On Hunter Biden’s Conviction

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“No single action can solve the entirety of a gun violence epidemic,” he said. “But together, our efforts–your efforts–are saving lives. You can help rally a nation with a sense of urgency and seriousness of purpose. You’re changing the culture. And we’ve proven we can do more than just thoughts and prayers. This is more than thoughts and prayers. You’re changing politics.”

President Biden then departed for his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, where earlier today his son Hunter Biden was found guilty of three gun-related felony charges.

T.J. Muscaro
June 11, 2024
Biden Touts Measures to Curb Gun Violence | The Epoch Times

Oh, the irony… Smile

Some people expect President Biden will pardon his son. If he does, I don’t think it will be until after the election in November. I think a more likely scenario is the appeal will result in some narrow ruling which gives Biden, and only Biden, a pass.

In only the most unlikelist of circumstances will Biden’s appeal result in overturning existing gun law on Second Amendment grounds in such a way that it will benefit the average gun owner.

Also note President Biden claims gun control is saving lives, but they never supply the evidence to back up such claims.


10 thoughts on “On Hunter Biden’s Conviction

  1. IANAL but don’t you have to raise an issue at trial to be able to appeal it. They did not raise 2A. I think the law could be challenged on self-incrimination but they didn’t raise that. (Warning: I am depending on media accounts.)

    Were I on the jury, I would have voted not guilty. Jury nullification doesn’t work unless you are willing to do it for dirtbags. Too many conservatives are going all tribal on this and ignoring the underlying problem of an unconstitutional law.

    • I too wanted a “not guilty” verdict.

      I get that we should all be held to the same standard, and I agree. But the standard needs to be constitutional first and foremost, and I believe this law is not (even though the 7th judicial circuit would apparently beg to differ).

      If whatever circuit ol’ Hunter is in would care to rule otherwise, then we’ll have a circuit split which should mean turbo-SCOTUS. Hopefully that’s a good thing?

      • Further research indicates the defense did raise a 2A issue but the judge denied it pre-trial. That should make it appealable. If they do, it will be great fun and possible victory for the good guys using Hunter as the weapon.

        3rd circuit. Don’t know what their record is.

  2. They have pics of him naked with minors, including his niece. He was up to his eyeballs in money-laundering, bribery f(bagman for the family), and corruption, so the fact that they charged him with a paperwork crime is merely a distraction from his far more serious crimes as a way to say “see, we’re serious about crime, Fellow Americans.” All for show. (A lie-filled shit-show, mind, you, but just a show none the less.)

  3. All the comments above. And they will put Hunter in jail. Saying see, were tough on crime!
    Then sentence Trump to jail. While Hunter goes to a club-fed and gets his hookers and blow delivered. All the while finger painting at $500, 000 a pop.
    Trump gets an office trailer at Riker’s island.
    One thing for sure. No one is going to jail or being punished for their real crimes.
    As Trump would be hung over covid alone. And Hunter would have been offered immunity to testify against everyone and everything he knew. Then hung for being a baby-raper.
    Lying on a 4473? Oh please.

    • I apologize for the pedantry, but unless you have information denied everyone else, Trump would be hanged over covid alone is the correct usage.

  4. POTATUS said he wouldn’t ‘pardon’ his son, but as others have pointed out: he HASN’T said he wouldn’t commute his sons sentence. I think what’s left of old Joes marbles doesn’t want his son to have a gun; because he fears (as well he should) what Hunter would do with one in his cocaine fueled escapades full of prostitutes and depression.

    For my part: I think prohibitions on possession of firearms by addicts and criminals are some of the very few gun laws that should pass Constitutional muster. There is a long history of curtailing the rights of the criminal and mentally impaired, and Hunter certainly qualifies under either case.

    • I think that “danger to self or others” is a pretty good standard that could be used here, and would cover (selected) criminals and (some of) the mentally ill. (Which are not by any means mutually exclusive categories, BTW. The Venn diagram isn’t by any means a circle, but there is absolutely a high level of overlap between the two populations.)

    • If you are dangerous to others, you shouldn’t be on the street, making gun possession moot. This logic is how the prohibitionists get us to give up our rights. Find some dirtbag and use him as an example. All gun laws are facially unconstitutional.

  5. I don’t understand why he didn’t fight it on 5A grounds. The “I don’t do illegal drugs” checkbox on the 4473 has to be self-incrimination. I’ve heard the argument that you don’t “have” to get a firearm so it’s not forced, but I think that’s BS. They can’t make you waive one right to exercise another.

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