Risks of Socialized Health Care

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Thanks to the NHS, all taxpayers are stakeholders in the wider health of our nation. This involvement should make us less tolerant of any section of society creating a healthcare burden through any promotion of ignorance.

Jamie Blackett
June 11, 2024
Vegans are slowly killing themselves (msn.com)

This is just one of the problems with socialized health care. Your “ignorance” becomes the business of the government. And if they decide your decisions about your body are “ignorant” then they claim the moral and legal authority to override your decisions.

The worst case scenario is, of course, when they decide your continued existence it not worth the cost of keeping you alive. But there are lots of other situations where things get ugly. Forced use of insufficiently tested drugs or vaccines. Denial of use of unapproved procedures or medicine even when the patient has nothing to loose.

I realize there are problems with a completely free market, but Jefferson has it right:

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty
than to those attending too small a degree of it.

Thomas Jefferson
December 23, 1791
From Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart, 23 December 1791 (archives.gov)


12 thoughts on “Risks of Socialized Health Care

  1. There is a federal Right to Try law that allows people to access unauthorized treatments. Lots of restrictions, like you have to be terminal and tried lots of corporate medicine. No idea how much it is used.

    • I heard (not sure where) that it hasn’t been used much because there is unofficial pressure being applied by the FDA on the manufacturers, that if they make products available for Right to Try they will have difficulty ever getting them approved. I have no way to verify any of that, but it wouldn’t suprise me that there is yet another line of corruption.

    • The obvious question is why such a law is needed, given that the Constitution does not grant the Federal government any power over medicine in the first place. Quite apart from the fact that the FDA is an “independent agency” and as such, like every other “independent agency”, unconstitutional for that reason alone, it is also unconstitutional because its entire purpose is one where the Federal government has no power under the Constitution.

      As for the British problem, that sort of “reasoning” will take you right to the outlawing of motorcycles, skiing, and skydiving. Not to mention smoking, drinking, and red meat.

  2. A certain amount of socialization, for certain types of human necessities are needed. Medicine is one of those fields. As it serves us all to have EMT services and hospitals available. In turn we should all be willing to pay for those things.
    But like all things human, socialization allows for corruption. Coupled with the consolidation of power. Becomes just another weapon in the war of good and evil.
    The problem is not socialized medicine. It’s once again what we let it become. We feel powerless against the propaganda, so laws like anti-trust and anti-collusion don’t get enforced.
    The problem is we need a paradigm shift in the way we look at the world. We need to understand we are born into the battle of good and evil. Which is waged under the doctrine of unrestricted warfare.
    All those around you can be either, with few to trust. And there is nothing that will not be used as a weapon.
    As we can plainly see there is no such thing as equality. It was always just an excuse to gain power over you. Just as Christian religion has to be tolerant until atheist religion can rule.
    Either good rules with an iron hand. Or evil will, with a harder one. We’re finding out the hard way that patience and tolerance are just as sharp a weapon as any sword ever forged.
    As a 100,000 people die each year of OD by the loving hands of over-socialized medicine, just trying to be helpful to the poor junkies.
    That’s a Pearl harbor+9/11, every 23 days.
    It’s not socialization. It’s a battle of good and evil.

  3. Socialized/Single payer medicine affords the opportunity for total control.
    That is the ONLY reason they push for it. The people involved couldn’t give
    a rats ass about our actual health. ALL they care about is control. And they
    will impose ANY scheme imaginable to facilitate that control.

    • True. In fact, you can generalize it to “Socialized x …” (for any x).

  4. When something is created – corporation, social club, government agency – often missing are two critical components: a well defined mission statement which concisely and accurately defines the scope and reason for the existence and operation of that entity and an unescapable mechanism for sucessfully combatting deviation from that well defined mission that cannot be altered or ignored by the whim and fancy of whomever runs it at the moment.

    “Let’s do lots of good things” is not a mission statement.

    • That’s true, but in the case of government agencies the actual mission statement is not the one we’re told about. The actual mission is “acquire a larger budget and more power”. The ostensible mission is merely an excuse for the agency to exist and do stuff.

      The way you can demonstrate this is by observing what happens if the ostensible mission is not delivered. If it were the real mission it would result in the agency being shut down. But actually, it results in the agency growing larger, more expensive, and more powerful.

  5. When offering you euthanasia as a “health care option” is a real thing by the single-payer for depression, disability, and many old-age related things, when they are also paying for disability, retirement, and elder care, they have no business making recommendations.

  6. Article writer thinks that government health policy can save lives.

    Article writer completely ignorant of government health policy regarding trans-fats contributing to 30,000 early heart disease deaths annually.

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