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It’s about time we go door to door and personally take away everyone’s firearms, if they don’t comply then they will be sent to prison.

Johnathan @theprism89
Posted on X April 7, 2023

He seems to be a fan of going door to door to violate specific enumerate rights:

We need to start arresting every Trump supporter on a door to door basis, enough is enough.

One has to wonder where he will be in the stack and how many houses he will be visiting.

Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.


17 thoughts on “Personally Go Door to Door

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  2. But… but… but… “nobody is talking about taking away anyone’s guns”.

    Except, y’know, everyone who’s talking about exactly that.

  3. I can’t refute his logic.

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    I have come for your firearms, if you do not surrender them you will go to prison.
    OK pew,pew, many pews!
    Go to prison

    Works for me.

  4. How come they never want to go after the bad guys with guns, they won’t give up theirs or follow any laws
    The people coming for the guns are going to have to have guns…

    • The bad guys with guns are too dangerous, difficult, and scary. Easier to land like a ton of bricks on someone who actually believed everything that was said about dissent when Nixon, Ford, Reagan and the elder and younger Bushes were Presidents. They will be too surprised to actually burn, bomb, pillage and destroy.

  5. Enough is, indeed, enough.

    One of the downsides of the internet, and associated “social” media, is that blowhards like that are far less likely to get bopped in the nose, or another form of attitude correction, than in the past.

    It’s much easier to lose a civil society when there are reduced penalties, formal / legal or societal, for being uncivil.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh God that’s funny, Joe! You provide some first class entertainment.
    One can only wonder how high up in the communist party/Biden admin. he his?
    Go door to door? Oooh, your making my sides hurt!
    Clownwars, begun they have.

    • This Johnathan person; When he says “We” go door to door and take guns away from people who aren’t killing people, does this bit of chicken manure count himself as part of the brave “We”? If not, why not?
      This sort of “prior restraint”, to use a phrase he and others of his ilk invented sixty years ago when they wanted to remove all limits to the speech he so happily uses, applies to every variety of Right protected and memorialized by the Constitution, which he had such reverence for until he felt the power of the thug and the tyrant. He won’t like what happens when he convinces the unfortunate working class stiffs in uniform who will have to enforce his Cloud-Cuckoo-Land fantasies. If he thinks he will be able to sit at home and watch his wet dream unfold in real time on Communist No-News or Pravda on the Hudson or Isvestia on the Potomac, he’s hallucinating. That only worked in Fahrenheit 451 with the robot dogs.

  7. Jr. there hasn’t thought this thru.
    Emotional Reaction/Actions rarely ends well.

    • If he can only think from A to B, and can’t make the jump to C, no matter how long he looks at it, standing on the edge of B, can he even think? Never mind this “Through” concept. I believe Thomas Sowell called that necessity of thinking to C and even D as Third Order Thinking. We notice its lack in the gangland juvenile criminal element, but it is even more noticeably lacking among our political “betters”, the thugs.

  8. I wonder if he is aware that more people than only the anti-gun Left know how to “visit homes and knock on doors.”

    Anyway, can we get a date on which Johnathan and his cohorts plan on kicking off their enterprise? I have some shopping to do in the interim.

  9. They won’t go door to door. They will go bank to bank and doctor to doctor.

  10. Who are these good that conceive of government information keeping as
    “lists” as if there are bound books containing it? They’re databases. And the database that can export the “addresses of gun owners” can also export the “addresses of easy targets”.

    • I’ve got a little list, there’ll be nobody missed.”
      Either Felix Dzerzhinsky, first Soviet chief of the Cheka and putative originator of the phrase, “Show me the man, I’ll find you the crime”, or the Lord High Executioner from The Mikado.

  11. One has to wonder where he will be in the stack and how many houses he will be visiting.

    He won’t go house to house. He’ll go house.

  12. NOBODY actually wanting to “take away the guns” has the balls to actually suit up and do the deed. They ALWAYS want to make someone else do the dirty work.
    Because they are ALWAYS cowards.

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