What does he think a gun is used for?

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I don’t shoot guns cus I don’t have a little penis

stx444 (@DrStin69)
Posted on Friday, April 14, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

One has to wonder… What does he think guns are used for? These people have mental problems.

I suspect whatever his mental difficulties it wasn’t just guns that his twisted mind was getting screwed up about. His account is currently suspended:



5 thoughts on “What does he think a gun is used for?

  1. I look forward to the day that the cops roll up on a call, a mugging or a home invasion, and they find this @DrStin69 guy standing over a prone man, pants half-mast, allegedly substantial schlong in hand, and he has the best explanation.

  2. Maybe the same thing Paul Pelosi thinks hammers are for? I don’t know.
    Trying to understand faggy communists was always kind of a fool’s errand. We tried in all earnest, being polite and everything required of civilized people.
    But communism is satan’s religion. Ignorant, moronic, aggressive, unrelenting. The things they say are not meant to be understood. There meant to insult your intelligence. And they are master of it.
    They are the Borg of stupidity.
    Plan accordingly.

  3. Actually, I believe that the Markley’s Law remarks are, for lack of a better term, fossils of what was once a real strategy by the anti-2A left.

    Keep in mind that in the late 1990s, it actually looked like the supporters of the Second Amendment were on the ropes. The whole equation of guns with penises was, I believe, an attempt to make them seem like the pro-freedom side.

    Look at us! We support your right to have pleasure. All those Jesus freaks are so uptight that they can only get off in the presence of their firearms. Ban them and life will be a nonstop Penthouse Forum, at least for we cool kids.

    It didn’t take, largely because the anti-2A crowd got too strident and pissed off previously apolitical gun owners. And of course now, the idea of David Hogg representing the sexy people is…. problematic.

    But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have.

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