Russia Versus America and NATO

I think I found this on X or Gab. I’m just not sure where:

A Russian wife turned to her husband and asked, “What’s this special military operation our glorious leader keeps talking about?” Her husband replied, “It’s a war to stop America and NATO.” “Oh, right” she says “How’s it going?”

“Well” he replied “so far we have lost over 20 generals, 100,000 troops killed, countless injured, 3000 tanks, 300 aircraft, hundreds of helicopters, countless armoured vehicles, artillery and trucks, our flagship along with other naval ships, our army is being defeated in most areas and we have had to resort to conscripting 500,000 Russians including murders and rapists to replace our losses”.

“Wow” replied the wife “what about America and NATO”?

“They haven’t turned up yet”

While not entirely true, there is probably a little too much truth to be funny to the top Russian politicians and the military.


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  1. That’s a rather gross exaggeration of how the war is going.
    Yes, there have been losses. It’s a war.
    But the side NATO supports is getting its ass slowly handed to it, they can’t replace their loss easily, and the Russian alliance and production gets stronger every week.

    Russia is winning, slowly and steadily, not taking the bait that NATO and the NeoCons keep putting out there in their attempts to get it to escalate wildly. The US and its allies are getting shown to be paper tigers. But hey, at least our diversity training is better than theirs, right?

  2. Similarities to WWII. The US – and its allies, because the US was supplying them – could withstand moderate losses, the Japanese, and to a lesser degree the Germans, could not. As long as the Allies could maintain a positive exchange rate the plan was working. Eventually the Axis wells ran dry, or were dry enough that resistance became sufficiently difficult that it converted to “loss.”

    Not to suggest that the Russian tank industry is building “Ukranian drone magnets” in the hope of exhausting the supply of Uke drones, but to a certain small degree, they pretty much are. The Russians seem to be having a great deal more luck in exhausting the supply of Ukranians, and once that reaches the lower limit of criticality the number of available drones won’t matter, and nor will the map-drawn borders. In the meantime politicians are pontificating and everyone else is learning bucketsful, and where that goes is what’s really interesting.

  3. Unless you happen to be Russian or Ukrainian, the real war is financial. The Russians and their BRICS allies are winning despite having started from an inferior position. The sanctions seem to have caused no particular hardships in Russia while the same cannot be said for the US and especially Europe. There is a body of opinion that believes that the sanctions were actually aimed at the populations of the West rather than at Russia in an attempt by the ruling class to obtain more complete power. Meanwhile, the international financial structure is in tatters with a wall growing between the G7 and client states and the rest of the world. If you are sitting in Saudi Arabia and watching the financial attack on Russia, you don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to imagine such a thing happening to you which fuels a desire to decouple. Russia is much more autarkic than the others so can ride out the sanctions in ways the much of the world cannot.

    • When you realize that a significant part of the UKR-RUS war is primarily as a CIA money-laundering operation, a lot of it makes more sense.

  4. Despite what some people think. No one is pushing Russia off what they said they wanted in the first place. And then took, are they?
    And it’s not just Russia vs. use. It’s the world’s largest resource holder coupled with the worlds largest labor force. (China). On their home court.
    Vs. Joepedo and a murder of bankers. (And us with an indefensible supply line.)
    We haven’t showed up yet????? Were the only reason the whole thing did/is, happened/happening.
    You call $200 billion not showing up? Bloody Hell!
    And since WE (US & Nato, Our missiles, guidance personal, satellites, and drones), decided to cluster bomb Russian sunbathers the other day?
    Were in it now. Wither we think we are or not.
    Russia vs. US & NATO? Not with the treasonous open border for the last 4 years. Russia’s army is already here waiting for orders.
    And were paying for their pizza and porn while they do.

    • Russia has said they will retaliate for cluster bombing the sunbathers. So what will it be? I assume they know where the launchers are so a direct attack with some nasty surprise would seem to be the minimum. If anyone believes there weren’t US military “advisors” present, I have a bridge for them. So there will be US casualties. Or they could target the targeting systems-either kinetically or via cyber war.

  5. Historically, almost anyone can beat the _first_ Russian army, but they send another, and if you beat that, they recruit a much larger third one. Ukraine has made it to that point, and it certainly is going to get worse.

    Russia can be defeated, although never cheaply. The British did in the contest for India in the 18th and 19th Centuries – because they never faced Russia’s strength. Their ships could carry a British army to India along with the arms for native armies, and the Russians could only send spies and provocateurs overland or disguised as civilians on the ships of their opponentss. The Germans did in 1917, by disastrously breaking Russian morale, aided by consistent incompetence in the Russian high command. The Afghanistanis did in the 20th Century – not by winning battles, but by losing and yet continuing to fight until the Russians admitted it was costing far more than that patch of desert was worth.

    But why do the Russians need to be defeated? For the same reason the French and English should have defeated the Nazis in 1938, if not earlier, before they added to their territory and grew stronger. Putin is out to build the 3rd incarnation of the Russian Empire (the first was slowly built under the Tsars, and the second quickly rebuilt by Stalin.) Treaties are not solemn promises to him, but only a chance to consolidate gains and get a breather before the next conflict. The longer before he and Russia are stopped permanently – stripped of the capacity to make war – the worse it’s going to be. We have a whole country that’s volunteered to be cannon fodder against Russia. Let’s supply the cannons.

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