4 thoughts on “The Classic Insult

  1. That’s funny! They forgot the black guy with the AK shooting the first three. Then raping the creator of the meme with whatever dick he has.
    Guns don’t make my dick size. They just make it the last one available.

    • I want to die at age 105, quietly, in bed surrounded by a bunch of weeping, unrelated women around me.
      If that is not possible, I absolutely do not want to die of not shooting back enough (with a hat tip to the one-armed man with three guns in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven..

  2. Weird. My first impression was: the bigger the gun, the less of a hard-on you get for the naked guy next to you. Flower sniffer and ice cream licker have big boners for the naked dudes around them. Guys with guns, less so to not at all.

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