No Celebrations for Sotomayor

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Today’s decision is a massive sea change. Litigants seeking further dismantling of the ‘administrative state’ have reason to rejoice in their win today, but those of us who cherish the rule of law have nothing to celebrate.

Sonia Sotomayor
SCOTUS Justice
June 27, 2024
Sonia Sotomayor foreshadows Supreme Court ‘dismantling’ administrative state (

People being allowed to have a jury trial rather than a “judge” trial who is part of the regulatory agency prosecuting them is a problem for her.

She supports the enablement of dictators and tyrants and is opposed to the Bill of Rights. I want her to celebrate very little in her time at SCOTUS.


17 thoughts on “No Celebrations for Sotomayor

  1. From the time when she testified at her confirmation hearing, it was obvious that the letter of the law and of the Constitution was something she doesn’t care about in any way whatsoever. Racism and “make stuff up” is her driving force, and she said as much at the time. It’s quite disturbing that she was confirmed in spite of that clear message.

  2. Now instead of bureaucratic tyranny we have judicial tyranny. Judges are even less accountable than bureaucrats and dumber. Their only redeeming quality is laziness.

    The notion that this will induce the Congresscritters to write clearer laws is pure fantasy. The won’t and actually can’t because the scope of government is just too large. Reducing that is fantasy too.

    What the court did is issue an no bag limit hunting license to ambulance chasers and the Left has a lot more of those than we do. Industry has a lot too but they are not our friends either.

  3. I’m fully enjoying the mainstream media’s meltdown over the “loss of our democracy” – Three letter agencies have been crapping all over the citizenry for decades – FAA vs. pilot and drone pilots; FCC doing whatever they can to take away amateur radio bands; ATF – let’s not even get started. I’m amazed that they bleat about Trump’s alleged existential threat to democracy while actual democratic process has been eaten away for 20-30 years!

    • Thanks for the snark. And trying hard not to be a racist here. She’s a latinx communist cunt.
      Once again proving all the stereotypes about affirmative action. And also the fact that an ivy league diploma is about as useful as a truck load of sand headed to Libya.
      And should be given the same regard.
      “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. And stupid, we should be terrified of stupid.”

  4. Why would anyone expect a Puerto Rican to understand and follow American custom and culture simply because the Magic Dirt of the Bronx, any more than you’d start believing in Voodoo and dancing nearly naked to drums if you moved to the Magic Dirt of Haiti?

    Magic Dirt ™, isn’t. Only heritage Americans should be on the SCOTUS.

    • NYC is, by population, the largest Puerto Rican city in the world.
      Followed by New Jersey, which is an entire state.

      Puerto Rico is one of the smaller settlements of Puerto Ricans.

  5. Sotomayor is such an insignificant flea in the shadow of RBG that even a number of liberals want her replaced.

    Let her remain and represent the folly of elections (and their resulting appointments) based on danglybits and diversity instead of reasoning and competence. (On the other hand, the current administration sure has a demonstrated talent for facepalm worthy appointments).

    • Given Sotomayor’s health, if she doesn’t retire and get a rapid replacement rammed through the Senate before this fall’s election, it’s highly likely the next president will pick her replacement. More than 50/50 Breyer, too.

      Kagan and Roberts will need replacement too, if we are really lucky, but those are longer shots. Kagan has had a couple of tantrums because she doesn’t like being in the decision minority; as the court turns more Thomas-like conservative, and she may get tired of losing a lot of 6-3 and 7-2 votes when Sotomayor leaves, so though relatively young she could well retired rather than spend a penance in the wilderness as the lonely loony leftie voice screeching into the wind with meaningless dissents.

      Roberts clearly has some leverage on him, but if Trump wins that means a shitload of stuff has happened in back rooms with sharp knives, and Roberts will either be free to be the conservative he was, or he’ll step aside “for family reasons” to make room for someone not so compromised.

      • Part of the problem is that the far left is trying to get rid of Sotomayor so they can install Kamala in her place, then find someone less likely to lose to be the D candidate for President.
        “Justice Kamala” is a truly frightening notion, even worse than “Justice Brown”.

        • Oh, wow. Hadn’t heard that. Hadn’t even considered it a possibility that “Kneepads” Harris might be nominated for SCOTUS.

          Now I know how a horse got into the Roman Senate.

        • Brown may not be able to identify a woman but she can identify a rogue prosecutor which is more than I can say for ACB.

    • That was good. I do think both the Right and the Left are engaging in short-term thinking because Trump. This being a gun blog also because ATF.

      What almost everyone is missing is that judges are an integral part of the Deep State and a completely unaccountable part at that. Presidents don’t have absolute immunity but judges do. There is no constitutional or statutory provision for judicial immunity- it is simply a case of self-dealing by the courts.

      The ATF etc may abuse the process and make bad rules but at least there are rules. With the black robes in charge everything you do is a complete crap shoot.

      • Not entirely true; there’s always impeachment. But the bar for that is high enough that it isn’t a whole lot of protection.

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