Insufficient Brainpower Under the Bonnet

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I don’t own any guns. I have small children and have desire to ever own a firarm, but I respect someone’s right to own one even if I don’t agree. This is someome absuing the 2A, and majorly compensating. Also drives a lifted truck I bet

Andrew Brunelli (@ambrunelli)
Posted on X April 1, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

And it is also a deleted account. I expect he just didn’t have enough brainpower under the bonnet to maintain his self-esteem after saying stupid stuff like that above.


4 thoughts on “Insufficient Brainpower Under the Bonnet

  1. “I don’t own any guns.” It’s good to one’s limitations. Which in Andy’s case happens to be below that of lift truck driver? Without whom his ungrateful ass would starve to death.
    My heart felt regard for his children though. Growing up with a parent that clueless is never easy. And dangerous since the whole trans-child mutilation trend got into full swing.
    We can only wish him and his God’s speed in the coming clownwars.
    (It appears the tree of liberty get watered with idiots blood also.)

    • Everything gets watered with the blood of idiots.

      It is the fate of idiots to bleed in every situation of any risk, frequently at their own fault.

      If you want a long safe life, identify idiots early and stay outside their Area of Effect.

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  3. I’m of a generation that thinks what you say, and how you say it, speaks volumes about who you are.
    His command of writing is about that of a 5th grader.

    Dare I hope his children will be more literate than he?

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