Which Side are You On?

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You watched “The Hunger Games”
and sided with the resistance.

You watched “Star Wars”
and sided with the resistance.

You watched “The Matrix”
and sided with the resistance.

You watched “Divergent”
and sided with the resistance.

You watched “V for Vendetta”
and sided with the resistance.

When it’s fiction you understand.
Yet you refuse to see it when it’s the
reality you’re living in.

BlackBetty @BabyD1111229
Posted on X March 3, 2024

My hypothesis is that in reality the people she is talking identity as oppressors.


7 thoughts on “Which Side are You On?

  1. Probably a fair analysis, Joe. After all, the oppressors in those movies were all for gun control, suppression of “wrong” speech, control of people’s diets, and creation of mindless entertainment to suppress critical thinking. I sort of identify as a Mockingjay, myself.

  2. I know which side I’m on.
    My lord Jesus is risen from the dead by the hand of God our father.
    He makes all things new, good, true, and beautiful.
    Trans-human-fake-ass-gay-communist-senile-shit-stain of a government can try to co-opt anything they like.
    Spew forth all the moronic ignorance satan’s clowns from hell can imagine.
    And send against me the communist-cannibal-squatter hordes that murder my people and eat of their substance.
    I ain’t bending the knee. BFYTW.
    I’m am a Christian, and death does not defeat us
    So, as for me and my house, we will serve the lord.
    That’s the side I’m on.

  3. The Nazis identified as the resistance. They considered themselves to be the resistance fighting for independence from a Jewish run cabal of Capitalists and Bolsheviks. The human mind is capable of all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify an ideology.

  4. Is she talking “to” or “about”?
    And YES, resistance can be both Right, and Biblical.
    Read the book of Kings in Hebrew literature.

  5. I see BlackBetty’s comments a bit differently. First, it is easy to identify the “resistance” and also identify with them when the situations are presented in well written and performed entertainment. That does not necessarily translate to a “refusal” to see it in the real life we experience everyday. There are many conditions and tools that mask circumstances or camouflage intent and they are used effectively by expert propagandists in both media and government. There have been several times that I have been brought up short when comments of others has revealed to me that I was not sufficiently perceptive regarding what I had accepted to be fact. I say that with no shame even though I am reasonably proficient in reading comprehension with a fair background in the principles and history of liberty. None of us are omniscient in all regards.

    Second, I think that there are many people who either know how utterly horrible violent resistance is in real life or have a good enough idea about it that they, at this point, wish to avoid it. That is not to say that they have no line of demarcation. It is to say that they still see other options being available. Me thinks that BlackBetty’s line of demarcation has been crossed but that she is unhappy that there are insufficient numbers of other people that agree with her. To her I would urge patience in the hope that our descent can be reversed through civil means. Rest assured though, if a reversal does not soon come, there will be more than enough BlackBettys to make would be tyrants regret their inclinations.

  6. I didn’t see any of those movies and I am better for it. If you get your metaphors from movies, you are being manipulated by Hollywierd.

  7. One insult I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, etc., when people point things like this out, goes along the lines of, “You would have supported the Empire.”

    Or the First Order (later Star Wars).

    Or the Panem Government (or the one they tried to replace it with*).

    Or the Agents/the Matrix.

    Or the Party (if we’re discussing 1984).

    Or the Wicked Witch.

    The point being that even though the person expresses support for the heroes/heroines in all these movies/shows, when they start to talk about their ideology — and especially their methodology — they mesh much more nicely with the villains.

    It’s easy to see who the Good Guys are in fiction. In real life, however … well, as the saying goes, “Everyone is the hero of their own story.”

    * – I feel like Hunger Games nailed this particular bit of social commentary. The “replacement” government, headed by a resistance leader (can’t remember her name), talked about freedom, but her methods would only be compatible with some freedoms; in all other respects, it was just as ruthlessly totalitarian as the old Panem government. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    Now take that image and apply it to the race equity hucksters, for example. They don’t want equality, and despite what they say they don’t really want “equity”. All indicators point to a goal of re-instituting racial servitude — with ALL the bells and whistles and “presumed guilty” justice of 18th Century America, adapted for modern times — but with the roles reversed so that whites work and blacks profit.

    (As an aside: The concept that managing a large-scale agricultural operation is a full-time high-stress job — even, and perhaps especially, with slave labor — for which one had to be specifically educated and trained, never occurs to them. It doesn’t excuse the institution of slavery in America, but we need to do away with the assumption that because plantation owners had slaves their lives were easy and worry-free; it’s not true, any more than the assumption that modern farmers’ lives are easy and worry-free because they have heavy machinery.)

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