Disarm Those Who Are Threat to Democracy

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German court rules that members of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party are BANNED from owning firearms.

They say it’s because the second largest party in the country is a “suspected threat” to democracy.

PeterSweden @PeterSweden7
Posted on X, July 3, 2024

Wow! Now that resonates through history and to the present.

They have been working on this since at least July of 2022. And of course they succeeded with something very similar in 1938. You would think the socialist would remember what they did last time and how it ended for them. Perhaps they remember very well and expect to get away with their crimes against humanity this time.

And of course, the political left in our country is also pushing as fast and hard as they can to disarm those who they claim is “a threat to democracy.”

Prepare appropriately.

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8 thoughts on “Disarm Those Who Are Threat to Democracy

  1. It could be worse. Throughout Europe, there’s a common notion that it’s ok and lawful to prohibit entire political parties outright.
    Keep in mind that, even in those countries that have a Constitution (unlike the UK which has none), it doesn’t necessarily protect the people from the government. For example, the Dutch “constitution” declares (in article 120) that it cannot be enforced in a court. Imagine that. It also states that the people have freedom of speech “subject to everyone’s responsibility under the law” which sounds to me like “you have freedom of speech only to the extent we’ll let you have it”.

  2. You mean everyone that’s a threat to their democratic theater? Democracy is a neo-tyrant lie.
    Another attempt to fool you into accepting Vox Day’s perfectly described, “Empire that never ended.”
    But they are quit correct in their thinking this time around. Ain’t no America coming to save anyone/thing, anymore. You get disarmed in today? Plan on fighting with rocks and knives against well armed tyrants.
    Or you can just starve to death the way they tell you to. Except whatever torture pleasures them.
    We have forgotten in this world that evil does not sleep. And is actively subverting every institution we build.
    And once again when they gain power will murder you with all the thought one puts into setting of ant bait.
    Satan and friends want you dead and are going to kill you. Your belief/unbelief is not required.

    Happy 4th, you’all!!!!

  3. The firearms acquisition permit was actually instituted in the Weimar years. The Nazis merely granted an exemption for their people. This was like the traditional British RTKBA (for Protestants only).

    • Well the Catholics might have been able to have it too, were it not for the fact that they were for all intents and purposes at war with the Protestants (mostly cold, sometimes hot) and occasionally did things like try to blow up Parliament.

      Then it gets even more complicated because during e.g. the Jacobite risings the Stewarts were Catholic but most of their supporters were Protestant (but not necessarily that kind of Protestant) and many of the lairds were the other kind of Oritestant, but kind of nominally and mainly for political reasons, and in the end the Scots lost their RKBA (and a lot of other rights too), except for a few royalist e.g. Campbells (who raised the original Black Watch regiments) for about 100 years until the king wore one do all of a sudden kilts were cool again. But in the meantime if you were Scottish and and still wanted to fight the crown would happily ship you over to Northern Ireland to go fight the Catholics over there on the Crown’s behalf, which is where a lot of former Jacobites ended up and became Scots-Irish. And this has a great deal to do with divisions over there that persist to this day, although when prosperity hit in the 90s-2000s it took a great deal of the edge off.

      And then there were a whole lot of everyone who just got completely sick & tired of the whole mess so they came to America and (for the most part) buried the hatchet, at least as far as each other was concerned.

      It’s messy. And the more you dig into it the messier it gets.

      • The British restrictive gun rights weren’t just excluding Catholics. As St. George Tucker (1803) points out: “but the right of bearing arms is confined to protestants, and the words suitable to their condition and degree, …”
        In other words “gentlemen” could be armed; the peasantry, not so much.

        • The point I was trying to make was, you had a much better shot of being allowed your RKBA if you either a) supported the Crown, especially by actively working to further its power and control over dissident groups, or b) you went to America. Also that religion is correlated, but loosely, to various groups’ willingness to do that (except in America).

          Free speech is rare across the world. But so is freedom of religion. Even today, religion ethnicity and patriotism usually go hand in hand to some degree, almost everywhere around the globe, except in America.

          Most of us have no idea how good we have it here.

          I only know it because I have been interested in history for decades. Imagine someone who actually has perspective.

  4. It’s funny how the Leftists keep misspelling “Their Democratcy”.

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