Quote of the day—“Richard Nixon”

The Usian love of guns. Basically all the immigrants from Europe left because they had small penises and were forced to leave their countries because women would laugh at them. In the New World they could play around with guns and religion to compensate for this and to impress the girlies.

So taking away a gun from a small dicked Usian is tantamouint to emsaculating him and thus the howls of outcry it produces.

Only countries with males who are secure about their dick size tend to ban guns for example the UK.

“Richard Nixon”
July 26, 2001
Comment to The Terrible Truth About Gun Owners
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!

“Usian” is their code word for people in the United States. “Richard Nixon” is the handle for someone other than President Richard Nixon who died in 1994.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Christopher Hill

Using a decade old conviction of the father of a child killed by gunfire to uphold your “right” to intimidate others by carrying an unconcealed penis-extension, oops, I mean handgun, is an abomination. His child was murdered and you are nothing but a piece of shit.

Christopher Hill
Burlington, Vermont
Email to Connecticut Carry May 8, 2013
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T to Rich Burgess for the comment and link.

It certainly seems that in the eyes of anti-gun people victimhood is analogous to sainthood and their character must not be questioned.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Imma Commenter

All the NRA has to do is scream that Obama is coming for your guns & these gunsterbating animals foam at the mouth and dance like the monkeys on the string they are.

Imma Commenter
February 2014
Comment to Supreme Court rejects NRA appeals
[Citation needed.

This one almost qualifies as an example of Markley’s Law. And they do qualify for the category of “Crap For Brains”.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Amy Butcher

My only concept of guns or gun control was of overweight, balding white men with tiny dicks and smaller brains.

Amy Butcher
October 19, 2013
You Miss Until You Make It: Reclaiming Independence At A Firing Range
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T Jeff.

It is a little hard to tell but I think she may have revised her opinion of gun owners. This was without doing counting hairs, measuring skin tone, or any length or mass measurement.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Matt Bors

You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store. We need fewer guns so fewer people shoot their feet off, kill their girlfriends, kill themselves, and go on shooting sprees.

You can have guns for hunting. You can have them to ward off Mexican drug lords or whoever is going to storm into your house. Keep them there, in a locked safe. And if we by chance ever need a well-regulated militia for a revolution or zombie apocalypse, by god, we’re going to be really happy you were born with a micro-penis.

Matt Bors
September 17, 2013
Dear Gun Nuts
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T correia45.

I love how he tells us all these unsupported conclusions then gives us permission to exercise a subset of our specific enumerated rights as if he is the dictator of this country.

I think he is suffering from an exaggerated sense of, well, almost everything.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Juanita Jean

There’s very little talk among political junkies in Texas this morning about anything else except Wendy Davis’ stunning and unexpected announcement that she favors open carry in Texas. That means strapping a gun on your hip and parading around town like something out of a damn John Wayne movie. Oh yeah, Texas needs more guys with tiny winkies strapping on holsters.

Juanita Jean
February 8, 2014
Juanita Jean Is Mad As Hell At Wendy Davis
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T to Weer’d Beard for the email.—Joe]

Gun cartoon of the day

H/T to Weer’d Beard for the email pointing me to the image here.


First, there are a lot of people that want to take our guns. Haven’t they ever heard the phrase “assault weapon ban”? Or how about New York’s SAFE act?

Second, invoking Markley’s Law is an automatic fail in the “discussion”.

Third, advocating for background checks to exercise a specific enumerated right is crazy talk.

Quote of the day—Morpho

I don’t care so much about banning assault rifles as I do about the clip sizes and background checks. These weapons really aren’t the problem. If people want to waste money on these toys, go ahead. They’re fun to shoot for about 1 clip, then boooooooring. They’re a pain to clean and maintain, and the ammo isn’t exactly cheap. But they sure make your wiener feel enhanced, right big boy?

February 4, 2013
Comment to Assault Weapons Ban Likely To Die So That Broader Gun Policy Legislation Can Live
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]

Quote of the day—E.A. Blair

It has long been suggested that gun nuts cling to their weapons as phallic substitutes. Wherever that is the case, I recommend autofellatio. I’m told the climax is a real killer.

E.A. Blair
April 2, 2013
Comment to Debunking the Conservative Myth on “Assault Rifles”
[It's another Markley’s Law Monday! With bonus points for advocating gun owners kill themselves.

H/T to Phil who sent me an email with the link.—Joe]

Testing Markley’s Law

Yesterday I was reading a blog post about how the Government Spent $224,863 On “Custom-Fit” Condoms and came across this graphic of world wide penis size distribution (units are centimeters):


If there was any truth to the claims by those that invoke Markley’s law then there should be correlation with gun ownership rates and those countries in the deep red. But just “eyeballing” it I would guess there is very little, if any correlation.

I showed the graphic to a female friend who found it interesting so I thought I would share it with my readers here. I’m pretty sure that it is a coincidence that she is leaving for Ecuador on Thursday.

Quote of the day—Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
[This applies to those Markley’s Law attacks as well many other insults gun owners constantly endure as we protect our rights in public forums.

H/T to Emanuel Tchividjian for mentioning it in his post. H/T to ubu52 for her comment which lead me to Tchividjian’s post.-Joe]