Who is the Coward?

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Coward lol. Says the man hiding behind his big bad guns to make up for his tiny dick.

Josh @wilboy_6
Posted on X May 24, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Who is a coward? I say it is the person who throws insults but doesn’t have the courage to be first in the stack to break into the houses of the millions of U.S. gun owners and take those big bad guns and save all those children being murdered in school shootings.


5 thoughts on “Who is the Coward?

  1. Yaaa, tell it to the cannibal squatters coming your way, Willy. I’m sure they will be all ears.

    • When the cannibal squatter situation arises, old @wilboy_6 should spare a thought towards the disposition of his own junk. Likely, stuffed into his own mouth before his severed head is put on a sharpened stake, while his cleaned carcass turns on a spit.

      Your clever cannibal probably read in the Atlantic or New Republic that they could get some nasty prion-based diseases from eating the brains of their own species. So, they’ve got stuff they won’t eat: a head, some genitals… and they have a need for art and/or some effective advertising at the outer perimeter of their territory. Learning from the native tribes and their tradition of living in balance with nature, they will surely learn to productively use all the parts of the long pig.

      • Long pig, That’s funny.
        It looks like were going to have to rethink that whole; “You can kill me, but you can’t eat me.” Thing.
        (It always sounded wrong to me before. Well, now it is.)

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