Micropenis Rapid Response Force

Quote of the Day

Holy shit lol the entire Micropenis Rapid Response Force came out to reply to you here

‘Cope! Seethe! 3 inches is big enough!!’

Of the 20 replies you got, there’s gotta be a total of 80 domestic violence charges & *zero* satisfied women between them all

Spaghetti Policy? @alt_DoooooM
Posted on Twitter March 4, 2022

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier (see also here)!

I have to give him a bonus point for the phrase “Micropenis Rapid Response Force”. I have not heard that one before.

And he gets another bonus point for the prejudice of expecting gun owners to be perpetrators of domestic violence.

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.


3 thoughts on “Micropenis Rapid Response Force

  1. Ya, but unlike you commie fags. We don’t have to worry about getting monkey pox either.
    And at least we have the ability to response rapidly. With something other than, “please don’t kill me”.
    And something we really don’t want to know is. How you came to know gun owners have small whankers?
    Kinda sounds like you ain’t there for the hunt’in?

  2. Perhaps non-gun owners ought to pledge the seizure of thousands of dollars worth of appreciating heirloom quality personal property upon their suspicion of committing domestic violence. Not much, just an amount equal to the average collection. Median, mode. Whatever encourages the most domestic peace.

    It’s only equity I’m proposing here. Imagine the change in domestic violence such a policy would encourage!

  3. I’ll give them 5 bonus points for being funny for once, but it’s still an F.

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