Communists Attack the Food Supply

Via Kat@Kataja:

There is probably more truth in this than I would like to admit.

Prepare appropriately.

This evening I spent 2.5 hours on the cat discing my summer fallow in preparation for planting wheat on it this fall. I guess this sort of makes me a farmer.

Things would be “interesting” if the commies in this country attacked the farmers like they did in other countries. I have a rifle and know how to use it. And I know I’m not the only farmer with similar tools and skills.


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  1. Aren’t farmers already being attacked through the tax codes and corporate malfeasance? (I’m thinking of the “right-to-repair” brouhaha centered around Deere).

    • I’m not sure there is anything special in the tax codes aimed at farmers. Perhaps the property taxes as the cities expand into farming areas.

      The right to repair is a concern for many. But not us. Almost all our family owned tractors are too old for those electronics. I think the cat I was driving last night was made in 1959.

      • One of the few things that CA did correctly was to pass laws to keep cities/towns from changing the tax rate for agricultural land. You can be totally surrounded by homes or businesses, but as long as it continues to be used for food production of any sort it remains a “hands off” situation.

        Eventually it gets sold to developers. Normally when the patriarch gets tired of the daily work, and the kids aren’t interested in taking over, it goes. The last cherry orchard in Silicon Valley got sold just a few years ago. Big money, I’m sure! Smack in the middle of Sunnyvale.

  2. It’s an old rule at work here:
    “In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation: The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.” — Leon Trotsky, 1937 (quoted by Henry Hazlitt in “The wisdom of Henry Hazlitt”)

      • Yes, exactly. They WANT everyone on an EBT card, with electric everything. Their life can be shut down at the flick of a switch.

        If I had any more room to store it, I’d want a few thousand more pounds of lentils, if only as a reverse Murphey’s Law guarantee nothing will fail. (Any bad thing you are well and properly prepared for… won’t happen.)

  3. Having a rifle does little good when you are outnumbered 100:1. That is the way the Bolsheviks did it during War Communism. Flying column coming out of the city and swamping a farming village and taking the food. Next day come out of the city in the other direction. I guess you can have the satisfaction of taking one or three with you but you are still dead. By the time of the greater repression of Collectivization, the Communists had consolidated control.

    I know someone is going to say “But the peasants weren’t armed”. When the Imperial Russian Army disintegrated, the soldiers simply went home and took their rifles ( Mosins) with them. Many of them were still there decades later when the Soviet Union fell.

    Their (and our) problem wasn’t arms, it was organization.

    • Ya, the big problem is getting there. 100 to 1 sounds good. But how far, how fast on foot? Vehicles run out of gas quickly. And there just ain’t that much military. (That’s why the communists are importing 30 million assholes.) To say little of the quality of personal remaining in todays ideological, transgender, homo-fied army of the Potomac.
      And then you have the problem of Joe having so many friends. You thinking he’s going to be all alone?
      You might find there is a whole lot of people that understand what the communist bitches are up to. And understand Joe is growing the real power.
      And stand ready to tell government and anyone else to eat shit and die. Literally.
      In Ukraine, Stalin confiscated the harvest using soldiers. Then left them in place to starve the population.
      That can’t happen with a 100 million gun owners. Communists starve because the government tells them too. Not us.
      People in cities are f–ked. Most of us in the rural communities will band together hard to protect what little we have left. And we won’t care who thinks they’re giving orders anymore.

      • As it turns out, the first appearance of famine happened in the cities. The peasants were able to keep fed for a while by concealing food. This was eventually suppressed using the blacklist as the primary weapon. Selected rural areas were cut off from trade if they didn’t comply with the quotas. In a modern context, this can be called the Trudeau strategy where you cut off financial services, insurance and health care. Like the Soviet predecessor, this can be done from the urban centers without having to mess with actual resistors. The distribution networks all run through cities, then and now.

        It has been said that the war between cities and the countryside is mankind’s oldest war. If you look at the broad patterns of history, the cities usually win especially if you eliminate the periodic incursions of horse nomads which doesn’t seem practical today.

        • OK, but as the city/rural thing goes. This ain’t history.
          Take Seattle. What are you going to eat there in the winter? Fish. You ain’t walking over those snow covered mountains. Not in force. To get the food grown on the other side. (Which will probably be spoiled from lack of refrigeration.)
          This is the first time in history where almost everything comes from 100’s if not 1,000’s of miles away. And is spread out passed any control.
          Land mass alone precludes the communist style repressions we’ve seen from the past. Everything the globalist have done to bring use to this point of control, precludes their ability to maintain control.
          Armies run on very large supply lines. Which cannot be maintained, not in the west.
          And the biggest control mechanisms, electricity and the internet. Are going to be the first to go.
          Which means government and banking die first.
          Were a total nation of tit-feeders. And were about to get hard weaned. And most people will be scrounging their own AO to the point of cannibalism before they even think of leaving.
          Which means it’s too late to leave.

    • If they come for you and outnumber you 100:1, try to take one of them with you. The next poor bastard will only be outnumbered 99:1. Eventually, the odds won’t be so good for them. Yeah, it sucks, but they are tying to kill you (slowly) anyway, so….

    • There are only 1,500 ATF agents. There are over 90,000 gun stores. Do the math.

  4. How many guns per person exist in this country?

    I fully expect something along the lines of your topic. We are different than countries where this was successfully tried before. CW 2.0 will be nastier than the first.

  5. It is an attack on the self-reliant. IF you own your land can can feed yourself there are very few administrative levers that can be pulled to make you bend the knee.

    These same people go after the Amish, preppers, etc and hate anyone who doesn’t need them.

    Those people are what made America and that is what they must destroy.

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