, and rise of, more “simple justice”.

  8. Peel’s Principles #7
    To maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police, the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

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