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I’m predicting that, by 2025, voicebots will become so prevalent, so powerful, and so useful in all areas of business and our personal lives that we won’t need smartphones anymore.

John Brandon
October 16, 2017
Why Smartphones Will Become Extinct by 2025 |

I’m predicting Brandon’s prophecy will not come true.

My guess is that he did not use a lot of the apps in use by millions of other people. So many people use the cameras on their phone multiple times per day. They listen to music, podcasts, and audible books. They use them for GPS based location services. They use them for multifactor authentication. They use them for fitness tracking. They even use them for voice and video calls.

The multiple sensors in our smartphone cannot be easily replaced. The GPS and compass are used for navigation services. The accelerometer is used for fitness apps and bubble levels to exterior ballistics apps. The camera is used for the obvious picture, but also plant identification, text translation, and product identification by the Amazon app so you can buy “whatever that cool thing is.” The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even lower powered communication radios are used for accessories, sharing contact information, money transfer, and identification..

I think the article was clickbait. As is this similar prediction from last week: The End of the Smartphone Era Is Approaching (

Smart phones are going to be around until the services they currently provide and even more amazing features are available via more direct connections to our brains.


4 thoughts on “Clickbait Predictions About Smartphones

    • Smartphones, regardless of apps, are spy-bugs that monitor your everything for mega-corps in cooperation with Mega-Gov. Avoid them.

  1. I’m a little surprised someone hasn’t created an app that “prevents reporting from all reporting/spyware apps”. That would leave a lot of useful apps, and the option to occasionally allow individual apps that do reporting/spyware.

    • The architecture of computer operating systems is intentionally designed to prevent an app from interfering with other apps. If someone found a way to bypass that it would be considered a very high priority bug and be fixed within a week or less.

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