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I’m constantly asking these people: a) how often are you being attacked in your home? b) how many people attack you at once? A shotgun and / or pistol will defend your home & family. Hunting? WTAF are you hunting? They want this gun because they have a small . It’s that simple.

Paul Groseclose @groseclose_paul
Posted on X May 11, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Simple insults for a simple view of the world. Or, the old adage—simple things for simple minds.

But what can you expect from an anti-gun person? They have no concept of rights beyond the reach of the collective, no awareness of the impracticability of what they advocate, and no understanding of the immorality of their actions. Or, they are just flat out evil.


4 thoughts on “Simple Insult From a Simple Mind

  1. It’s the sort of question that might be asked, a la “how many Americans own fire extinguishers? How many of them ever get used? Isn’t that a huge waste?”

  2. I keep European compliant vehicle First-Aid Kits in my vehicles. I have First-Aid kits in my house and an OSHA-Compliant kit in my garage/workshop. I also keep a box of assorted bandages (Band-Aid) in the same places. I have never used the First-Aid kits. I have used the bandages. This doesn’t mean I’m going to ditch the First-Aid kits and only keep the bandages.

    A shotgun or pistol might be the most commonly used, doesn’t mean the others aren’t important to keep.

    Liberty. It has nothing to do with need.

  3. Oh, looky there. Another communist thinking everyone has to justify themselves to him. Isn’t that special.
    Why an AR? BFYTW,,,,, bitch. I’ll keep the pistols and shotguns to.

  4. “WTAF are you hunting?”

    Feral hogs. They travel in packs, sometimes take more than one shot to put down, and are wary-to-the-point-of-hostility toward humans and other animals.

    Or tyrants/terr0rists, which can be described pretty much the same way.

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