They Can’t be Reasoned With

Quote of the Day

Do you know what triggers me? Children being shot to death in school. What triggered you? Is it when your PP doesn’t get hard?

Marielee W @meirlyme
Posted on X, May 24, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

She is triggered by children being shot to death in school but she apparently doesn’t know or accept the most effective means of defending against those sort of events.

People who resort to demonstrating Markley’s Law are people with mental problems. They cannot be reasoned with.


3 thoughts on “They Can’t be Reasoned With

  1. “Do you know what triggers me?” Well, Marielee,
    I’m sure it’s quite a list. As 12 year olds will get triggered over almost anything.
    You should probably be more concerned over what triggers cannibals though, than men’s erections.
    Handy survival tip there.

  2. Kids getting shot in school triggers me, too. That’s why not only I am ready to ventilate someone that shoots kids, I want everyone that doesn’t hate kids to be equipped to ventilate the kid shooters. It’s important enough to me that I don’t just wish hard that it doesn’t happen.

  3. what triggers me is ignorant bimbos spouting off on issues of which they have zero understanding. I wonder if she is triggered by the dozens of black “chillen” who are shot every week in the blue city in which she no doubt lives

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