America Has Been Cleaved

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America has been cleaved into two separate and antithetical ideologies — two opposing worldviews — with the communists and radical takers of the country supporting a dark vision of tyranny and the conservatives and independent producers supporting the light of truth and a vision of freedom and liberty. They are both hanging in the balance and waiting for gravity or some monumental event to throw the lever that moves them to act and take the country by storm, with the Democrats willing to use every illegal means imaginable.

Justin Smith
April 6, 2024
America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War – The Burning Platform

I’m not convinced “the conservatives” support “the light of truth and a vision of freedom and liberty” but I do regard them as the lesser of the two evils.

Prepare appropriately.


7 thoughts on “America Has Been Cleaved

  1. This guy sounds like a right wing dingbat. Both fringes of the political spectrum want to control the populace, just in different ways. I’d hardly call either AOC or MJT shining examples of freedom, truth, and liberty. And I’m really getting sick and tired of propagandists on either side of the fence hyperbolically screaming that if you elect THAT guy it’s the END OF DEMOCRACY ™.

  2. America has been cleaved in two, between the people who need to be in charge and The People (who hold true faith and allegiance to the Constitution) that want to be left alone.

  3. Ya, we’ve been cleaved in two. But worse is the fact that both sides get almost everything they need to maintain society from outside the country.
    Leaving our “just in time”, supply lines completely unguarded.
    Anyone having read a little Sun Tzu (think the Chinese have?), knows neither side will be able to control the whole country.
    Leaving certain areas venerable to take-over by semi-small, organized, well supplied armies.
    Imagine us not even having batteries anymore. While China still has drones supplied from factories in China?
    Three months after we start eating each other they could land in the Bay area of California and spread into the central valley with almost no one to stop them.
    Between Corning CA. and Stockton CA. use to rise 1/4 of the worlds rice. (It just needs water the politicians stole). And from Marysville to Bakerfield is every fruit, vegetable, nut, cattle, Oil and everything Xi needs to fuel his dreams of dominion for the next 100 years.
    And all he had to pay was a few politicians with crap he stole from us in the first place.
    Ya, were divided. And nobody wants to see the real enemy. The two sides going at each other today is just a distraction.
    We think the cartels are brutal? Wait till you see a Mandarin communist.
    And pray you never do.
    They’re already murdering over a 100,000 of us a year now. And poisoning what survives. Smiling while they do it.

  4. This is just trolling. Binary thinking like this is juvenile at best, and ignores the enormous amount of complexity that exists out in the real world. I assume whoever wrote this has an agenda to get clicks and can only handle describing people as childish caricatures rather than as fully complex adults. They should get out more.

    • Ya, but at this point one would be hard pressed to tell either one of them from the French.

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