Quote of the day—Lawrence Keane

We don’t expect a collapse, we expect organic growth that isn’t all fear-driven. We are likely to see the market normalize, which is better for the industry long term. It is hard to respond to constant spikes. Slow and steady wins the race.

Lawrence Keane
Senior vice president, government and public affairs
National Shooting Sports Foundation
January 20, 2017
Though champion of gun rights, President Trump could jam firearm sales
[I understand I’m not exactly normal but my purchases pretty much stopped after the election. I have lots of stockpiled ammunition and components that I’m going to “burn” through before I make many more purchases. Still, it’s good to hear a subject matter expert believes there won’t be an industry crash.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Elsa Lion ‏@ElsaLion2

Its how you compensate for being poorly endowed. Guns are phallic symbols.

Elsa Lion ‏@ElsaLion2
Tweeted on February 18, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from Linoge.

Childish insults conclusive proof she has nothing better to oppose us. It tells us she is insecure and needs something, anything, to make her feel like she is in control.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Mead Gruver

In grizzly country, comments by President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary that schools should have guns on campus to protect against the bears aren’t a punch line.

Mead Gruver
January 19, 2017
In Wyoming, DeVos gun remark more about safety than politics
[One year my (ex) sister-in-law taught school in Barrow Alaska. They would sometimes have polar bear warnings at her school. One day she took the usual short cut, rather than going through the main part of town, even though a polar bear had been spotted recently. Her students were extremely unhappy with her and scolded her about that. She was informed, in no uncertain terms, the polar bear warnings were extremely serious. She was more careful after that.

That people who scoffed at, and made fun of, Betsy DeVos suggestion that people at some schools may need a gun to defend against bears only show how out of touch with reality, not how smart, they are.—Joe]

Quote of the day—John Robb

In Trump’s post cold war world, US foreign policy will be dominated by trade policy.  Even national security policy will be subservient to trade policy.  If trade policy is dominant, we’ll see China, Mexico and the EU (Germany) become competitors.  Russia, in contrast will become an ally since it doesn’t pose a trade threat.

National security under this regime will be used to reinforce and grow positive trade relationships.  For example, military tension with China creates the opportunity for sanctions that simulate the function of tariffs (allowing the US to circumvent trade organizations and domestic resistance to tariffs).   In a national security policy slaved to trade, any and all security guarantees extended to other nations will require a positive trade arrangement with the US.  The US simply won’t protect or extent security guarantees to any nation that has a non-beneficial economic relationship with the US (i.e. runs a trade deficit).

John Robb
January 19, 2017
Will the World be Safer or More Dangerous Under a Trump Presidency?
[Interesting. Very, very interesting.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Mac McCauley

You worthless Democrats are in the civil rights crushing business. You make felons non-criminals and felons out of the law abiding.

Mac McCauley
January 19, 2017
Comment to For first time in history, California dealers sell more than a million guns in a single year
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Quote of the day—I like Pie

My civil liberties are non-negotiable.

If you think guns are too dangerous to own, then by all means -don’t own one.
If you think guns are too dangerous for me to own, don’t think you won’t need one to get mine.

I like Pie
January 18, 2017
Comment to Gun control groups protest at Texas Capitol
[Anti-gun people should also look at the numbers before they dismiss statements such as the one above.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Bob Adelmann

The only thing absurd is that one wanting to buy a suppressor for his firearm would have to undergo a vastly more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming application than he did in buying his firearm in the first place!

Bob Adelmann
January 16, 2017
Call Them “Suppressors,” Please, Not “Silencers”: Bill to End Their Restrictions Proposed
[Via email from Paul Koning.—Joe]

Quote of the day—john jay

the snowflakes simply lack toughness. because they have never needed it. never understood its utility. and, quite likely, never will. they will be, essentially, children of arrested development the rest of their lives. they don’t know what it is to surmount a challenge, because they have never met a challenge.

so, they sing “i will survive” to indicate they can take a trump presidency. as eloquent a demonstration of idiocy as you will ever witness.

john jay
January 16, 2017
Comment to Speculative thought
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Austin Yack

FBI background checks, one of the strongest indicators of national gun sales, totaled 27,538,673 in 2016, shattering the record of 23,141,970 set in 2015. According to the Washington Free Beacon, “During President Obama’s eight-year tenure, the FBI has processed 157,233,157 firearms checks — 61,249,149 more than [in] the previous ten years.

Austin Yack
January 9, 2017
The Unintended Consequence of California’s Gun-Control Laws
[As near as I can tell the anti-gun people are either blissfully ignorant this has been happening, clueless of what this means, and/or clueless of how big these numbers really are. Let me now give them some clues.

  1. People did not buy over 150 million guns with the expectation they would peacefully turn them in when they were banned.
  2. There were enough guns purchased during the Obama administration for there to be 2.4 guns for each of the Hillary Clinton voters.
  3. Hillary Clinton voters haven’t been buying the majority of the guns.

And, as I have said before, if they really don’t want people buying guns the quickest and easiest way to reduce gun sales is for anti-gun politicians to leave office.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Michelle Gajda

[Assault weapons] are not used in the majority of mass shootings and not in the big picture of gun violence in America.

Michelle Gajda
The Florida chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
January 13, 2017
More gun control makes Florida safer, proponents say
[She is absolutely correct. Hands and feet are use to murder more people in this country than “assault weapons”.

Please note the organization she represents.

In her organization it’s rare for someone to be this clued into reality. Expect her career there to be short.—Joe]

Quote of the day—FlyersRights.org

Most passengers were shocked to learn carrying live ammo and guns in baggage is permitted.  And now terrorists are fully aware of this startling gap in US airport security.

January 11, 2017
Passenger Group Calls for New Airport Security Measures by Airlines, TSA and Airports
[Are they also “shocked” to learn we have a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms? If so then perhaps their educations are severely lacking.

What I am shocked about is that despite all the evidence that “gun-free” zones are hazardous and the abject failure of TSA we still are prohibited from carrying guns on our persons while on airplanes. It’s the right thing to do.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

We brought this action on behalf of the plaintiffs to establish that the state’s restrictions on the possession and carrying of firearms by foster parents is unconstitutional under both the Second and Fourteenth amendments. We’re delighted that the judge will allow our action to go forward because it is important to establish that people do not surrender their Second Amendment rights in order to become foster parents. We’re in court to make sure that the state cannot discriminate against foster parents who merely wish to exercise the rights we’ve restored in Illinois.

Alan M. Gottlieb
SAF founder and Executive Vice President
January 10, 2016
[Illinois prohibits foster parents from possessing firearm. The lawsuit alleges the state is denying the foster parents their civil rights under color of law. I’m almost certain this will mean that if SAF and the parents win then the state will be required to pay SAF and the parents for their legal expenses. I just wish it would also mean proof beyond a reasonable doubt that state officials had violated 18 USC 242.

If you squint at the situation just right you can make the case we should be thanking Illinois for offering us this, almost free, low hanging fruit. It should be a relatively easy case to win and every win we get creates more case law which can then be used as leverage in more difficult to win cases.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Jay Sekulow

This was a fake, false investigation from the outset.

Jay Sekulow
Chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice
Previously U.S. Treasury Department in the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS
October 13, 2017
FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider
[Read the whole thing. Take your blood pressure meds before you start. This is especially true if you have, or have had, a security clearance.

It is understandable though. Think of it from the point of view of FBI Director James Comey or Attorney General Loretta Lynch at that time. Even if you remove the possibility of Arkancide it was going to be difficult for them to charge Clinton without having extremely strong moral character.

It looked like Clinton was a shoe-in to win the election. If they charged her and she still won the country would have a complex, highly emotional, problem to solve. Riots would be likely and property and lives may have been lost. Or, quite likely, Obama would have just pardoned her and she became president anyway. Imagine the career options they would have had with President Clinton as their boss.

If, after being charged, Clinton lost the election Comey and Lynch would have been blamed for the loss. Then they, and probably their children, would have been in fear for their lives from the angry and violent left for a decade or more. The country would have been even more divided than it is now.

So, I can see why Comey might have just decided the best of all the bad options was to let the voters decide and risk letting a known criminal become president. I don’t think I would have chosen that option but it’s hard to say until you are forced to make the decision. And it is entirely possible Comey and/or Lynch could see Arkancide as a high probability event in their futures.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Paul Koning

As a general principle, you should assume that any weapon not yet banned by left wing state laws is so merely due to an oversight.

Paul Koning
January 6, 2017
Comment to Quote of the day—Hollis Phelps
[My only quibble is that Koning is limiting this observation to state laws. Left wing local and national governments are always looking for “loopholes” to close as well. It’s all part of the grand scheme where eventually those things which are not banned are mandatory.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Jim Quinn

Global debt issuance reached a record $6.6 trillion in 2016, with corporations accounting for $3.6 trillion – most of which was used to buy back their stock at all-time highs. What could possibly go wrong? The level of normalcy bias amongst financial “experts”, the intelligentsia, and the common man is breathtaking to behold. We are in the midst of the mother of all bubbles, never witnessed in the history of mankind, and we pretend everything is normal, with no consequences for our reckless disregard for honesty, rational thinking, or simple math.

Jim Quinn
December 31, 2016
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Keith McFarland @KeithMcFarland

Some people deserve ironic deaths that disprove everything they lived their lives for.

Keith McFarland @KeithMcFarland
Tweeted on December 31, 2016
[Via email from Paul K.

This was in regards to this:

M. D. Harmon, a conservative columnist who frequently wrote in favor of gun ownership rights for the Portland Press Herald, died this week after being accidentally shot by a teenage boy.

Don’t ever forget that these people want you dead.—Joe]