Fascism is Disgust, Communism is Envy

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Fascism is sensitivity to disgust that is so extreme that it resorts to authoritarianism to purge the object of that disgust, then continues projecting disgust onto things that aren’t disgusting, and purges them, too.

And communism is sensitivity to envy that is so extreme that it resorts to authoritarianism to steal or destroy the object of that envy, the continues projecting envy onto things that aren’t enviable, and destroys them, too.

Devon Eriksen @Devon_Eriksen_
Posted on X March 26, 2024

This is an interesting observation.

After thinking it about for a short time, I can’t find a major fault in it.



5 thoughts on “Fascism is Disgust, Communism is Envy

  1. Yes, and spun-up by the worse humanity has to offer for more money, power, and control.
    To satisfy the most based of psychoses. Insecurity. That’s why every miss placed word is considered a hostility. And all thoughts of imagined victimhood must be given safe-spaces.
    And can be revenged.
    Fascist is what communists call you in order to justify themselves.
    And they’re nothing more than a religion of domination controlled by ever more fervent and zealous priesthood. The structure of which is built on a murderous game of one-up-man-ship.
    Always ending with a destroyed and razed society that takes generations to rebuild. If it ever does.
    Daily fatwas from the priesthood tell us were not far from the forced labor camps-genocide trenches that are the crown jewel of all communist-fascism.
    The only questions are how much do you love freedom? And how ruthless you’re willing to be to keep it?
    Cause communism never sleeps on the desire to murder you. And ruthlessness is their currency.
    Josey Wales is our future now;
    “When it looks like you’re going to lose, you got to get mean. I mean plumb mad-dog mean. Cause you lose your head and give up. You neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.”

  2. There is no essential difference between communism and fascism, from the point of view of anyone who favors liberty.

    Both live by what I call the “three pillars of communism”: lying, stealing, and murdering.

  3. I used to think that the social(ist) democrats and the RevComs were paving the way to the utopia of Communism by making their political movement about making space for demonstrations of six out of seven of the Deadly Sins by their useful idiot adherents, activists and rent-a-mobs.

    Then the articles came out about how sex was better in the Soviet Union, and I thought, “Whelp, there’s the rest of the set. They’re doing the whole thing as their street-level platform.”

  4. The only issue I have with the definitions is that the author uses a single feature of fascism to define the entire governmental philosophy. Whereas with communism, his example is the basic principle of the philosophy. As pkoning said, there really is no difference between them in regards to their effect on personal liberty. The only ones who gain under either system are those that are sufficiently ruthless to destroy any and all who may constrain the selfishness of the leaders and a good many who can have no effect on the leader’s position just for good measure.

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